Ulefone Phones Price and Specifications


Ulefone Phone Price in Nigeria – Ulefone smartphones are known for durability. They have been tested and trusted as a renowned brand.

They have high speed processors and come with the latest Android operating system that offers maximum speed and optimum device performance.

They are known for large battery capacities and can keep your device powered up for long hours with just a single charge.

Most Ulefone smartphones come with Facial recognition and Fingerprint sensor to adequately secure your device and grant you quick access.

The beauty mode of the camera ensures every detail of your beautiful picture is taken into consideration. This article looks at various Ulefone smartphones in the Nigerian market, their prices and specifications.


Ulefone Phone Price in Nigeria



Ulefone S10 Pro

The S10 Pro comes with an impressive 5.7-inch screen display to give you a revolutionary multimedia experience. It is made up of 90% screen to body ratio and offers the most comfortable hand feeling.

The S10 Pro comes with a powerful MediaTek MT6739 Quad-Core processor and supports 2GB RAM that allows seamless multitasking as you alternate between apps.

In combination with Android 8.1 Oreo operating system, the S10 Pro boosts device performance and guarantees maximum speed.

It also has 16GB ROM (internal memory) and an expandable micro SD card slot up to 128GB so you can store unlimited data and not worry about running out of space.

The split-screen function allows you switch between apps, watch videos and reply messages at the same time.
It supports 16MP + 5MP dual rear cameras which help you capture your beautiful moments.

You can also engage the 8MP front facing camera to take crystal clear and detailed pictures. The Beauty Mode helps heighten the quality of your images.

The S10 Pro is equipped with a huge 3350mAh battery that offers 290 hours of standby, 9 hours talk time and 23 hours of endless music.

The S10 Pro is super cool. With Just a single charge, you can stay powered up all day. The face unlock feature gives you quick and easy access to your phone in 0.2 seconds.

The fingerprint ID also gives you needed security for your device and saves you the stress of remembering passwords.
It can be gotten at a rate of 70,000 naira – 77,000 naira in several phone stores in Nigeria.


Ulefone Power 3L

It comes with a 6.0 HD+ full screen display and 720 x 1440 pixel resolution to deliver broad and inspiring visuals. It has a firm grip and a comfortable hand grip, making it a user friendly phone.

The Power 3L can also be referred to as ‘the battery phone’. It comes with an impressive 6350mAh battery capacity to fuel your phone usage. It supports 5V2A fast charge and can last up to several days with just a single charge.

It offers 64 hours talk time, 46 hours music hours, 12 hours video time and supports reverse charge so you can power other phones.

If you are considering a device with strong battery capacity, the Power 3L is a great choice.
It is fully equipped with a MT6739 Quad-Core processor and runs on Android 8.0 Oreo to delivers fast speed and maximum performance.

Its 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM (internal memory) enables you access various apps simultaneously and prevents lagging. You can also store any data on your device with the extendable 128GB micro SD card slot.

The Power 3L supports 13MP +5MP dual rear cameras and comes with dual flash to ensure every detail is properly captured.

You can also enable the face beauty mode with the 5MP front camera to capture beautiful selfies no matter the time of the day.

The face unlock and fingerprint ID features allow you quick and easy access to your phone in just 0.1 second. This adds security to your device and prevents unwanted access.

The Ulefone Power 3L can be purchased on jumia, Nigeria’s online retail store for 55,500 naira – 138,000 naira.


Ulefone MIX

The Ulefone MIX comes with an exciting 5.5-inch HD Full screen display and is protected by Corning Gorilla glass that ensures a firm grip and withstands the effect of falls. It offers high optical transmission and gives you a unique viewing experience.

It is powered by MT50T Octa-Core processor and combines with 4GB RAM to ensure the most efficient running of your device.

You can effortlessly switch between apps and not worry about slowing down. The MIX offers stable and speedy performance.

Shortage of storage space is a thing of the past with the MIX. It is fully equipped with a huge 64GB ROM internal storage and an expandable 256GB memory card slot so you can store your videos, pictures, music or any other data.

The MIX comes with dual 13MP + 5MP rear cameras with two LED flash lights attached on either side of the lenses to illuminate your images.

You can shoot wide-angle videos with the F/2.2 aperture and also capture beautiful selfies with the 13MP front camera. The beauty mode further eliminates blemishes and gives you clear photos just the way you want it.

The MIX has a thin and impressive 3300mAh lithium-polymer battery that offers prolonged app usage without running down. You can play games, record videos, watch movies for long hours and still stay powered up.

You can safeguard you phone data with the fingerprint ID which allows you access to your phone in just 0.1 second. This security feature gives you sole access to your phone and prevents mishandling.

The Ulefone phone price for MIX is 34,500 naira – 54,500 naira in various phone stores across Nigeria.


Ulefone Armor X

The Armor X sports a 5.5-inch HD+ display and a screen resolution of 720 x 1440 pixel to offer vivid visuals in a convenient way.

It is fully built to survive a rugged lifestyle. It has IP68 rating and can survive immersion in water or light concrete. This versatile phone is ideal for workers in different professions as it can withstand different scenarios. It comes with a shock-resistant TPU which adds to the durability of the phone and guarantees all-round protection.

It is also built to withstand extreme temperatures of 40oC – 80oC. Desert or mountain temperatures have nothing on the Armor X.

The Armor X has a MT6739 Quad-Core processor with a speed up to 1.5GHz. You can multitask, play games and watch movies without slowing down. In combination with its 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM as well as 256GB external memory, you can store large files and not worry about running out of storage space.

It comes with a powerful 5500 mAh battery and supports 5V/2A fast charge that offers up to 20 hours talk time, 10 hours video and 30 hours music time. A single charge can take you all day long. Its fast charging feature saves you time as well.

The amazing Qi- wireless charge feature allows you charge your phone and make calls at the same time, saving you unnecessary hassling with cables. How cool is that?

It has 13MP + 5MP dual rear cameras and 8MP front camera to capture stunning photographs and HD videos. Never let a beautiful moment go by with the wide-angle lenses of the Armor X.

Face ID and fingerprint unlock features give you all the needed security and quick access to your device. It prevents mishandling and allows you easily access your device.
The Armor X can be purchased in several phone stores in Nigeria for 138,000 naira – 234,000 naira.


Ulefone Note 7P

The Note 7P has a 6.1-inch waterdrop HD+display and 1280 x 600 pixel screen resolution to give you a wide and comfortable viewing experience.

It is packed with MT6761 Quad-core processor and runs on Android 9.0 (Pie) to allow seamless running of apps. With the 3GB RAM + 32 GB ROM, your device never slows down.

You can play games, watch movies or record videos and not be bothered about your device lagging. you can also store numerous files with the expandable memory up to 128GB.

The Note 7P supports the leading technology of triple rear cameras: 8MP + 2MP + 2MP. The Bokeh effect and ArcSoft Algorithm capture beautiful images and record videos in an intelligent way.

Its 5MP front camera captures every detail of your beautiful scenes. The beauty mode sharpens your natural beauty and makes your photos glow.

The Face unlock and Fingerprint feature provide an easy and quick way to access your device. it saves you time and prevents mishandling of your device.

Its large 3500mAh battery capacity gives you fun for a longer period. You can have up to 20 hours talk time, 7 hours video time and 27 hours of listening to music. How amazing! It also has OTG reverse charge function that allows you charge other devices.

Ulefone Note 7P comes at a rate of 36,500 naira – 90,000 naira in various stores in Nigeria.


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