Is Moving to San Antonio Right for You?

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Located in South Central Texas is the lovely city of San Antonio. The city is rich in history and one of the best places one can reside in the state of Texas. It is the 7th largest city in the country and it has so much to offer its residents.

Some of the things that those living in San Antonio get to enjoy include; high safety rating, an affordable cost of living as well as a wonderful food scene. San Antonio is a wonderful choice for young professionals, retirees, as well as families.

If you want to relocate to San Antonio but would like to know more about the city, then you are on the right page. By the time you are done reading our article, you will have more knowledge about the amazing city of San Antonio.

Things to Know Before Relocating to San Antonio

  • Affordable Cost of Living
  • Awesome Food Scene
  • Availability of Job opportunities
  • San Antonio is a Military City
  • Be a Part of the Rodeo
  • San Antonio is a historical city
  • The Spectacular San Antonio Riverwalk
  • The weather is nice
  • San Antonio is rich in art and culture
  • There are many things to do

Affordable Cost of Living

Did you know that the cost of living in San Antonio is 14% below the national average? This is one of the many attractive features of the city. The city’s affordable cost of living in addition to the fact that there is no state income tax in Texas means that you will be able to save more.

Compared to some other cities in Texas such as Dallas and Austin, San Antonio’s cost of living is more affordable.

For those looking to purchase homes in the city, you will be glad to know that housing prices in San Antonio are quite affordable. This makes it much easier to purchase your dream home.

We have to point out however, that although there is no state income tax, there are still other forms of taxes such as sales tax and property tax.

Awesome Food Scene

San Antonio has a wonderful food scene. It has everything from food trucks, casual eating spots, cafes, and fine dining establishments. International flavors are really incorporated into the meals and the tacos are so lovely. It has even become part of residents’ breakfast routines.

Some of the eateries where you can get the best breakfast tacos in the city include; Las Palapas, the Original Donut Shop, Thousand Oaks Cafe, and Chapala Taco House.

Availability of Job opportunities

There are a lot of thriving industries in San Antonio that has resulted in a lot of job opportunities in the city. These industries include; tourism, hospitality, bioscience, renewable energy, manufacturing and healthcare.

Examples of the businesses and establishments in the city are, Valero Energy Corporation, Toyota, Northside Independent School District, USAA, and the Southwest Research Institute.

San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and this also includes its job market sector. So if you are in search of a job, San Antonio is a really good place to be.

San Antonio is a Military City

San Antonio has been dubbed “Military City USA” and this is not surprising at all. There are quite a number of military bases in the city. In fact, a substantial amount of the city’s population includes active military members and retired personnel. More so, a lot of the families residing in the city have connections to the military.

The Joint Base San Antonio include; Lackland Air Force Base, U.S. Army Base Fort Sam Houston, Camp Bulls, and Randolph Air Force Base. The Joint Base San Antonio stands as the largest and most diverse base in the U.S Department of Defense.

This should give you a really clear picture on the high safety rating of San Antonio.

Be a Part of the Rodeo

The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo is one of the largest events in the city. It records more than 1.5 million visitors annually. Try as much as possible not to miss this event as it is packed full with so much fun and entertainment.

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A lot of performers thrill the audience with amazing performances. Popular musicians also show up from time to time and you might just catch your favorite musician performing.

San Antonio is a historical city

San Antonio is a city that has a lot of history. It was established on May 1st 1718. This was when the Mission San Antonio de Valero was founded by a Spanish expedition. This mission later became the Alamo, popular for the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. It also played a vital role in the battle between Mexico and the Republic of Texas for their independence.

The Alamo remains one of the few Roman Catholic missions still standing till date. Apart from it, there are other historical sites that will be a thrill to history enthusiast.

Some of the other historical sites in San Antonio are; Spanish Governors Palace, Mission San Jose Church Parrish Offices, San Fernando Cathedral, and San Antonio Missions National Historical Park.

The Spectacular San Antonio Riverwalk

The San Antonio Riverwalk is a major attraction not just in San Antonio but in the state of Texas. It receives more than 14 million visitors yearly. The Riverwalk is a one stop for everything entertainment, dining and shopping. The best part is that it is open every day of the year.

It is close to the Alamo and covers about 15 miles along the San Antonio River. The Riverwalk boasts of being the largest urban ecosystem in the country.

It is a wonderful place to bring your family and friends for a fun, exciting and relaxing time. Please note that no swimming is allowed in the river.

Other really amazing places in the city that you should ensure you visit include; Esquire Tavern (since 1933) – for wonderful cocktails, fantastic wine, beer, and amazing bar food, Museum Reach San Antonio, Rivercenter Mall, and Boudro’s on the Riverwalk – for awesome New American-style cuisine.

The weather is nice

Generally, the weather in San Antonio is okay. The city gets an average of 0 inches of snow annually so there is no need to pack snow boots and snow shovels. The city also gets an about 33 inches of rain yearly and this is lower than the national average of 38 inches.

In San Antonio, you get to enjoy about 220 sunny days in a year. July is the hottest month, with an average high temperature of 94 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest month is January with an average low temperature of 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

We also have to point out that unlike other close by cities, there is no need to worry so much about the threat of tornadoes. This is because the city is situated just outside of Tornado Alley.

San Antonio is rich in art and culture

San Antonio has a wealth of art and culture. Seeing that the city has a large and diverse population, this does not come as a surprise at all. You get to experience this diversity and international influence in many aspects of life in the city.

This includes architectural style, food and art. There is no denying the Mexican American culture in the city and you can tell from the food, music, museums, and lifestyle.

Some of the local cultural sites and museums in the city include; the Briscoe Western Art Museum, San Antonio Museum of Art, the DoSeum, and the McNay Art Museum.

There are many things to do

There is no shortage of things to do in San Antonio. Having a great time at the rodeo and enjoying a stroll along the Riverwalk are some examples. You can also have a nice time at a park, appreciate beautiful works of art or go on a shopping spree.

Some of the local attractions in San Antonio include; The Tower of the Americans – for stunning views of the city, the Historic Market Square, Natural Bridge Taverns, and the Brackenridge Park.


Surely by now, it is very clear to you that San Antonio is an amazing place to move to. All that we have discussed so far should let you know that relocating to the city is a wonderful choice.

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