Does It Snow In Tennessee?

Tennessee snow

There are some people that will feel like their Christmas isn’t complete without snow. If you are one of such people, you are not alone. And if for that reason you want to know whether or not it snows in Tennessee, you are on the right page.

It must not even be about the Christmas holiday. If you are about to travel to Tennessee during the winter, you will want to know if it snows there so that you can be adequately prepared. Or maybe you are just curious about whether or not it snows in the state. Whatever the case may be, we will answer all the questions that you might have regarding snow fall in Tennessee.


Does it Snow in Tennessee? What Months Does it snow?

Yes it snows in Tennessee, but not much. The state is located in the southeastern part of the U.S and has a humid subtropical climate. The winters are cold and during the spring, autumn and summer, the climate is temperate.

The driest months in this area of the U.S are from August to October while the highest precipitation occurs from December to April.

In West Tennessee and the mountains, there is snow in the winter and it is from about 5 to 16 inches. Ice storms and winter storms are also not strange occurrences in this area.

What is a typical Winter like in Tennessee?

Apart from the mountainous areas, winters in the state are mild. During the day, the temperature is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but the nights can get really cold.

What Months Does it Snow in Tennessee?

The months when it snows in Tennessee are from December to February. It snows the most in January and February, but there can still be a little snow in November. Like we already mentioned winters in the state are typically mild, except in the mountain regions.

Let us take a look at how it snows in Tennessee from November to February.

In November, Tennessee does not get much snow. Although the month is seen as the first month of snowfall in the state, it is not strange if there is no snow at all.

In December, the average snowfall in Tennessee is 2 inches. The areas in the state that really gets snow this period are the mountain regions.

In January, the snowfall increases. In fact, January is the month where the state gets its highest amount of snowfall. It stands as the coldest and snowiest month in Tennessee and the snowfall is about 4 inches.

February stands as the second snowiest and coldest month in the state. The median snowfall for this period is 2 inches.

Does it Snow in Tennessee During Christmas?

From what we have discussed so far, you can tell that it does snow in Tennessee in December, although not so much. In the mountainous areas there are higher chances of seeing snow during Christmas. But in other areas, the chances are not that high.

There is a probability it can snow in Nashville during this period, but you can’t be entirely sure.

How Many Seasons Does Tennessee Have?

Tennessee has four different seasons – spring, summer, winter and autumn.

Spring in the state comes with its budding flowers and when it is summer, you will want to take a dip in the pool every opportunity you get.

Winter is mild and you can see the mountain range covered in snow at times.

Now autumn is really an amazing season in Tennessee. It is so beautiful that people from other places make plans to spend their autumn holiday in the state. There is vivid orange and brown everywhere you turn and this is indeed a charming and lovely sight.

Does it Snow Anywhere in Tennessee?

Although during winter there can be snowfall anywhere in the state, it is only a few places that are really sure of getting snow. For example, the Appalachians has a very high probability of getting snow.

What Parts of Tennessee Does It Snow?

1. Cookeville

Cookeville is in the southern part of Nashville. When you step into Cookeville during the Christmas holiday, you can tell right away that Christmas is taken very seriously here. There are Christmas markets, a lot of Christmas decor and many other activities that spread the Christmas cheer.

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And sometimes, when the weather permits they can get up to seven inches of snow. Be sure to pack a substantial amount of warm clothes, you’re going to need it.

2. Nashville

The probability of you seeing snow in Nashville is not that much. Although there may be flurries of snow whirling around, it disappears as soon as it hits the ground.

But hey! this is the capital of Tennessee and even though there might not be that much snow activities for you to partake of, the city is definitely lively during the winter.

3. Kingsport

Due to its northern location, Kingsport gets its fair share of snow during winter time, especially in December and January. It can get up to 16 days of snowfall. Now this might not appear like much to you, but when you put its location into consideration, you will see that its quite a lot.

4. The Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains is a popular place with different plant and animal life within its borders. It is located between North Carolina and Tennessee.

Although winter here is mild, the higher the elevation, the colder it gets. It is very common to have snowfall in the higher mountains. January and February are the best times to visit if you really want to see snow.

Feasting your eyes on the snow-covered views are not the only things one can do here. You can also enjoy hiking and skiing.

5. Hartford

Hartford is found in the Cherokee National Forest in the northeast part of the Great Smoky Mountains. In January, the temperature here can be as low as 28.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The area gets an average of about 12 inches of snow fall each year.

6. Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg was formerly referred to as White Oak Flats or just White Oak. This resort city in the mountains is at an elevation of 1,280 feet and is situated 39 miles from Knoxville. The average snowfall here each year is 9 inches.

Some of the fun things that you can do here include skiing, hiking and shopping. There are a lot of Christmas attractions to keep you busy here and you check out the many amazing restaurants for really delicious meals. Just don’t forget to go along with a warm coat and a nice pair of walking shoes.

7. Pigeon Forge

Found north of the Great Smoky Mountains, the Pigeon Forge is yet another location where you can see snow. It gets an average snowfall of 6 inches. If you love country music, then you will really enjoy your stay here.

8. Knoxville

The chances of seeing snow in Knoxville are really low, but when the weather agrees, you might be lucky to see about four inches of snow. We should also let you know that this is a wonderful place to get some Christmas shopping done.

Is TN Fun in the Winter Season?

Winter is a very fun time in Tennessee. There are various fun activities that you can be a part of even if you don’t get to see snow. Want to know the fun things you can do in Tennessee during the winter? this section is just for you.

1. Do some shopping at the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community

Visit this amazing community of artisans and crafters and browse through the many shops there. There are different items that are sold here including stuffed animals and ceramics.

2. Spend some nights in a Smoky Mountain Cabin

Relax for some days in a Smoky Mountain cabin. This provides you with an opportunity to reconnect with nature and clear your mind.

3. Enjoy hiking or skiing in the Great Smoky Mountains

Hiking and skiing in the Great Smoky Mountains are really fun activities you should try not to miss out on. The tall trees and snow-covered ridges make it all the more interesting.

4. Go to the Museums

There are a lot of museums in Tennessee. Just make your choice from the many options available and go have a nice time. You will find this both educating and entertaining. Examples of these museums are; Titanic Museum, Hollywood Wax Museum, Civil War Museum, Ripley’s Aquarium of The Smokies, and Knoxville Museum of Art.

5. Enjoy the Winterfest Lights

What is Christmas without the many light displays and decorations. Places such as Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, and Gatlinburg, go all out with the lights and decorations and this is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. You can also take part in parades, light tours and the various Winterfest activities.

6. A Guided Tour is a good idea

If this is your first time being in Tennessee, it is a wonderful idea to join a guided tour. There are one-day tours, three-day tours as well as guided museum tours. Don’t overthink it, just go with the ones that is most convenient for you.

7. Go on a Winter Drive

This is a very good way to unwind, relax and get your mind off things. Driving through Cades Cove is a really great idea. To get there, you’ll take an 11-mile one-way road that has nice views of the mountain range. You might also see some wildlife such as coyotes and turkeys.

8. Go Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping is a vital part of the holiday, so why not get into it. There are a lot of malls, stores, and markets that you can check out for fabulous wares.

9. Take a ride on the Great Smoky Mountains Wheel

Taking a ride on the Great Smoky Mountains Wheel is really an enjoyable experience anytime of the year. But during winter, you get to see the snow-covered mountains and that is a very beautiful view.

10. Go Ice skating

There are a lot of both indoor and outdoor ice-skating options you can choose from. Just go with whatever suits you best.