Tips on Saving Space In Your Home

Do you have a small apartment or do you live in a large apartment and wonder what happened to all the space you once had? Or are you moving into a new apartment and wondering how to best manage your space?

Whatever your situation, you are not alone! A cluttered apartment usually develops from our inability to manage our space either because we have too much stuff or we haven’t organised our stuff properly. Whatever the reason, if you want some changes, here are some tips that will help you manage and create more space in your home.



De-cluttering simply means getting rid of the things that you don’t need. Naturally, we think we need all the things we have. “I might not need it now, but later on I might need it” Sounds familiar to you? We naturally get attached to things we have acquired over the years and find it difficult to part with them. If you think about it, these unnecessary things occupy space, so why not get rid of them?

My personal rule is ‘if I haven’t used an item for a year or more, I don’t need it!’ This rule has helped me get rid of clothes; shoes, kitchen appliances, old furniture and so on, that just take up space. You could try it as well, try to find items that you don’t use often or items that you know you don’t need anymore. It is important to de-clutter each section in the house; you’ll be surprised at the things you’ll find. It’s usually hard, but you’ll soon realize that it is a beneficial process.


Once you have gathered the items that you do not need, the next step is to get rid of them. You can sell them online or through a yard sale. You could give them to family or friends or donate the items to charity. If you feel that they are already in terrible states, you can simply toss them in the thrash.


Once you have de-cluttered, you’ll find that you have some more space especially if you haven’t de-cluttered in a long time.


Use smaller furniture

Another thing you could do to ensure that you are saving space is to consider changing your furniture from larger pieces to smaller ones. For instance, why have a large centre table when you can use a smaller one for the same purpose. Why have a 7-seater sofa when you have a small family? Why have a large TV stand when you can hang your TV and so on. Do you really need that large bed in that small room? Do you really need five side stools in that space? The lists of things you can tweak go on and on. Consider practical steps that would help you save space by changing or re-arranging the furniture in your house.


Use your vertical space

Most people are so used to putting things on the floor. Although it’s not a bad thing to do, it takes up much space. So if you are trying to save space, it is a good idea to use your wall. Rather than having two beds in a small space, you can have a bunk bed. Rather than using a large TV stand, you can simply hang your TV.

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Instead of the large standing fan, you can get a wall-fan. You also have the options of using hanging shoe racks, handing nightstand, floating shelves, corner selves, hanging organisers, and so on. In your bedroom, you have the option of mounting a headboard shelf where you can put some of your stuff.


Use your under-bed space

Some people have beds with spaces underneath, which tend to lie fallow. Rather than leaving these spaces fallow, you can construct drawers that can fit in the under-bed space or simply purchase an under-bed storage bag or box. They are readily available and are affordable too. You will be able to fit in some of your items here giving you more room in your space.


Be creative

Many of us tend to use an item only for what it is designated for. For instance, we have a small bedside drawer; we use it only for the purpose of storing our stuff. . Not that there is anything wrong with this, but you can be more creative with how you use your items. Rather than having much furniture in your space, you can use one piece to serve more than one purpose.

For instance, you can use the top of a chest of drawers as your dresser or use a dresser as your nightstand (if it can be used for that purpose). You can also compartmentalize drawer spaces that are too tall or large so that you can make more effective use of it. For example, if your cupboard space is too tall or wide, you can purchase or construct a cupboard divider, that way, you’ll be able to put some other items on the top or side compartments.

You can also purchase upholstered storage benches. This way it will serve as a storage box as well as a table or sofa. There is also the option of purchasing convertible furniture. Be creative with your space!


Organize your stuff properly

This includes your books, toiletries, accessories and other small items. Don’t just leave them lying around. It’s a good idea to sort them out according to their functions and sort them in small boxes, open compartments or bags before keeping them away.

This also applies to your wardrobe, fold your clothes properly before storing them or hang them properly don’t just toss them in. You’ll find that organizing your items in this way will save some space compared to when you leave them lying around scattered.


Be selective

Once you have managed to save some space, it is important that you maintain it. This means you have to be selective of the items you bring into your home. Make sure you do not buy any unnecessary items that would take up space in your home. Also remember to de-clutter every now and then.