Troubled Sleep bookstore now open at 129 Sixth Avenue, Park Slope

Troubled Sleep bookstore park slope

Are you in Brooklyn and looking for a bookstore where you can have access to both new and used books? Check out Troubled Sleep. They recently opened at 129 Sixth Avenue NY 11217, USA by Sterling Place in Park Slope.

You will have a lot to choose from as they have titles that span across many areas such as sci-fi, art, radical history and philosophy, comics, unusual and international fiction, picture titles for kids, and so much more.

The neighborhood welcomed the store with open arms and you can tell that they are really excited with their comments on twitter. You won’t be wrong to refer to Park Slope as a literary place, and so having a used bookstore in the area is indeed a welcomed development. From the response of people in the neighborhood, there is no denying that they are thrilled by it.

Another wonderful part about the bookstore is that not just do you have an assortment of titles to choose from, they also get to buy your used books from you. So if you have a pile of used books that you had no idea what to do with, congratulations!, now you have a place where you can sell them.

The fact that it is a bookstore does not mean that care was not taken with the decor, the original tile mosaic floor is sure to catch your eye. It is indeed a lovely space but there is no denying that the books are the center of attraction.

Some persons might assume that the name of the bookstore – Troubled Sleep – was gotten from the 1949 Jean-Paul Sartre novel Troubled Sleep, but that is not the case. However, they do have an old edition of the title should you want to check it out.

According to Alexander Brooks who is the store manager, the name of the shop leans towards “book people’s tendency to be insomniacs.”

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Without a doubt, it has been a good period for local bookstores, because similar businesses have been established in recent times and the neighborhood is just as ready to welcome them as they come.