These are the Most Popular Devices in the US

Most Popular Devices in the US

Most Popular Devices in the US

According to recent data, the most popular device owned by consumers in the US is smartphone. 96.1% of US consumers have smartphones. Although this percentage is really high, there has actually been a 0.4% decrease from the number for last year.

The high rate of smartphone ownership in the country is connected to the number of cellular mobile connections. The figure for this stands at 353.5 million and this accounts for 105.9% of the United States population. What this simply means is that there are more mobile lines in the US than its population.

Other popular devices that are owned by consumers in the US are computers, which include desktops and laptops. 69.1% of consumers in the US own a desktop and/or a laptop. This is closely followed by tablets. 48% of US consumers own tablets.

The most popular choice when it comes to accessing the internet is computers. 76.4% of US consumers prefer to go online using their laptops and desktops.

Although the rate of ownership of these devices is still very high, there has been a little decrease when compared with the figure for last year. For computers there was a decrease by 5.7% and for tablets, there was a decrease by 4.4%.

Another popular device that has seen reduction in ownership rates are game consoles. The ownership rate of game consoles reduced by 6.3%. But the surprising fact is that the amount of time spent on games consoles increased by 16%.

Smart home devices have also had a 1% decrease to 20.7% ownership

Nevertheless, there have been some popular devices that have experienced an increase in the rate of ownership and those are virtual reality devices. Ownership of virtual reality devices among US consumers increased by 18.5%.

Other devices that have seen an increase in ownership over the past year are smart watches or smart wristbands, feature phones, and TV streaming devices.

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Ownership for smart watches or smart wristbands increased from 9.5% to 30%, while ownership for TV streaming devices went up from 0.5% to 36.7%.