12 Best Food Cities in the USA

usa food cities

A lot of American cities have an awesome food scene, but some more than others and that is what we will be taking a look at in this article.

Once you hear impressive food cultures, there are some cities that immediately come to your mind for instance San Francisco and Miami, but there are also some cities that are culinary hotspots which may come as a surprise to you.

Are you ready to know the best food cities in the U.S? Keep reading.

USA Best Food Cities

1. Orlando

Orlando making it to our list of best food cities is attributed in part to Disney World. The theme park boasts of a lot of eateries and contributes largely to the rows of chain restaurants that Orlando has come to be known for.

Even outside the theme park zone, there are a lot of restaurants serving tasty meals that you are sure to enjoy.` A visit to Winter Park or College Park will have you spoilt for choice as there are several amazing restaurants for you to choose from.

Be sure to visit Norman’s and experience the culinary skill of famous fusion chef, Norman Van Aken.

One of the many restaurants in the theme park is Victoria & Albert’s. They have a really nice seasonal menu and vegetarians are not left out.

2. Denver

There is one word to describe the Denver food scene and that is adventurous. When you hear “Rocky mountain oysters” you might assume it is seafood when in fact it is deep-fried bull testicles. Like we said, adventurous is the word and have no worries, the Rocky mountain oysters is really delicious.

At Denver, you get to enjoy cuisines from different countries, as well as an impressive craft spirits scene.

If you want to get the most of what the cities food scene has to offer, you can check out the various large markets and food halls. An example of which is The Source and the Stanley Marketplace.

The farm-to-table movement in the city is really commendable and you can tell from the modus operandi of some restaurants such as Potager and Mercantile Dining & Provision.

One of the places that you really have to check out is the Buckhorn Exchange. This steakhouse has been around since the 1890’s and that says a lot about how good they are. They serve very well prepared and delicious steaks and you are sure to come back another time.

3. Seattle

While the food scene here doesn’t come cheap, the fact remains that you are getting tremendous value for your money. The ethnic diversity and the abundance of fresh seafood really contributed to the impressive food culture in the city.

Seattle is not on our list solely because of seafood, the city also offers responsibly raised game meats such as bison hanger steak and wild boar shoulder. If you are in the mood for some you can check out the Flintcreek Cattle Co. There is also an assortment of vegetarian meals if that’s what you want.

What more does the city have to offer? how does different cuisines from various parts of the world sound ? For instance, you can get really delicious Lebanese food at Cafe Munir.

4. Washington, D.C.

Hope you don’t just think White house and administrative buildings whenever you hear Washington, D.C. The city is without doubt a food destination in its own right. In fact, it was Bon Appetit’s 2016 Restaurant City of the Year.

Whatever setting you prefer when it comes to food, be it Michelin-starred fine-dining establishments, casual dining spots or the numerous food trucks in various parts of the city, there is something for everyone.

There are some cities that are known for a particular dish for instance seafood or steak, but that is not the case in Washington, D.C. The city has a lot to offer cutting across different styles and cuisines.

Here is a heads up, the cost of food in the city is on the high side, so before you take your taste buds on a tasting adventure, ensure that your budget will be enough.

5. Los Angeles

Los Angeles making it on our list shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. The population of the city cuts across different ethnic groups and this reflects in the fantastic food scene of the city.

One great thing about the city of Angels is that it is quite easy to open up a food truck or an eatery. This also means that there are numerous options to pick from whenever you are looking for a place to eat. You can check out Bestia in Downtown L.A. for some delicious Italian food.

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L.A also has a really awesome vegetarian and vegan scene. In fact, it was named by PETA as “vegan heaven.” Trying to keep a healthy diet in this city won’t be an uphill task at all. You can pay a visit to Plant Food + Wine and enjoy the amazing creations of Chef Mathew Kenney.

If you want a place where you can try out most of what L.A has to offer when it comes to food, check out the Grand Central Market.

6. Chicago

If there is one thing that is not lacking in Chicago, it is a variety of international cuisine. E.g Italian, Greek, Chinese, Mexican, and Vietnamese cuisine. Combine this with fabulous local dishes and you have a food paradise.

The city was named the 2017 Restaurant City of the Year by Bon Appetit, and that is a testament to the wonderful food scene that the city boasts of. There are several Michelin rated restaurants, various casual dining establishments as well as hot dog stands in the state. The city really has it all when it comes to food.

Be sure to try the deep-dish pizza which the city is known for.

7. San Francisco

Where to eat and what to eat cannot pose a problem in the beautiful city of San Francisco as there are a lot of options to choose from. Italian, Indian, Scandinavian and Chinese are examples of the cuisines that are readily available for you in the city.

If you are lover of seafood, there are also a lot of places that serve exquisitely prepared and mouthwatering seafood. One of such places is the waterfront spot Angler.

8. Austin

When visiting any city in Texas, the food you have pictured in your mind might be breakfast tacos and barbecue. But if the city you are paying a visit is Austin, just brace yourself as you are in for a beautiful culinary experience.

Austin has a lot to offer when it comes to food, far more than the regular meals that Texas is known for. In fact, it’s as though a new restaurant pops up each week. These restaurants bring their own unique and creative meals to the already growing food scene of the city.

Fusion-cuisine is in full swing here and there are a lot of restaurants doing really good work in that line. There is also the farm-to-table movements and of course food trucks.

Although Austin has a lot to offer when it comes to cuisines from different places, be sure to have some of its homegrown barbecue. You won’t be disappointed and your taste buds will be thrilled.

9. San Diego

There is easy access to produce in the city and so you get things really fresh. The chefs in this city make the most of the abundant produce and whip up really amazing and delicious local and intercontinental meals for the enjoyment of the residents. Yelp named San Diego as one of the top destinations for food lovers.

There are a lot of great places where one can go to eat. Check out Herb & Wood for mouthwatering Italian meals. Their menu changes daily so every day is like a sweet surprise with the restaurant. You can try Dija Mara for well-prepared Southeast Asian food and at the Marine Room you get to enjoy really nice coastal cuisine.

Don’t forget to taste the San Diego-bred California burrito as you are sure to love it.

10. Portland

Not just does Portland have a fantastic food scene, it is also quite affordable. There is a strong farm-to-table culture and no shortage of fresh ingredients for the chefs’ creations. Whatever your preference might be on where and what to eat, be it fine dining, casual eating spots or food carts, you are sure to find it.

11. Miami

If there is one thing that Miami should be known for when it comes to food, it is the authenticity of its food. Whether you are in the mood for Mexican, Cuban, Peruvian, Italian or other cuisines, they are very much represented in this city. Not just are they represented but the chefs are really creative and innovative. So when you pick up a menu at a restaurant, prepare to be mesmerized.

12. Las Vegas

Wondering why Las Vegas made it on to our list? Well casinos are not the only thing that is in abundance in Las Vegas. Although food was used as a way to get people into the casinos in the cities, that is no more the case.

A lot of celebrity chefs, E.G Wolfgang Puck, have their restaurants in the city and that has become a part of the food scene of the city. There is a lot of luxury dining options in Sin City, but that is not all. If you favor a casual dining setting, they are also in abundance there.