Microwave Ovens Prices in Nigeria

Microwave Ovens – The relevance of a microwave oven in today’s kitchen cannot be overemphasized. It has really made some tasks that used to be so difficult and time consuming, super easy and fast.

Examples of such tasks include reheating leftovers, defrosting, making some kinds of food such as popcorn, thawing frozen food items such as chocolate, dairy products, etc.

Microwave oven


Prices in Nigeria

  • Hisense 20 Litre MOWH Microwave Oven – ₦19,000
  • LG 20 Litre MWO 2044 Microwave Oven – ₦28,000
  • Nexus 23 Litre NX-9232 Microwave Oven – ₦27,500
  • Midea 20 Litre MM720 CE6 Microwave Oven – ₦16,500
  • AKAI 20 Litre MW 037A Microwave Oven With Grill – ₦23,500
  • LG 42L Microwave Oven Inverter MWO 4295 Microwave Oven – ₦67,521
  • Russell Hobbs Powerful 20-Litre Solo Microwave Oven – ₦35,000



Microwave Oven Specifications

The highlight of all these is that you don’t need to break your back to perform these tasks, all you have to do is to put the food in the microwave, set the right controls then relax and allow the microwave handle the rest for you and very fast too.

If you want to purchase a microwave oven either to replace an old one or you didn’t have one in your kitchen and you want to get it, there are a few things you should be aware of so that you don’t end up buying a microwave oven that will not serve you well.

This is really necessary as there are many brands and types of microwave ovens with varying functionalities in the market. We are going to discuss these important factors that you need to have at the back of your mind so that you can purchase the right microwave oven that will meet your needs.

Before you purchase that microwave oven ask yourself what exactly you’ll need it for and the type of tasks you’ll want the microwave oven to carry out for you.

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This will narrow down your search and you are well on your way to getting the right microwave oven for you. So decide on what you need the microwave oven for, whether for just thawing food items, baking, grilling or all of the above.

There are some microwave ovens that are specifically built for certain functions while some can perform more than one function. It is left for you to decide on which one suits you best.

To be able to get the best microwave oven for you, you also need to be aware of the types of microwave ovens or the method employed for cooking. There are conventional or traditional microwave ovens and there are the convection microwave ovens.

While the traditional or conventional microwave ovens function by giving out microwaves that will permeate glass or plastic containers and perform whatever function that you selected from the settings, the convection ones combine the microwaves and radiant heat to get the job for you.

Not just that the convection microwave ovens are usually fitted with a built-in fan so that hot air can circulate at a much faster rate, so your food is ready in no time and cooked evenly as well.

There are even some people who are of the assumption that a convection microwave oven makes food taste better. With all these additional features and functionalities it comes as no surprise to find that the convection microwave ovens are more expensive than the conventional or traditional microwave ovens.



You also need to take note of the size, capacity or volume of the microwave oven. This is very necessary so that you won’t end up purchasing more or less than you need or can manage.

For instance, if you are a baker then it is recommended that you go for a full or medium sized microwave oven. The same is also recommended if you have a large family or if you are catering to a lot of people.

For offices, hostel rooms and individual use, the small or compact microwave ovens will do just fine as is usually just for warming up food. They are of course not as costly as the full sized or mid-sized microwave ovens.

Bear it in mind however that the larger the microwave oven, the more energy it will consume. For instance a full sized microwave oven consumes about 1,000 watts to 1,600 watts, while a medium sized microwave consumes about 800 watts to 1,000 watts. But they cook faster than the small or compact microwave oven.

There is also the issue of space, so you have to buy the one that you have the space to keep and that will fit well in your kitchen or any place that you want to keep it.

Speaking of space, where you intend to keep the microwave oven is also a major determinant as to the type you should purchase. You can keep the countertop microwave oven on your kitchen counter and you can easily change the location as you please.

You can install the over the counter microwave oven in your kitchen range and there are the custom made or built in microwave ovens that are built to match your kitchen wall or cabinets.

Note however that they have different price tags with the built-in microwaves more expensive than the others. Next on this line are the over-the-range microwave ovens and then you have the countertop microwave ovens.

Microwaves usually have pre-programmed cooking modes for foods such as dairy, popcorn, eggs, pizza, amongst others. This is fixed on the food item and the power level of the microwave.

This means that you don’t even have to select cooking time or power level and the food will be done as fast as possible. This should equally influence your choice of microwave as you have to purchase the one that can cater to your needs.

Microwaves are really important appliances that every kitchen should have. They really make some kitchen tasks easier and faster. You have less to worry about as some even do more than defrosting and re-heating.


Proper care of Microwave Ovens

1. Ensure that you make use of microwave-safe containers such as ceramics, glassware and certain plastics. Aluminum foil and containers with metal trims are not to be used.

2. You should uncover the container you are using to cook in the microwave oven. However if it must be covered then make use of a microwave cover or leave the covered food vented so that steam can be let out.

3. It is advisable that you stir the food at intervals during the cooking time so that there will be fewer chances of cold spots when the cooking is done.

4. It is is important that you exercise caution when bringing out food from the microwave. Of course you know the reason for this, the container and the food is very likely to be too hot. Always keep kitchen napkins or gloves handy and use them to get food out of the microwave.

5. Ensure that your microwave is always clean. If you leave your microwave dirty it will affect its effectiveness and there is a high likelihood that food will be cooked more slowly and unevenly. In as much as you need to keep your microwave oven clean, do not use scouring pads, steel wool or other abrasives to clean it.

6. Avoiding switching on the microwave when there is nothing in it as this could destroy the microwave.

7. The microwave oven should not be used for sterilizing baby bottles or other food utensils.

8. Contact your doctor if you have a pacemaker so that you can be sure that it won’t be affected by closeness to the microwave oven.


Another Important Feature To Look Out For

Other features you need to consider before you finally make a choice one to settle for is the type of turntable.

You need to know whether it is static or revolving and if you are okay with it, the number and types of interlock, whether or not it has Child lock protection mechanism, automatic sensors etc.

With all that we have pointed out, you shouldn’t find it difficult to purchase the perfect microwave oven for you.

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