Plasma TV

Plasma TV – There used to be a time when one would not be in a dilemma over the type of TV to get as there were very few to choose from.

Plasma TV

That is no more the case and gone are those days. Today there is a plethora of TVs in the market for you to choose from.

There are different brands, types, styles, designs to mention but just a few. Sometimes it can really be overwhelming trying to make a pick out of so many options.

If you find yourself in such a situation one of the ways to narrow down your search would be to itemize what you need in a TV or what you prioritize in a TV and start from there.

Enough said, Plasma TVs and their prices are as follows;


  • Samsung 32 inches Plasma TV: 80,000 NGN to 100,000 NGN
  • LG 43 inches Plasma TV: 140,000 NGN to 170,000 NGN
  • Sony 43 inches Plasma TV: 264,000 NGN to 300,000 NGN
  • Hisense 50 inches Plasma TV: 130,000 NGN to 180,000 NGN
  • Polystar 32 inches Plasma TV: 60,000 NGN to 80,000 NGN
  • Panasonic 43 inches Plasma TV: 180,000 NGN to 230,000 NGN
  • Sharp 32 inches Plasma TV: 65,000 NGN to 75,000 NGN
  • Samsung 43 inches Plasma TV: 98,000 NGN to 150,000 NGN
  • Sony 49 inches Plasma TV: 300,000 NGN to 350,000 NGN
  • Hisense 55 inches Plasma TV: 200,000 NGN to 290,000 NGN
  • LG 60 inches Plasma TV: 300,000 NGN to 320,000 NGN
  • LG 65 inches plasma TV: 420,000 NGN to 450,000 NGN
  • Samsung 55 inches Smart Plasma TV: 350,000 NGN to 380,000 NGN
  • Samsung 65 inches smart Plasma TV: 700,000 NGN to 780,000 NGN
  • Hisense 65 inches Smart Plasma TV: 330,000 NGN to 400,000 NGN
  • Panasonic 32 inches Plasma TV: 80,000 NGN to 110,000 NGN
  • Polystar 65 inches smart plasma TV: 400,000 NGN to 450,000 NGN
  • Sony 65 inches Smart plasma: 900,000 NGN to 1,200,000 NGN
  • Sony 70 inches smart plasma: 1,300,000 NGN to 1,800,000 NGN


Some of the most talked about and highly sought after types of TV are the LCD TVs and the Plasma TVs. Some persons might group them as one but they are different as they possess varying display mechanisms which are equally evident on the picture quality. The Plasma TV functions with a number of various noble gases in tiny compartments at the back of a panel of glass. Plasma TVs really provide high quality displays and is considered as one of the best TV types.

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Plasma TVs are really loved by many and the reason for this is not farfetched. The colors and display are very bright, clear and sharp so you get to really enjoy whatever you are watching. It is very easy to use and its sound output is simply amazing. Hence whenever you turn on your TV there is zero stress and 100% entertainment. You get to enjoy all your favorite shows and watch all your favorite movies and play your games with high spirits because you are seeing everything super clear and beautiful.

The wonderful thing about Plasma TVs is not just their brilliant display quality but there are other amazing features that make the TV very appealing. These features include its sleek design. It can comfortably fit in wherever you put it, whether in your home, office and other establishments. Plasma TVs are also known for their durability. They are indeed long lasting and will serve you for as long as you want depending on how you took care of it of course. In addition, they come in various sizes and are fitted with amazing features that you are sure to enjoy so all you have to do is select the size that you are comfortable with and that you can afford and you are well on your way to an awesome TV viewing experience.

Although Plasma TVs are considered to be on the costly side, the fact remains that you are getting really good value for your money as you will really enjoy the television.

So if you have come over to the Plasma TV side you’ll definitely be interested in the different brands that have the Plasma TV in their lineup of products as well as their prices. Have no worries, we are here for you in that regard and we have put together a list for you to look at to help make your decision making easier.

There is something you should know regarding Plasma TVs and that is that they are not as popular in the market as they used to be. This has nothing to do with the Plasma TV being of an inferior quality but that over the years new types of TV have been pushed into the market and people are generally known to move towards new trends. Nevertheless, Plasma TVs still boast of wonderful display quality that can comfortably compete with some of the new types.


Where To Buy Plasma

If you are wondering where you can get Plasma TVs, you can get them in gadget stores that still stock Plasma TVs. They can also be gotten from online stores. Like we mentioned earlier Plasma TVs come in different sizes, designs and there are different brands that have them in their lineup of products, hence there are bound to be differences in price.


We have pointed out a lot of good things about Plasma TVs which includes the excellent display. Even though other new types of Televisions have flooded the market, Plasma TVs are still relevant and will serve you well. Everything thing you are viewing on the TV is super clear and bright with the colors popping. They usually come with HD or Ultra High Definition. And the sound quality is okay, you won’t ned to strain your ears just to hear from the TV. There are even some variations of the Plasma TV that you can connect straight to your PC.

However, you have to handle your Plasma TV with much care because they are prone to Screen Burn and can break down if not handled properly. So be sure to read the manufactures manual, take care of the TV and your Plasma TV will serve you well.


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