Security Doors

Security Doors – The importance of being security conscious cannot be over-emphasized. This is why in most buildings be it offices, personal home, schools, hotels, malls, banks, shops etc, you will find security measures in place to ensure that people are safe.

There are various ways to make sure that a particular area or space is safe and they include installing CCTV cameras, hiring security guards, installing alarms, etc.

The issue of security is taken very seriously because people need to be assured that if they are walking into an establishment, they should have no worries as the necessary measures have been put in place to ensure that they don’t just feel safe but are actually in every sense of the word safe.

Even in the home, people go to great lengths to ensure that their home is a safe place for themselves, family and friends.

We will now go on to discuss different security doors and how much they can be gotten for in the market.

Security Doors

They are made from different materials and are of different types. This means that they differ in quality and price. The price that you get a security door for greatly depends on the type and design that you chose. Additional features on the door also affect the price.

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You can buy your security doors straight from the manufacturers or distributors in various locations across the country. You can also make your purchase from online stores, e-commerce sites, and trusted security door dealers.


Prices : 40,000 NGN – 300,000 NGN

  • Watson Time – Chinese Security Steel Doors 3 ft: 40,000 NGN to 55,000 NGN
  • Watson Time – Chinese Security Steel Doors 4ft: 40,000 NGN to 65,000 NGN
  • Turkish Luxury Security Doors 3 ft: 220,000 NGN to 300,000 NGN
  • Turkish Luxury Security Doors 4ft: 250,000 NGN to 320,000 NGN
  • German Copper Security Doors 3 ft: 45,000 NGN to 70,000 NGN
  • German Copper Security Doors 4 ft: 60,000 NGN to 80,000 NGN
  • Turkish Classic 3 ft: 100,000 NGN to 140,000 NGN
  • Turkish Classic 4 ft: 100,000 NGN to 160,000 NGN
  • German Armored (Iron) 3ft: 120,000 NGN to 200,000 NGN
  • German Armored (Iron) 4ft: 150,000 NGN to 250,000 NGN
  • Local Metal (Steel) 3ft: 20,000 NGN to 35,000 NGN
  • Local Metal (Steel) 4ft: 25,000 NGN to 40,000 NGN


There are other factors that influence the price at which you can get security doors apart from the quality and type of the door.

These factors include currency exchange rate as at time of purchase for the doors that are imported, the place and time of purchase, custom clearance charges, etc.

One of the methods used to ensure security is the installation of security doors, and that is what we will be discussing in this article.

There were times in Nigeria, when normal doors where all that people had access to in order to feel safe. The good news is that that is no more the case, as there is an array of security doors available in the market to choose from.

Not just do security doors help to improve security in your building, they also add some elements of class and elegance to your house.

This implies that when you go for them, you are killing two birds with one stone as not just have you improved security in your house, you also added beauty, class and elegance to it. It’s a win win situation and this explains why security doors are in high demand in the country.

As is the case with normal doors, they vary in types and qualities. They are also made from different materials and have different prices.

The material that a security door is made from is a huge determinant of how much the security door can be acquired for as well as the quality of the door.

Security doors are not of the same strength, some are very strong and come with features to enhance security while others are not.

For instance they are installed in buildings such as banks and offices are usually of better quality, have more features and are generally stronger than security doors used in houses.

A popular material used in the manufacturing of security doors is steel. While it is true that they can be affected by rust, manufacturers take care of that by painting the door with a powder-type paint that prevents the cycle and makes the door last longer.

They are equally available in different designs. Of course you didn’t expect that they would all have the same design as that would be very boring.

There are many designs that security doors come in that you might even have a hard time choosing. While some are just simple with serious designs, others sport elaborate designs while not compromising on the main purpose of the door which is security.

There are some that come with additional frames, some are designed with glass, others have mesh and like materials behind or in between the frame pieces. There are still other security doors that are fitted with accessories such as resistance fridges, extra locks, etc.


Before Buying Security Doors

There has been a lot of innovation and technological advancements when it comes to security doors and the market for security doors has experienced a lot of growth over the years as expected.

There are a lot of new designs that are pushed into the market from time to time. We have made it clear that just like normal doors, security doors come in different sizes, materials, quality, design, and type. Selecting one can prove to be a very difficult task because there are a lot of options to choose from.

While they are generally are for improving security, there are some that are manufactured for specific purposes. You should also know that the most expensive security door might not really be what you need.

Before you set out to purchase a security door, you have to be aware of exactly what you need and go for what suits and will serve you well.

Don’t purchase a security door solely because you like how it looks or because another person bought it. What works for one might not work for another so be properly guided.

Some of the factors that you have to put into consideration

Material: Do not be deceived by looks, in this case you have to take the saying “not all that glitters is gold” literally. You should go beyond looks and consider the material that the door is made from and if it will serve you well. The material preferred by most persons is either aluminium or steel because it is very strong and durable.

Design: After you have decided on the material you prefer for your security door, you can then consider the designs. You can have a very strong door that will still look very lovely and beautify your house.

The ones that have nice designs will add elegance and class to your space. There are a lot of designs available and you are sure to find a design that will match the design and theme of your house.

Budget: Finally, you need to consider your budget. There are security doors that are no that expensive and will still serve you well. Just take your time and carefully check out security doors within your budget and you will find one.

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