US Digital Advertising Spending (2020–2025)

US Digital Ad Spending

As time goes by, more people have come to appreciate and make use of the internet. The number of people who make use of the internet increases every year.

In the same vein, digital ad spend worldwide has also been on the rise. In fact, over the next few years, the global digital ad market is set to see more growth.

Recent data has it that the US digital ad expenditure would most likely get to $239.89 billion in 2022. This shows a 13.6% increase from the figure for the previous year which was $211.20 billion.

From all indication, there is no slowing down for the US ad spending on digital channels. It is set to get up to $270.73 billion by 2023. It is also projected to cross the $300 billion mark come 2025 and make up over 75 of all media spending. So from 2020 to 2025, the US digital ad market will have increased at an average rate of 16% annually.

Although the overall US digital ad expenditure has been on the rise, it is projected to slow down after hitting 38.3% last year.

US Digital Ad Spending per Internet User

The digital ad expenditure for an internet user in 2022 is projected to be $584.87. This shows a 6.47% increase from the previous year.

Just as is the case with the US digital ad market size, the spending for a user has also increased over the years. As at 2017, the digital ad expenditure for an internet user in the USA was $348.81.

At a growth rate of 12.1% annually, this amount increased by a staggering 67.7%, from 2017 to 2022.

Despite the fact that the digital ad expenditure per internet user is still on the rise, it is projected to slow down. The average annual growth rate is expected to be at 4.36% from 2022 to 2025.

US Digital Ad Spending Growth By Industry

The US digital ad spending is projected to experience its largest increase for 2022 from the retail industry.

Market analysts have it that the retail industry is expected to spend 20.2% more on digital ads in 2022.

The consumer packaged goods industry is also set to have a higher digital ad spending that is 17.9% higher than the previous year.

Other industries that are projected to have higher digital ad expenditure include; the entertainment industry by 16.5%, the Computing products and consumer electronics industry by 15.3%, as well as the Travel industry by 14.2%.