Scanfrost Gas Cooker

Scanfrost Gas Cooker – Scanfrost is a renowned brand in terms of kitchen appliances. It has not only built a great and lasting status when it comes to appliances and gadgets but has also emerged among the top brands available today. In fact, your list of top kitchen equipment brands is incomplete without Scanfrost.

As tested by its product’s ruggedness, strength, durability, reliability and efficiency, Scanfrost has largely grown to be a market favorite.

All its products, including fridge, freezers, fans and air conditioning systems have drawn accolades globally. Its gas cookers follow the same path of excellence.

Scanfrost gas cookers are among the top rated in today’s market. The fact that they are readily available and easily affordable makes them of popular demand.

Scanfrost Gas Cooker

Scanfrost gas cookers give everything you need in a standard gas cooker. From their impeccable, classy design to their efficiency and working mechanism, you can be sure you have made a good purchase with this product.

Although a few other brands such as LG, Panasonic, Maxi and other popular gas cookers may have advantages over it, Scanfrost boasts of relatively equal capacity and even higher quality than some in terms of design and portability.

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Scanfrost gas cookers can be used with ease and confidence. They are available in different types, sizes, features, operational mechanism and prices.

The most common, being the standing gas cooker, with built-in oven is designed in such a way that allows simultaneous use of the cooker and oven. They also have varying number of burners. Latest models feature gas burners and electric hot plate.

The increasingly inconsistent prices of gas cookers in the market today makes it necessary to consider prices of top selling brands, one of which is Scanfrost. In this post, we will take a look at prices of various models of Scanfrost gas cookers available in Nigeria.


  • Scanfrost SFC 5312 SS (Auto Ignition; 4 gas burners): 40,000 NGN – 45,000 NGN
  • Scanfrost SFC 5402 B (4 gas burners): 43,000 NGN – 50,000 NGN
  • Scanfrost SFC K6312 NG (3 gas burners plus 1 electric hot plate): 80,000 NGN – 90,000 NGN
  • Scanfrost SFTT 2001 Table Top Gas Cooker: 11,000 NGN – 14,000 NGN
  • Scanfrost SFTT 2002 Table Top Gas Cooker: 13,000 NGN – 17,000 NGN
  • Scanfrost SFTT 2003 Table Top Gas Cooker: 14,000 naira –18,000 naira

A brand that has reliably delivered top quality appliances for over 30 years will undoubtedly be an accomplishment in the market. Scanfrost has not just established trust with their clients, they have made their products to represent themselves. The brand is no stranger to the people’s needs and demands.

Scanfrost Gas cookers are one of the most affordable gas cookers in Nigeria today. Most of its products, irrespective of price range offer absolute value. They are among the brands you can recommend to your friends and loved ones.

Scanfrost gas cookers, like other gas cookers, are available in various types and grades. They vary in sizes, shapes, designs, and basic features. The number of burners also varies. For instance, the table top gas cookers can have single or double burners while the standing gas cookers have about 3 to 6 gas burners.

Location and period of purchase, currency exchange rate and other basic factors also affect their prices. That is why a gas cooker that costs, 65,000 naira in Abuja or Lagos, may be much cheaper in other parts of the country. Also, prices of kitchen appliances tend to be on the rise during festive periods.

Scanfrost gas cookers are readily available. They can be gotten directly from the manufacturers or local distributors across the country. They are also available for purchase at online stores and contemporary kitchen appliance stores around you.

Why you should choose Scanfrost Gas Cookers

Scanfrost is among the most popular brand in the kitchen appliance market today. The gas cooker, regardless of the size, type, operational mechanism and number of burners, guarantee value for your purchase. Some of the reasons they are rated among the best and most sought after gas cookers in modern market include:

Top-Notch Efficiency: Do not rule out Scanfrost Gas cooker among the absolute best when it comes to efficiency. They carry out the job for you in the sleekest of fashion and make cooking exceptionally convenient.

Durability: You can comfortably use the gas cooker for many years without any issue. Based on customer reviews, if maintained properly, the gas cookers can be used for decades without the need to replace them.

Easy to Use: Scanfrost gas cookers are easy to use, irrespective of the size. All products come with manuals that are easy to read and understand. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy its usage.

Compact nature: They can fit perfectly into your kitchen, even the standing gas cookers with ovens are compact and are designed to give elegance and class to your modern kitchen.

Warranty: Everyone likes to have a warranty on their purchased products. The Scanfrost brand assures quality of services with every purchase. Every gas cooker comes with a 2-year warranty.

Prices: For the value they offer, Scanfrost gas cookers give good worth for their prices. They are relatively cheap and affordable.

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