Best Restaurants in Enugu

10 Best Restaurants in Enugu – Enugu, the coal city state is one of the oldest states in the South Eastern Nigeria. People visit the city for various reasons including business and personal purposes.

For whatever reason anyone is visiting Enugu for, one thing to be on the lookout for is a good restaurant. Of course there are a lot of restaurants and food spots but you would want one that is nice so that you don’t pay for a meal that you will not enjoy.

Restaurants in Enugu

Most people equate expensive restaurants to good restaurants but that is not always the case. For a restaurant to be termed good, there are some things that have to be put into consideration and they include taste and quality of food, ambiance, quality of service and value provided.

This is why we have put together a list of some of the best restaurants in Enugu putting into consideration the factors we have already mentioned.

So if you are in Enugu and you are searching for a good restaurant you are definitely at the right place because when you are done reading this article you will know wonderful places to take a look at.


Best Restaurants in Enugu


1. Dolphin Restaurant

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Dolphin Restaurant is located at 1C Ekpunobi Street, GRA, Enugu. It is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in Enugu where you can have really wonderful meals in a lovely environment.

You can make your choice from the nice local and continental dishes on their menu.

Like we pointed out, their space is lovely and cozy with nice seating arrangement. In fact some of their tables can seat up to seven people so if you are coming with a group, you know that you will have ample space.

They have a really cool top floor that is perfect for relaxation. Another interesting thing about Dolphin restaurant is that they have books for sale at the entrance, so if you love books do well to check out the stand as you will no doubt find one or more books that will catch your fancy.


2. Roots Restaurant and Cafe

As we said earlier, there are different factors that make a restaurant a good one, one of which is the ambiance. One major thing that contributes to a good ambiance is architectural design and interior decorations and Roots Restaurant really keyed into this.

Once you step into the building you will immediately notice the efforts that went into making the space beautiful. From the large glass windows to the lovely paintings on the wall, Roots Restaurant and Cafe is indeed a beautiful place.

Take note however that not just is the space really beautiful, but the food is amazing as well. They offer continental and local dishes as well as pastries with various juice flavors. Their cakes are also lovely and you are sure to fall in love with it.


3. Kilimanjaro Restaurant

Kilimanjaro Restaurant is quite popular. They have branches across different states in the country and if you have not been to one you must have heard of them.

In Enugu they are located inside the Enugu mall at Independence Layout. So if you get hungry while shopping or you just feel like snacking, you can just walk into their space. In fact you must not go shopping before you decide to pay them a visit, they are really good and have amazing customer care.

They have a splendid seating arrangement and their food is nice.


4. Open Sharaton

Open Sharaton is situated at New Haven, Enugu. It is a fast food outlet with a different approach and that is that they offer their services based on meal courses.

When it is breakfast time what they serve is Tea with different flavours and any light meal to keep you energized and ready to face the day. It is quite nice that they offer different tea flavours so that you can make your choice and really enjoy your meal.

When it is lunch time, they also offer different foods that are suitable for lunch and they also have a different menu for dinner.

Here is a fast food outlet that believes that what we eat and at what time it is eaten can affect the day either positively or otherwise and of course they hope their services will help you have a more productive day.


5. Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is another popular restaurant that is well known for their Pizza. One of their branches in Enugu which is the one located at shop 23 & 29 Palms Polo Mall, Enugu also offer sumptuous pastries apart from their Pizza.

While it is true that they don’t have a lot of seats, the good news is that they offer take out so you can order take out and enjoy your meal in the comfort of your home or your office.


6. Octopus

Chinese food lovers, this one is for you. Octopus restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Enugu for sumptuous Chinese food. They also offer native food and for those who are adventurous with food, you can ask for a combination of native and chinese meals and your request will be granted.

When it comes to their space, they indeed got an A. They without a doubt achieved the oriental theme that they were after. Their walls are painted red and there are Chinese inscriptions on them. There are also lovely Chinese artifacts that were used for decoration and once you step in, the whole place screams class and elegance.

You can find Octopus restaurant at 21A Nza St, Independence Layout, Enugu.


7. Discovery Kitchen

Discovery Kitchen located at 96/98 Chime Ave, New Haven, Enugu is a restaurant and more. Every last Sunday of the month, they organize poetry readings and Karaoke sessions, so you see why we say that is is a restaurant and more.

They offer both African and international cuisine, specific delicacies for breakfast and can grant specific customers’ request. Their space is lovely and they also have a VIP lounge where you can just go and relax.


8. Genesis Restaurant

Genesis restaurant with over 23 branches is well known in the Southern and Eastern parts of Nigeria. They are situated in the centre of Zik Avenue, Uwani, Enugu.

Their menu comprises of international and local food. They also offer delicious Pizza.

When it comes to sitting arrangement, their space can even be used for short business meetings and get-together as it is quite spacious.


9. Crunchies Plus

Crunchies Plus is located at 96 Agbani Road, Achara, Enugu. One of the lovely things about this restaurant is that they have a kiddies corner where your children can go and have fun. You need not worry as the kiddies corner really has wonderful safety measures.

They offer lovely meals and different pastries, so whether you just want to snack or have a meal they will cater to you.


10. Chicken Republic

Chicken Republic is well known across the country. In Enugu you can find them at 145 Agbani Road, Uwani, Enugu. They are one of the restaurants that really give you good value for your money especially during their promo periods.

Their Chickens are well prepared and quite tasty. They also offer French fries, hamburger, mince pie, etc.

For their full meal, they have fried rice, jollof rice, spaghetti, etc. Pay them a visit today and your taste buds will be very glad you did.

The restaurants discussed above are some of the best restaurants in Enugu, although there are others you can start by checking out these ones. Also bear it in mind that new businesses are birthed always and there might be another great restaurant already on the rise but for now, you won’t regret trying out the ones we have mentioned.

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