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Best Restaurants in Kano – People visit Kano for various reasons. The city is a major industrial and commercial center and so a lot of people go there for business purposes. Other reasons that take people to Kano include tourism, education, etc.

Well for whatever reason that you are in Kano for you will be in need of a place to eat. But not just anywhere, you will want a restaurant that will give you really nice meals in a lovely setting. If you are on the lookout for one of such places then you are at the right place.

We have put together a list of 10 restaurants that are really good in Kano that you should check out.

So if you are ready, let’s begin.

List of the Best Restaurants in Kano

1. Chopsticks Kano

Chopsticks is located at 54 Guda Abdullahi Street Tarauni, Kano.

As you must have guessed, you have to brush up on your chopsticks game if you have plans to dine at this restaurant. They serve Taiwanese and Chinese meals and best believe they are really good at it. You can also ask for a fusion of Taiwanese and Chinese meals if you feel up to it and your request will be granted.

If you are concerned about the prices that their meals go for well it starts at around 730 Naira to 7,960 Naira. But be rest assured that any penny spent there is totally worth it.

You know, the place that one stays to eat also contributes greatly to how well the meal will be enjoyed. That being said, you should be glad to know that Chopsticks has a lovely and spacious space. The tables are arranged in a way that you can have your private conversations while you eat. You can even try out their swimming pool if you want.

It is not likely that you will get breakfast from this restaurant as they open around noon. But you can simply walk in and get your lunch, dinner and even late night meals.

2. Jalsa

Jalsa is located at 3 Bompai Road, Kano.

The restaurant is mostly known for their amazing Indian snacks. You can make your choice from the various ones that they have and order coffee to go with it. The restaurant is able and ready to take care of your brunch and dinner. They are quite affordable and just a little money can get you something of substantial value.

Before the restaurant only made provision for people to order, grab, and go. However, they have now made tables and chairs available in their space so that you can sit there and eat if you so desire.

3. Cliantro

Cliantro is situated at Old No.67, New, No.23 Sultan Rd, Giginyu, Kano.

This is another restaurant that is very good with Indian cuisine. Whenever you think of Indian food and you are close to the restaurant, be sure to walk in and you sure won’t be disappointed.

If you prefer Vegetarian-Friendly, Halal, or Vegan Options they are very much equal to the task. Since the inception of the restaurant in 2011, they have really gotten a lot of patronage because they are very good.

Apart from Indian food, they also have other Asian cuisines on their menu and their price range is very attractive. In fact if you don’t have cash, you can pay through your Credit Cards or via other digital payment options.

Their space is nice and relaxing. They also have outdoor seats and if that is what you prefer then go for it.

The restaurant opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 11:00 PM so breakfast is out of the question, but your brunch, lunch and dinner can be comfortably handled. You can either decide to eat at the restaurant or you opt for delivery or takeout.

4. Fasania Restaurant

You can find this restaurant inside Central Hotel, Bompai Rd, Kano.

There is no how to be done discussing Fasania Restaurant without mentioning their interior decor. There is one word to describe it and that is wonderful. The space was designed like a dining room but not just any dining room, an elegant, exotic and classy dining room. The paintings on the wall as well as other minimalist designs that you will observe upon stepping into the restaurant makes the place even more beautiful.

To ensure the comfort of their customers, they also provide high chairs for toddlers. They have small cookers on their tables which help to keep soups warm.

Speaking of soups, let us discuss the meals that the restaurant offers. Fasania restaurant offer different Chinese food, especially soup. They also serve other intercontinental dishes.

You will really enjoy your stay at the restaurant. Apart from the nice decor and amazing food, their staff are well trained and will attend to you very well.

5. Marietta’s Pizza Restaurant

Marietta’s Pizza Restaurant is located at 5 Gidado Mukhtar Link off Dawaki road, Kano.

The restaurant was established in 1996 and has proven to be one of the pastries spot in the area. They offer different types of pastries which you should know are grouped into four. They include Italian, Pizza, Mediterranean and Arabic. The pastries are really well prepared and delicious. They are also affordable as their price ranges from about 1,090 Naira to 5,090 Naira.

The restaurant is well decorated and is perfect for outings and romantic dates. They also have outdoor seats which you will really enjoy in the evenings. Apart from Mondays, the restaurant is open from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

6. Tajmahal Restaurant

Tajmahal is located at 20 Alu Avenue, Kano.

The ambiance of the restaurant is one of its highlights as it is very calm and soothing. They have on their menu, different Asian cuisines and are really good with them particularly Indian meals. They also have vegetarian-friendly food.

They really went the extra mile to make sure that their customers feel extra special by serving their meals the way Asians will do it.

They really don’t want you missing out on any experience and you can also tell by how invested they are in their interior decor to make the place really look like an Asian restaurant. They also have some seats arranged by their swimming pool and you can seat there if you so wish.

Tajmahal will cater to your lunch, dinner as well as late-night meals.

7. Corner

Corner restaurant is situated at Lafia/Sultan Road Kano.

The restaurant offers Indian and Lebanese cuisine as well as grills. As soon as you place your order, your meal will be prepared and will be ready as soon as possible. You don’t have to worry as you won’t have to wait for long, their staff are well trained and they carry out their job effectively.

Their space is lit to get you to relax and enjoy your meal. It is indeed very comfortable and quite romantic but if you prefer, you can make the most of their outdoor seating arrangement.

You can make your choice of halal, vegan options, and vegetarian-friendly meals. You should know however that their price varies but generally, their meals cost about 2,200 naira to 7,600 naira.

8. Dala Restaurant

Dala Restaurant is located at 54 Guda Abdullahi Street Tarauni, Kano.

A fact that most persons appreciate about this restaurant is that it operates round the clock. Anytime you walk into the restaurant you will be attended to, now that is just wonderful. So you can be sure of breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as late-night meals.

They serve African food, Mediterranean, Pizza, and Central-Italian cuisine all well prepared, delicious and amazing.

Their space is decorated with framed photographs and paintings. They also have a TV to keep you entertained while you enjoy your meal. Their tables are arranged to give some privacy and each table has about two or three chairs.

9. Bombay to Beirut

For a quick bite of Indian, Lebanese, and Mediterranean meals, this restaurant is one of the best and you should check them out.

They are fast with the preparation of the meals and they are also affordable.

They have a spacious eating area and it is very bright as they have fluorescent bulbs. They have a very simple but classic interior decoration.

10. Gusto Restaurant

Gusto Restaurant is located at 17 Lodge Road, Kano.

They offer Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Mediterranean meals. You can ask for a fusion if you want. They are available for brunch, lunch, dinner and late night meals.

The architectural and interior design of their space is really amazing. The walls are made with brick and Japanese as well as other paintings adorn the wall. In addition to all that, they also have an indoor pond that is just for aesthetics now that is really cool.

Knowing that people have different tastes when it comes to how they prefer to eat in a restaurant, they made sure to have options so that every one of their customers can be comfortable. They have an outdoor seating arrangement, private dining, and highchairs seating arrangement so whichever one you prefer, just go for it. You will also be glad to know that they have playgrounds where kids can go and have fun. So if you are coming to the restaurant with children, you know that they will not be left out.

Still in a bid to ensure customer satisfaction, they make their WiFi accessible by their customers so you can just surf the internet while you eat.

You can pay with your Credit card and other forms of digital payments.

With all that we have discussed above, we are sure that you will find it easier selecting a restaurant to eat at while you are at Kano. They are all good restaurants and you will get to have really nice meals in an equally nice environment.

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