Sumec Firman Generator

Sumec Firman Generator – Sumec Firman is a well-known generator brand both in and outside the country.

There is no how top generators that are long lasting and very efficient will be discussed in Nigeria and Sumec Firman generators will not be mentioned.

Sumec Firman Generator

Another reason why Sumec Firman generators are so popular is the price at which they can be purchased. Compared to other generators they come quite cheap.

We have put together a list of different Sumec Firman generators as well as their price range for you to put into consideration, so that it will be easier for you to decide on which one to go for.



  • 5kVA Sumec Firman SPG2900: 67,000 NGN to 85,000 NGN
  • 1kVA Sumec Firman RD3910: 99,000 NGN to 115,000 NGN
  • 2kVA Sumec Firman ECO3990ES: 99,000 NGN to 120,000 NGN
  • 5kVA Sumec Firman SPG3800E2: 110,000 NGN to 175,000 NGN
  • 5kVA Sumec Firman SPG4000E2: 120,000 NGN to 130,000 NGN
  • 5kVA Sumec Firman SDG7000SE: 340,000 naira to 380,000 naira
  • 7kVA Sumec Firman ECO 8990ES: 230,000 naira to 280,000 naira
  • 6kVA Sumec Firman SPG8800E2: 230,000 naira to 270,000 naira
  • 2kVA Sumec Firman RD8910: 210,000 naira to 230,000 naira
  • 8kVA Sumec Firman ECO10990ES: 240,000 naira to 250,000 naira


Firman Generator Brand

Apart from the price, there are other important things you should be aware of before you settle on the generator of your choice and we will be bringing them to your notice.

The first thing you should be aware of is that the generator giant trades under three different names in Nigeria which are “Sumec”, “Firman”, and “Sumec Firman”.

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That doesn’t mean that there are no fakes, but we’ll also show you ways you can differentiate the fake Sumec Firman generators from the original.

One of the ways to be sure that you are purchasing an original Sumec Firman generator is to check for the name “FIRMAN” on the fuel tank, AVR, carburetor, muffler, engine block, cylinder head cover, air filter, and alternator rear frame.

FIRMAN should be engraved on all these parts. Even you see the name printed that’s not an original. It has to be engraved.

Take note that it doesn’t matter whether what you are going for is just “Sumec” or “Sumec Firman” generator, what you should find engraved on all these mentioned parts is FIRMAN. “SUMEC FIRMAN” or “SUMEC” may be printed on other parts, but for those parts mentioned, FIRMAN has to be engraved on them.

Another way to steer clear of fakes is to observe how the “FIRMAN” was written. The F in the “FIRMAN” should have a dot as its middle piece and not the normal short horizontal line.

Like we mentioned earlier, Sumec Firman Generators are highly sought after and are the preferred brand by many when it comes to generators. The reasons for this are not farfetched.

One is how long lasting their products are, they can serve you for a very long time depending of course on how well you maintain and manage them.

Another obvious reason is the price range that the generators go for. Compared to other brands they are cheaper and quality is not compromised at all.

You are not getting a generator of inferior quality because of their affordable rates because Sumec Firman Generators are well known for their high quality as well as their long lasting nature. When you go for any Sumec Firman generator you are definitely getting good value for your money.

Sumec Firman Generators are equally known for their low fuel consumption rates. Hence you don’t have to spend so much just to operate the generator.

They also come with an In-built AVR so that you will constantly have a steady voltage and not have to always worry about voltage fluctuations.

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  1. I need an Elepaq Generator ECO1990 1.4KVA – 35,000 NGN to 38,000 NGN suitable for commercial for phone charging business.

  2. I like firman company’ is a strong machinary company i notice dat bcos am a generator mechanic and i only use it spare parts for my work


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