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Skyworth TV – Most times people associate popularity with quality but that is not always the case.

There are some brands that are not popular but their products are usually packed with wonderful features and awesome functionality. In this write up we will be looking at one of such brands and that is the Skyworth brand.

Skyworth TVThe name Skyworth might not ring a bell or sound familiar. Not many people know about the brand but those who are aware of the brand will attest to the fact that their products are indeed of high quality.

Skyworth TVs are equipped with wonderful features which includes; brilliant picture quality, excellent sound output and amazing functionality.

It is very true that there are a lot of popular TV brands in the market today, all claiming to offer their customers the best.

Now while Skyworth TVs may not be anywhere near some of these TV brands in terms of popularity and fan base, they really stand their ground when it comes to high quality products that people can trust.

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You should know that Skyworth TVs come in different sizes, grades and types such as smart TVs, LEDs, Plasmas etc. As expected these various types of TVs also come with different features so it is left for you to make your choice on the one that you feel will best suit your needs. Some of these features include USB ports, being internet enabled amongst others.

If you are want to purchase a TV and you are still deliberating on the brand to go for, why not check out any of the Skyworth TVs? It might just be the perfect TV that you have been waiting for.


Below is a list of different types of Skyworth TVs as well as their prices.


  • Skyworth 24 inches LED TV: 48,000 NGN to 55,000 NGN
  • Skyworth 32 inches LED TV: 55,000 NGN to 75,000 NGN
  • Skyworth 42 inches LED TV: 130,000 NGN to 155,000 NGN
  • Skyworth 43 inches LED TV: 135,000 NGN to 170,000 NGN
  • Skyworth 49 inches full HD TV: 200,000 NGN to 220,000 NGN
  • Skyworth 55 inches smart LED TV: 240,000 NGN to 290,000 NGN
  • Skyworth 55 inches Smart Ultra HD 4k TV: 500,000 NGN to 580,000 NGN
  • Skyworth 58 inches smart LED TV: 250,000 NGN to 280,000 NGN


Skyworth TVs may not be easy to find in normal electronic or gadget stores as they are not very popular. However, you are sure to find them in online stores and you can still make the purchase straight from the manufacturers or any of their distributors across the country.

As we have pointed out, there are different types of Skyworth TVs and these TVs have different price tags. For instance a 24 inch Skyworth TV will be cheaper than a 55-inch Skyworth TV and curved TVs will definitely be more expensive than regular TVs even if they are of the same size.

Other factors that influence the prices at which you will be able to get the Skyworth TV of your choice includes; the shop you are buying from, the period you are making the purchase, currency exchange rate at the time amongst other factors.



We have already mentioned the reasons why purchasing a Skyworth TV is a good idea but let us go over some of them again. Skyworth TVs have awesome Picture Quality so you will no doubt enjoy watching whatever is displayed on your screen.

Everything that you will be viewing will be very bright and clear and you are sure not to miss out on anything.

They also come in impressive designs that will definitely love and give your space a touch of class.

In addition, its power consumption rate is quite low. Even if you are in an area where the public power supply is usually low currents or your alternative source of power supply is just a small generator, that doesn’t stop you from enjoying your TV because of its low power consumption rate.

You can still go for stabilizers and current regulators if you so wish.


Nevertheless, there are some things that might not thrill you about Skyworth TVs, one of which is that it is not readily available in most electronic and gadget stores unlike other popular TV brands.

They are also considered to be on the expensive side by most people and the sound quality that most of their TVs come with is not that great.

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