Tribal Bias People Encounter in Lagos House Hunt

Tribal Bias People Encounter in Lagos House Hunt

Lagos state is located in the south West region of Nigeria and stands as the most populous state in Nigeria as well as the most populous city in Africa.

Originally Lagos was mostly populated by the Yorubas, but over the years there are now large numbers of other ethnic groups that are found present in Lagos state.

It should actually be regarded as a beautiful thing that a lot of other tribes are now found in Lagos which should depict the unity that Nigeria as a nation strives to achieve. However, not everybody has the same opinion.

There have been instances where people that are not Yorubas have been denied renting properties by some Yoruba landlords for the singular reason that they are not of the same tribe.

They believe that this in some sort of way will help them reclaim the state from the many other tribes that now occupy the state.

This discrimination that people face has made finding accommodation in the state much harder and very tasking.

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People come into Lagos because of the many opportunities that abound in the state seeing that it is a major economic center in Nigeria and Africa, and they shouldn’t have to deal with discrimination from their fellow Nigerians.

It goes without saying that efforts have to be put into sensitizing people to realize that as Nigerians we are one, despite our different tribes and language. Everyone should always remember that united we stand but divided we fall.

Landlords should totally do away with the idea of renting houses to only people that are of the same tribe with them because we are indeed one.

Also the government shouldn’t sit this one. There should actually be penalties for Landlords that refuse to rent properties to other Nigerians based on the tribe factor.

Appropriate channels should be made available for people to tender their complaints once they experience such treatment and action should immediately be taken to take care of the situation.

It is not right for people to be wasting precious time, energy and resources house hunting and looking for suitable accommodation when they have already come across one that they like which also fits their budget but just because they are not of one particular tribe or the other, they won’t be allowed to rent.

This does not speak well about us as well-meaning Nigerians that want the peace and progress of the country.

This act of discrimination with regards to house hunting should not be tolerated and should be strongly frowned upon so the government has to step in here and help the citizens.

If you are one of these discriminating landlords in Lagos, just have it at the back of your mind that it is unfair to dole out such treatments to other people because at the end of the day, we are all One Nigeria.

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