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Panasonic Camera – There are a lot of camera brands available in the market, but if what you are looking for in a camera includes quality and great functionality then you should check out Panasonic Cameras.

The Panasonic brand is well known for producing a lot of gadgets, all of which are doing very well in the market. Their products are known to be reliable and very efficient, the cameras included.

The Panasonic brand were not always into the production of cameras but when they started, they went straight to the top and have remained there. This is because their cameras are simply fantastic. People are satisfied with it thus it is highly sought after.

There are different types of Panasonic cameras for you to choose from if you wish to purchase one. From the ones that very easy to use that all you have to do is just click away, to the professional ones that require a level of mastery to be able to use them.


panasonic camera

Some are even internet enabled so if you so wish, you can post your pictures directly to your mail or your social media platform. There are still types that allow you to edit your pictures or videos to suit you.

These camera types include digital cameras, the Lumix model etc. The different types of panasonic cameras are packed with amazing features that all work together to give you an awesome camera experience.

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  • Panasonic Lumix DMC LZ40 Digital Camera: 80,000 NGN to 100,000 NGN
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC GH5 Digital Camera: 850,000 NGN to 1,300,000 NGN
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ90 Digital Camera: 132,000 NGN to 200,000 NGN
  • Panasonic FZ70 Semi-Pro Camera: 90,000 NGN to 130,000 NGN
  • Panasonic HDC MDH1GC Full HD Video Camera: 400,000 naira to 480,000 naira
  • Panasonic HC-X1000 4K UHD Camcorder: 910,000 naira to 1,100,000 naira

Of course the cameras that are listed above are not all the cameras that Panasonic has in the market, they are the common ones. You can still check out their other products if you are not satisfied with the ones listed above.

There are some factors responsible for the variation in prices. These include the type and features of the camera, currency exchange rate, place and period of purchase etc.

As we have already said, Panasonic cameras are really wonderful cameras that will give you exactly what you need in a camera.

The reason Panasonic cameras stays relevant till date despite the fact that new brands keep pushing their products into the market is because they are really good and people are satisfied with the result that they get when they make use of Panasonic cameras.

Remember that Panasonic cameras are obtainable in various sizes, designs, shapes and number of Megapixels, so feel free to browse through the line up and get what you know will suit you best.

We equally pointed out that Panasonic cameras are somewhat limited of late. That notwithstanding, you can still get them in some gadget stores in Nigeria. You can also obtain them straight from the manufacturer or any of their distributors.

Another means of purchasing them is through online stores such as Konga and Jumia, which some prefer because you make the order from the comfort of your home and the camera will be delivered to your doorstep.



It is true that Panasonic cameras are not as readily available as was the case before, but they are still without a doubt one of the most highly sought after cameras in the gadget market. The brand is also working hard and making moves to ensure that their cameras are very much accessible to their customers.

Upsides Of Lumix Cameras

Let us go over the amazing qualities that Panasonic cameras are known for so that you can see that if you decide to go for any of them, you are indeed making a good choice.

Panasonic cameras are known for being of very good quality with a lot of amazing features that will make your pictures and videos come out excellent.

The cameras are also durable not one that will purchase today and tomorrow its already giving you issues. Panasonic cameras will last for you as long as you handle it properly.

And of course there is the fact that there are different types, designs and specs so you can actually select one that fits you perfectly and not just having to settle for one because you were not given the option of choice.

Downsides Of Lumix Cameras

One major fact that most people don’t fancy about Panasonic cameras is that they are not readily available. However, we pointed out earlier that you can make your purchase directly from the manufacturer or from any of their distributors in different locations across the country.


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