13 Cool NYC Transportation Apps for New Yorkers

We bring to you the best transportation apps that you can download to ease your movement in NYC

NYC Transportation Apps for New Yorkers

New York City is a really amazing place to be. There a lot of restaurants, bars, tourist attractions, art museums, etc. that you can visit to relax and have a good time. The question now is whether you have easy means to get to and fro these places without any hassle.

You need these transportation apps so that commuting in the city will be made much easier for you. From taxi-paying apps, on-demand rides, as well as traffic navigators there are various transportation apps that you can take advantage of to have easy, hassle free commute and that is what we will be looking at in this article.


NYC’s Best Transportation Apps


Via is a ride-share platform that from indication, are not here to play. This is evident from the patronage that they enjoy. They can take you anywhere in the city that you wish to go to including the airport. Their very affordable rates are one of the highlights of this platform. Their drivers are friendly and their cars arrive quickly.



Gett is available not just in New York but in more than 100 cities across the globe. They have proven to be a reliable ride-share app and are not prone to price surges. You can even book ahead with their future booking option, which is a really cool feature.



If you decide to own a car in NYC then you should check out the MarketPlace app. It is an onboard app that allows you order food or make reservations at your favorite restaurant all from the comfort of your car.

Apart from that, you can also use the app to locate the cheapest gas station around you, which you must agree is very useful information. This app is available in most new GM cars



If you want to know the best possible route to take to get to your destination, you need the Citymapper app. To help you make the best decision regarding your movement, the app puts into consideration the different means of commuting including cars, bikes, subways, and even walking. The app is amazing, as it helps you get to your destination on time.



The Uber app is very popular and in use not just in NYC but in various cities around the world. They have really stood the test of time and are trusted by a lot of people when it comes to commuting.

Their app is very easy to use and you can also take advantage of their new features such as the uberPOOL, which as you must have guessed is a ride-share feature on the app. This way, you can get to where you need to be for a cheaper amount.


Zipcar is a car-sharing platform that allows you to rent cars at an hourly rate. They have thousands of cars in New York City to enable them meet up with their customers’ demands.

They offer their service round the clock, every day of the week and have locations in different parts of the city. They also offer discounts to customers that meet a certain criteria so make sure to check to see if you qualify.

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For an optimized travel plan, Moovit should be your go-to app. They have a lot of information in their database and will assist you with knowing the best way to get to where you are going to.

Some other interesting features in the app that can make things a whole lot easier for you include; a real-time bus locator as well as a get-off notification which comes in handy if you are used to missing your stop. You can also save your favorite and most frequented locations on your profile.



With Curb, also referred to as the Taxi App, you don’t need to bother with swiping your card at the end of every ride. Their Pair & Pay feature means that your card will be charged after the ride.

Now that is really easy and stress free. They are also available in other cities apart from New York, so be sure to check them out.


Google Maps

We can’t forget to mention Google Maps in this article about transportation apps for easier commutes. It works in any city not just NYC. So if you need to check out distance and time so as to map out the best route to get you from one point to the other, you can consult Google Maps.

It will also help you with your decision making, if you are wondering which one which one will get you to your destination faster between a car and public transportation.




Nobody wants to be stuck in traffic especially if there is another route that you could have taken, if you had known about the traffic on time. This is why Waze is a very helpful transportation app.

It is a crowd-sourced GPS app that you can use to be in the know about traffic, road closures and even accidents. You can also enjoy music from the app through a Spotify plugin.



Lyft is quite popular in NYC and this is not surprising at all. They have a dedicated Trust & Safety Team so there is no cause for alarm. Their driver ratings are high and that says a lot about the type of service you should be expecting.

Another interesting thing about the platform is that currently, their customers can round up their fare to the next dollar if they choose to and this goes towards various charities. Now how about that? Not just are you taking a ride but you can also contribute towards making the world a better place.



Instead of raising your hand above your head, signaling with your hand, whistling or whatever exercise you need to embark on just to hail a taxi, why not use the Arro app? It is an app that makes it very easy to hail a yellow cab. There is regulated pricing and the app allows for digital payment.



What are looking to have in a rideshare app? Does it include high rated drivers, amazing discounts, 24/7 customer support through phone, email or text, then you should check out the Juno app.

You should also know that their drivers are partners in the company; as such you can be rest assured that they will really treat you fine since they wouldn’t want to be the reason why their company is losing customers.