How You Can Save Money With Your Washing Machine

How to Save Money With Your Washing Machine

The washing machine is an appliance that is used regularly in the home because everyone has to wash their clothes.

That means that the washing machine consumes a reasonable amount of energy, sometimes it can even take up as much as 7% of your energy bill.

A lot of people have asked the question of how they can reduce the rate at which their washing machine consumes energy without compromising the effectiveness or tamper with the good working condition of their washing machine. We are here to help you out with that.

How to save money with washing machineBefore we go into how you can reduce the energy consumption of your washing machine proper, let us talk a bit about how you can buy the right washing machine for you.

There are a lot of designs, styles and models of washing machine in the market. You cannot just walk into the mall and purchase any washing machine that catches your fancy you have to make sure that what you are buying will serve you well and that it is what you really need.

Check the size, type, build and overall features of the washing machine to be sure that it is one that will meet your needs.

Now let us move on to how you can reduce the energy consumption of your washing machine.

Are you aware that 90% of your washing machine’s energy is exhausted only on heating the water and when you take note of the fact that an average washing machine makes use of about 11 liters of water for every kilogram of cotton that is washed on a standard 40⁰C wash program then you will not be surprised at all by the fact that your washing machine is actually consuming a substantial amount of your power.

  • The first step you have to take towards tackling this is to try as much as possible to wash a full load instead of half or less than half. That way you get to conserve water and of course energy and still get very good results. It will also help if you reduce the temperature at which you wash your clothes.
  • In addition if the clothes you wish to wash are not heavily stained then you can go for a shorter wash cycle such as a quick wash. Even if the clothes have tough or heavy stains on them, soak them in detergent water for a while before washing, that way the washing machine will give you clean clothes in a very short while and that way energy is saved.
  • All in this bid to save money with your washing machine, it is recommended that you go for the cotton wash cycle instead of a synthetic one because synthetic wash cycles use about 50% more water to do the washing and you know what that means, it takes up more of your power making you pay more in energy bills. It is recommended that you steer clear the extra rinse feature except it is absolutely necessary.
  • More so while it is very important to add adequate amount of detergent so as to get a very clean wash, take care not to add too much detergent as too much detergent can even clog some internal parts and leave you with a faulty machine so take care to follow instructions given on the detergent packets and on the appliance.
  • Does it sound strange if you hear that you should clean your washing machine regularly? You would think that a washing machine will be able to clean itself, nah. You have to clean your washing machine to get the best out of it. Taking care of your washing machine by cleaning it regularly will keep it in a very good condition, getting rid of any lime scale and detergent as well as preventing glop from forming in different gaps of your washing machine.
  • You can clean your washing machine by leaving the door and the soap dispenser a little bit open after every wash so that it can air dry properly and that way it will be difficult for mold or mildew to form in the machine. You might be wondering, what about a proper wash, well that you can absolutely do by setting the washing machine on the highest temperature wash cycle.  Remember to add a lime scale and detergent remover so that the muck of lime scale and detergent that have formed over time in different openings and gaps in the washing machine will be gotten rid of. Like we said earlier this will help to keep your washing machine in very good working conditions. The door seal and the dispenser drawer should not be left out of this cleaning exercise. It is advised that you carry out this routine on your washing machine at least once in a month.
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We have given you helpful tips to help save money by conserving the amount of power and energy consumed by your washing machine without compromising on the effectiveness of the appliance as well how to maintain the washing machine by cleaning it regularly, there is no doubt that you are going to enjoy your washing machine more.