How Many Oreos are in a Pack?

how many oreos are in a pack

Who doesn’t know Oreos? They are among the best cookies to have ever been made. Oreos have been around since 1912 and judging from the way it is so loved, you can tell that it’s not going anywhere yet.

People have gotten quite creative with it and it can be enjoyed in different ways. It can be enjoyed in its original form and you get to relish the two slabs of chocolate with cream in between. It can also be crumbled up and included in a cake or a shake.

Some just dip it in their beverage of choice such as milk or coffee and have themselves a good time.

Now Oreos is not just versatile with regards to how it can be enjoyed, it is also versatile when it comes to packaging. There are different pack sizes and everyone has their preferred packaging.

If you are yet to decide on your own preferred pack size, you may want to know how many Oreos are in a pack. If that is the case, then congratulations! You are on the right page.

How Many Oreos Are In A Pack? Different Sizes

There are different types and sizes of Oreos. The type and size of Oreo you purchase determines the number of Oreos you will get. In some packs it might be as small as six Oreos and in some it might be as much as 48 Oreos.

We will now take a look at some types of Oreo and how many there are in a pack.

1. Singles

When you hear Single Oreos, these are the standard, original recipe Oreo cookies, without extra additions. The labeling does not have anything else such as Party Size or Family Size. It simply says Oreo Cookies.

A standard pack of single Oreos will give you 12 cookies in a single row and that is 36 for a whole pack.

The Family Size type of standard Oreos gives you 16 cookies in a row, bringing it to a total of 48 cookies.

You should also know that when you come to the size of the cookies themselves, that of the family size is a little bit bigger than the standard size.

2. Single-Serve Oreos

The single-serve Oreos are for those who want to buy for small snacks and it has just 6 cookies in it. The type of Oreos in it is the standard type. So if what you are looking for are the Thin or Double Stuf Oreos, the single-serve are not for you.

We also have to point out here that the serving size for any Oreo is three cookies. If you are going for the single-serve pack and wish to stay within its dietary recommendations, that means you’ll eat just half of it at a time.

3. Thin Oreos

And then there are the Thin Oreos. These ones are not as thick as a standard Oreo. In fact they are just about half the thickness of the standard ones.

Due to its thinner shape, it is perfect for those who want to indulge themselves whilst keeping an eye on the calories.

Since they are thinner, it does not come as a surprise that they are more in a pack. A pack of standard Thin Oreos comes with 40 cookies.

If you get the boxed type of Thin Oreos on Amazon, you are going to get 35 packs of four bringing it to a total of 140 cookies.

4. Double Stuf Oreos

As you must have guessed, the Double stuf Oreos has thicker cream in between the two chocolate cookies.

Due to its larger size, it is very understandable that there is a smaller number of Oreos in a Double-stuffed pack.

For the family pack version you get 10 cookies in a row, making it 30 cookies in a pack.

If you are going for the Party Size, then expect to see 15 cookies in a row, bringing it to a total of 45 cookies in a pack.


5. Fudge-Covered Oreos

Fudge-Covered Oreos are a great choice for chocolate lovers as the Oreos in this pack have chocolate all over it.

It comes in the same pack size as the Double Stuf Oreo. But there’s also a snack version of it which gives you 12 Fudge-Covered Oreos.

Did Oreos Get Smaller?

Oreos have been around for decades now and over the course of time, their packaging and number of cookies in a pack have changed. This is not surprising at all seeing that they have had to fight inflation while still trying to please their many customers.

Let us take some time to discuss inflation and how it affects products in the market.

Inflation results in the increase of the price of materials and resources used in production. This will then lead to a higher cost of production and manufacturers would have to make decisions on the way forward and what’s best for their business.

There are different options available to them one of which is to still maintain the product size and price. In this case, they will lose out on profits but still retain if not increase their customer loyalty.

Another option is to maintain the product size but increase the price. This way the profits will keep rolling in but there is the risk of annoying the customers.

When the new price is newly implemented, some of the consumers might refuse to purchase the product especially since they can’t see any increase in size. But with time, they won’t mind paying the higher price as the love for the product will always win.

There is also the option of maintaining the price but reducing the size of the product. This allows the manufacturer reduce the amount of resources needed for production, thereby maintaining profit even though the price of the goods was not increased.

This last option is a favorite method employed by food manufacturers as the consumers will rarely notice. Or even if they notice, they might think the reduction to be negligible. So the manufacturers keep making profit and the consumers think they are paying the normal amount for the normal quantity of product, not knowing it is less.

In response to inflation and in a bid to still remain in business, Oreo has changed the number of cookies in a pack from time to time.

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Where Did Oreo Cookies Originate From?

Let us take a trip down memory lane and learn about the origin of the famous Oreo cookie.

It all began with the emergence of a new baking corporation known as the National Biscuit Company, or Nabisco for short. This is the company that first manufactured Animal Crackers.

In 1912, Nabisco decided to make a new type of cookie and the rest is history.

We have to point out though that the original idea for a sandwich-like cookie did not belong to Nabisco. It was the idea of another company called Sunshine Biscuits.

Sunshine Biscuits had released their own version of a sandwich cookie which was called Hydrox in 1908. In 1912, Nabisco went on to make something similar and trademark it one year later.

We have to agree however that although the original idea did not belong to Nabisco, they did a very good job with the Oreos. If not for them, the sandwich cookie would not have been as popular and we would not have been enjoying the sweetness of Oreos today.

How Oreos Got Their Name

Many people wonder as to how the cookie got the name Oreos. Over the years, the name has changed quite a number of times.

At first it was Oreo Biscuit, and then it became Oreo Sandwich in 1921, Oreo Creme Sandwich in 1937 and Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie in 1974.

However, people just call the cookie Oreo. After all, that part of the name has remained constant.

You might be surprised to know that not even Nabisco remembers why the cookie was named Oreo.

Some people are of the assumption that the name was gotten from the French word for gold, “or”. They may be right as the original color for the Oreo packing was gold. There are also those who believe this to be true, describing the Oreo cookie as cookie gold due to how popular it is.

Some other people believe that the name came from one of the original designs of the cookie which was a hill-like shape. This set of people may also be right as the Greek word for mountain is Oreo which made sense for a hill-like shaped cookie. They believe that even when that design was changed, the name had already stuck.

Then there are people who believe that the name came from two different words; “cream” and “cookie”. “re” from “cream” and the double “o’s” from “cookie”.

Since there is no official account from Nabisco about the origin of the name, anything flies. Everyone who is curious about this just believes the theory they think is more likely.

Oreos Flavors

Oreos is quite versatile when it comes to flavors. Although the company began with the simple chocolate cookies and cream, it has churned out more varieties and flavors so as to better satisfy their customers.

Let us take a look at some of the various flavors of Oreos.

1. Fudge-Covered Oreos

The Fudge-covered Oreos are very popular amongst chocolate lovers. Released in 1987 on the 75th anniversary of the official release of the Oreo cookie, this type of Oreos is basically the standard Oreo cookie dipped in fudge. What you then get is a standard Oreo with a hard shell of chocolate all over it. Hmmm! delicious.

2. Double Stuf Oreos

The Double Stuf Oreos are also a very popular type and has been a huge success. $268.2 million worth of Double Stuf cookies were sold in 2017.

It was initially released in 1975 and the customers who wanted more cream were satisfied. A bigger version of the cookie was released and this was readily embraced by the cookie lovers.

The company also began selling the cookies to some restaurant franchises one of which is Dairy Queen, for them to add its crumbled version to their ice creams and shakes.

3. Gold Oreo

The Gold Oreo was released in 2003. It has chocolate as the cream and two golden wafers as the cookie. This was meant to be a limited run of a special type of Oreo but it became a hit and so remained in production.

4. Oreo Cereal

Just as is the case with most cookie makers, Nabisco tried making cereal from the cookie and the result was Oreo Breakfast Cereal.

The Oreo Breakfast Cereal are bite-sized Oreos that are thicker than the regular Oreos cookies. So now you can enjoy your cookies with milk for breakfast.

5. Oreo Ice Cream

Well, after selling their cookies to ice cream franchises to use in their ice creams, it is not surprising that Nabisco decided to try their hand on ice cream. And so, the Oreo ice cream was birthed.

It was first sold in Canada in 1986 but later made its way to the United States.

6. Holiday Variations

After Nabisco found that they could add artificial coloring to the cream, they began making holiday variations of the cookie.

There were Halloween-themed Oreos, Christmas Oreos in red and green, as well as many different colored Oreos. People have fun getting various colors to match their events.

The holiday variations are usually available when it’s time for the represented holidays. This way, people get to look forward to buying them during the holidays.

7. Thin Oreos

There were consumers who wanted less cookie and cream. Nabisco heard them loud and clear and so introduced the Thin Oreos. This has thinner wafers, less cream and is seen as a healthier option. It is also amazing for dipping in your milk or coffee.

Healthiest Oreo Cookie?

Although most people will think that the healthiest Oreo Cookie are the Thin Oreos, which is not the case. It is in fact, the Peanut Butter Oreo variety.

The Peanut Butter Oreo has lower calories, less saturated fats and sugar than the other variants. But you also have to know that it contains more sodium than the rest.

Are Oreos Kosher?

Oreos did not begin as Kosher because there was lard in its cream. But in 1997, they stopped making use of pig-sourced lard in the cream, officially became Kosher and more people came to love them.


In summary, the number of cookies you get in a pack depends on the type and size of Oreo cookie you are getting.

But the number of Oreos in a pack can change from time to time due to inflation. As such, you should not be surprised when that happens.