Wall Fans

Wall Fans – When you are shopping for household appliances, one of the items that have to make the list is a fan.

Despite the fact that Air conditions are very popular these days, people still go for Fans as after all no harm is done in having the two.

Fans are really good when it comes to circulating air in a room, which improves ventilation and generally makes the room cooler.

There are different types of Fans, which include standing fans, ceiling fans, hand fans and of course wall fans. Different people go for a certain type depending on the one they prefer and the one that works best for them. In this write up, we will be focusing on wall fans and we will also take a look at their prices.

Wall fans although not as popular as the ceiling and standing fans are still very much in the market and you are sure to find one any time you need it.

Wall Fan

So for people who do not want their fan occupying space on the floor of their house or who can’t afford to install ceiling fans because of the structure or strength of the ceiling, wall fans are the best option.

You can make use of wall fans in halls, lounges, receptions, classrooms, etc.

There is not much fuss about space when you are opting for wall fans because most often than not, there will be space on the wall to mount it.

Another nice thing about wall fans is that they are very easy to install, much more than ceiling fans. Maintaining and taking care of wall fans is also not stressful.

As you must have guessed, wall fans are available in different types, sizes, qualities, colours and designs. They also have different modes of operation and differ in terms of durability and efficiency.

There are some that oscillate and there are some that are unidirectional. The difference in features as well as functionality is one of the reasons why the prices of wall fans vary. How much you can get a wall fan for, amongst other reasons depend on the type that you are going for.



  • Andrakk 16” Rechargeable Wall Fan With Remote – 21,000 NGN
  • ORL 26 inches – 25,000 NGN
  • Sonik Electric Wall Fan 16″ – 9,500 NGN
  • Power Deluxe Heavy Breeze 18″ Inches – 11,200 NGN
  • Power Deluxe 16″ Wall Fan PFB 40 – 9,300 NGN
  • Century Quality 18″ Wall-Mounted Fan – 11,000 NGN
  • ORL 20 inches – 22,000 NGN
  • Futina 4″ Metal Ventilation / Heat Extractor Fan – 14,000 NGN
  • Ox 18 Inches Industrial – 20,600 NGN
  • Century 16″  FB-40D – 9,200 NGN
  • Ox 18 Plus  – 11,000 NGN
  • Polystar PV-26WF Industrial Wall Fan – 22,000 NGN
  • ORL 16 inches – 12,000 NGN
  • Futina 6-inch Wall Ventilation/Exhaust Fan/2 Ways – 16,000 NGN
  • Ox 20Inch Industrial – 24,500 NGN
  • Kdk Wall Fan 3peed Blade – 37,000 NGN
  • Ox 26 Inches Heavy Breeze – 32,000 NGN
  • ORL 18 inches wall fan – 20,000 NGN
  • Lontor Rechargeable Wall Mounted Fan (AC/DC) – 16 Inches – 25,500 NGN
  • 150mm Axial Window Extractor Fan – 30,000 NGN
  • Panasonic 3peed Blade – 37,000 NGN


You can purchase your choice it straight from the manufacturers or from distributors in various locations across the country. You can purchase them from contemporary stores or e-commerce sites.

As we pointed out earlier, the features and functionality of the fan influences the price at which you can get your choice wall fan for.

There are other factors that influence this price and that can lead to differences in the prices of wall fans and they include; brands, currency exchange rate, your location, the store you are buying from, time of the year etc.

Let us look into some of these factors starting from the brand factor. Different brands have different price tags even if the products have the same or similar features and that applies to wall fans too.

Different stores have different profit margin which influences the price that they are willing to sell their wares for.

Before You Buy

We are now going to discuss some factors you should take into consideration while shopping for a wall fan.

Brand: Some persons already have a favourite brand and will just go straight for it. That is okay as it shows that you trust them. For those who do not have a favourite brand yet, don’t be in a rush to buy the first wall fan you see in a store or the one that simply catches your fancy.

You can always ask questions and be sure of what you are about to spend your money on. On the other hand you can just go with popular brands that are well known for manufacturing quality products.

Noise: Some wall fans can be quite noisy and this can be annoying especially when it disturbs your sleep. So if you know you won’t be cool with such it is best to always make sure before buying.

Consider the Size: We already pointed out that wall fans come in different sizes. You have to get the size that complements the room that you want to place the wall fan in.

A big room needs a big wall fan as a small one won’t be very effective. Be sure of the right size so as not to waste money purchasing a wall fan that won’t be of any use.

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