Relocating To Nigeria From UK – Best Estate Locations

Thinking of relocating to Nigeria from UK? Here are things you need to know about your possible Real Estate needs.

One of the traits that has always defined man from the onset is the movement from place to another.
relocation to nigeria from uk
Most times these movements could be for pleasure, tourist activities, sightseeing etc. However, my focus will be on permanent relocation from the United kingdom (UK) to Nigeria. 

Relocating from UK to Nigeria

Without being prejudice, United Kingdom has some of the best estate in the world, with properties affordable for both high, middle and the lower class of their society, with the comfort one has experienced in the United Kingdom, the question now is, can someone relocate to Nigeria from the United Kingdom?  
These are hard times and one of the most stressful things for an individual (Single or with family) to do is to relocate from one place to another, it becomes more difficult if the said individual is relocating to Nigeria from United Kingdom (UK) or any other foreign country.
In recent years, I have read and heard people complain about the stringent conditions that they are meant to live with in the United Kingdom, one particularly expressed his grievances to me when he said that an individual who earns fifty thousand pounds a year, is likely to have savings less than two thousand pounds, because of the high tax rate, to him relocating to Nigeria from UK (United Kingdom) is his gate way to freedom.
However, life in Nigeria is not predictable, so for anyone planning on relocating to Nigeria from UK, should first of all outline the expenses.
That is to say the cost of relocating to Africa, the possibility to forego some level of comfort, the ability to adapt with what is obtainable here in Nigeria, steps has to been taken as well as adjusting to reality of things.
In as much as things not being in the same level with what is obtainable in most first world country, I can assure you that Nigeria has some of the best estates as well as properties for rent, for lease, for sale etc.
In addition, those relocating to the country, with little knowledge of the country’s best estate location, can always visit this website for the most preferred as well as the most affordable properties.
Nigeria, west coast of Africa has one of the fastest growing and improved economy in Africa in recent years, with these comes with the influx of people, both expatriates, tourist etc.
States have stated to develop state owned estates, sold at an affordable rates, but private firms now has the major say in the housing industry.
With over a hundred firms involved in the development of residential homes as well as offices, estates in Nigeria with all the required amenities are now in there thousands.
Demands for new homes, offices, work shops are on the increase, and the property on ground seem not to be enough to meet up the demand, however, with the right agency, any of the aforementioned properties could be yours for the taking.
Our job here is to provide you with the best services in terms of advice and also to help in the purchase of the property as need be.
Having little knowledge could count as a disadvantage, but with the right agency and manpower to help provide the needed information.
Anyone relocating to Nigeria from UK or any other part can easily navigate the process of securing an affordable accommodation in a nice location.

States With Some Of The Best Estate Location

To tackle all your Housing needs when it comes to Relocating to Nigeria from UK, we have highlighted some states you would wont to give a try.
1. Lagos – Lagos state, south west of Nigeria, has some of the best communities with affordable homes, lands, houses etc.
Never in short supply of expatriates, anybody relocating to Nigeria, and decides to stay in Lagos will almost not miss anything, with push locations such as Victoria Island, Lekki etc
2. Abuja – The capital of Nigeria, the city is located in the heart of the country, with the most beautiful as well as conducive environment one can ever think of in the country, this city comes second after Lagos.
Having experienced  some massive development in terms of estate development in the past 10 years, one can easily think he is still in the UK with push homes in Maitama, Garki etc.
3. Rivers State – Tagged the oil capital of Nigeria, Rivers states has the second highest number of expatriates in Nigeria, after Lagos, with foreign interest in Oil and Sea port businesses.
Rivers states sure houses some of the best estates, lands, offices.. etc in the country.
4. Enugu State – The past few years, Enugu has experienced some drastic developments, ranging from roads, office building and estates etc.
The state also trying in the aspect of estate development, with one also affordable lands in strategic locations.
5. Ogun State – Due to its close proximity to Lagos, Ogun state has recently improved on its infrastructure, with offices, estates etc springing up here and there.
Other notable location where anyone relocating to Nigeria can easily start up live;
Calabar, the capital of Cross Rivers State, Owerri, Oyo, Kano, Kaduna.


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