Scanfrost Washing Machine

Scanfrost Washing Machine – Everyone agrees with the fact that a washing machine is an important appliance that should be in the home as it makes the chore of washing clothes so easy and less time consuming.

Scanfrost Washing Machine

That equally means that there is a ready market for washing machines. The number of brands that have washing machines as part of their product line keeps increasing so it could be quite challenging trying to make a pick of the brand to go for out of the many that are obtainable in the market.

However, Scanfrost is a brand that stands out. Of course you must have heard of the brand Scanfrost, they are a household name when it comes to home appliances.

This is because they have not given their customers any reason to doubt the quality and effectiveness of their products, washing machines included.

They have stood the test of time and people have come to have great trust for their products.

So now that you are considering getting a washing machine, why not try out Scanfrost? It will not be a nice experience when you spend money to purchase a washing machine and just a few weeks after you bought it, your washing machine starts giving you problems and you start spending more money trying to fix it.

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Neither will it be a good experience when you bought a washing machine but realize that you are not getting very good results and that your laundry is not done perfectly.

Give yourself peace of mind and go for a brand of washing machine that guarantees you durability, reliability and efficiency and that is Scanfrost washing machine.

All that is required of you is to take out time and pick the washing machine that suits you best out of their wide range of products and you are good to go.

If you are interested in getting one then you are definitely interested in finding out the prices, and we will give you not just the prices but the wash capacity as well.


Scanfrost Washing Machines and Prices

  • Scanfrost Twin Tube SFMWTTA washing machine 8kg: 53,000 NGN to 57,000 NGN.
  • Scanfrost Twin Tube SFMWTTB washing machine 10kg: 72,000 NGN to 80,000 NGN.
  • Scanfrost SFWMTTC washing machine 12kg: 80,000 NGN to 85,000 NGN.
  • Scanfrost SFWD7350 washing machine 7kg washer and 3.5kg dryer: 95,000 NGN to 105,000 NGN.
  • Scanfrost SFWD6000 washing machine 6kg dryer: 88,000 NGN to 82,000 NGN.
  • Scanfrost SFWMTT12 washing machine 12kg: 50,000 NGN to 52,000 NGN.
  • Scanfrost SFWD6000 washing machine 6Kg: 72,000 NGN to 76,000 NGN.
  • Scanfrost SFD7000 washing machine 7kg dryer: 72,000 NGN to 77,000 NGN.
  • Scanfrost SFML7001 washing machine 7kg: 130,000 NGN to 140,000 NGN.
  • Scanfrost SFWMTLZK washing machine 6kg: 100,000 NGN to 110,000 NGN.
  • Scanfrost SFWMFL8001 washing machine 7kg: 90,000 NGN to 95,000 NGN.
  • Scanfrost SFWMFL8001 washing machine 10kg: 142,000 NGN to 147,000 NGN.



A good thing about Scanfrost Washing machines is that there is a variety of them with different features so you can make your choice and select the best one for you.

Some are semi-automatic, while others are fully automatic, some are also top loaders while others are front loaders. We are going to be looking at the loading feature so that you will be able to make an informed choice concerning it.

The top loaders are those washing machines that you load in your dirty clothes from the top and this is what you can comfortably while standing so you don’t have to bend over to either put your clothes in the washing machine or to take it out when you are done with the laundry.

This means that there is no need spending money to purchase a base to raise the washing machine as you might want to do if it were a front loader. It is also less prone to odors.

However, the top loaders consume more water and detergent than the front loaders, have longer wash cycles and are not that gentle on clothes. You have to be very careful with loading and setting a wash cycle otherwise, your clothes will not be washed to your satisfaction.

The front loaders on the other hand also has a lot of advantages. They use less water and less detergent than the top loaders, are more gentle on clothes and most of them are fitted with their own water heater.

They are generally more efficient than the top loaders. But they mostly come in large sizes, and if not handled properly could develop musty smells.

Unlike the top loaders you have to bend to load in your clothes or take out your clothes and it is either that or you construct a base to keep the washing machine on so that you don’t have to bend while doing the laundry.


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