Timaya Accused of Leaving Lady in Pool of Blood After Hit-and-run Incident

Timaya Osinubi Damilola hit-and-run accident

Timaya Inetimi is a well known Nigerian Singer and Celebrity who last week was involved in a hit-and-run accident. The matter generated a lot of discussion across various social media platforms and there has been a police invitation regarding the issue.

The sister to the victim was the one who first raised an alarm regarding the incident. Following the social media frenzy that erupted after that, the singer Timaya denied abandoning the victim.

The victim herself, Osinubi Damilola, has now spoken and told her side of the story.

She stated that the incident occured on March 2nd and that Timaya left her in a pool of her own blood.

She made a post on Instagram where she said that the singer dragged her on the road which led to her having injuries on her face, her knees and her right hand. She also said that it resulted in her acrylic nails being forcefully pulled out.

She then went on to add that she was rushed to a nearby pharmacy by passerbys and that was where ashe was able to put a call across to her husband. She was later taken to Reedingtton Hospital where she got about 15 stitches on her face and received further treatment.

According to her she was eventually discharged from the hospital later that evening and taken to General hospital for more treatment.

In her post on Instagram, she accused Timaya of bullying her “as a woman” when she was confronting him about hitting her car.

She further added that the singer is very reckless and has no respect for womanhood and that he intentionally inflicted permanent scars on her.

She said that the Singer was lying to the public by saying that he did not notice her car when she knocked on his side window to notify him only to be bullied.

Damilola also added that she is further enraged because Timaya is not remorseful over what he had done and that if not that he was called out on social media he would not have even reacted.

She also said that she is very angry that he has not even reached out to her to tender an apology and that he thinks that nothing can happen to him just because he is a celebrity.

She added that all she is asking for is justice and that Timaya should face the law. She stated that this will serve as a lesson to others.

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