200 Heart Touching Love Text Messages for Him and Her

Love messages for him and her

200 Heart Touching Love Messages for Him and Her – I’m very sure that everyone at one point or the other must have heard of the term, love is a beautiful thing.

Well the truth is that indeed Love is a beautiful thing and everyone wishes to express true love. Loving someone and being loved by another person can make you feel fulfilled, complete and always full of joy and happiness.

There has also being a lot of misconception with regards to love as some people think it can only be expressed through material things but that is so far from the truth.

When two people are in love, they are connected not just emotionally, but psychologically and spiritually. So you see that Love goes beyond going for outings or showering the other person with material things.

It is a connection between two persons in a deeper level and every other thing is secondary.

The person that you are in a relationship with has to know that they come first and that they are a priority. They have to be aware that you will do anything humanly possible to see that they are happy.

Paying close attention to your partner and finding out the things that make them happy is a sure sign that you are indeed in Love. But if you do not show it by love and actions, they might not even be aware.

Therefore you have to really put in the work, so that they can know without a doubt that you are in love with them.

One of the way to go about this is by sending Love messages to your partner. Imagine waking up in the morning and picking up your phone and the first thing you see is a really loving text message from your partner. It is indeed beautiful as your heart will be full of joy and happiness.

In case you are not aware and you are asking but how does an ordinary text message evoke such lovely feelings. Well for one, it is not ordinary.

You are literally pouring out your love to the other person through the medium of SMS. It spices up your relationship and makes it interesting.

Now what will be topmost on your mind is how to compose the message. Don’t worry about that, we’ve got you covered.

We have put together a lot of sweet, romantic and lovely messages that will make your partner know that you really care.

By the time you are done reading all that we have put together, you will see that you are indeed spoilt for choice.

We have done all the heavy lifting for you, all you have to do is select anyone you want. Besides, they are quite plenty that it will take a very long while before you exhaust all the options that we have made available for you. Oh you are very welcome.

Without much ado, let us get into it.

Love Text Messages for Your Sweetheart

1. From the moment you stepped into my love, every thing around me blossomed. Everything about you is so special and you make me feel the same. You are my world.

2. Even when we are apart, I feel so close to you. Even when I don’t say it just know that I Love you with all my heart.

3. Your love has made me feel like I stepped on a rainbow. It makes me feel as though I am floating on clouds and that I have the stars on my fingertips.

4. Never have I loved anyone the way I love you. It is with every fiber of my being. You are my all.

5. When I am asked to define our love, I will say it comprises of Love, romance, care and support. I love you heartily.

6. My darling, I miss you beside me. Nevertheless, I can feel your presence and I can feel your touch. I love you sweetheart.

7. Your smile makes me smile, your laughter sends warm feelings throughout my body, your voice drives me crazy. My Love, I think about you all the time.

8. One thing I am sure of, my love for you shall never grow weary.

9. The best decision I have made in my life is falling in Love with you. It is one that I will never regret.

10. When I am awake, you are all I think about, when I am asleep all my dreams are about you. You are my angel.

11. You are indeed the only one for me. Your love is all that I need and none other. With just you, I have more than enough.

12. Whenever I am around you, I feel so peaceful. Your smile brightens my whole world. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

13. You are like a precious gem and I am very glad I found you. You being in my life has made me complete.

14. Come rain come shine Our Love will surely stand the test of time. No matter what is thrown at us Our Love shall always wax stronger, because we have each other.

15. Sometimes I only but wonder how lucky I am that you came into my life. From the moment our paths crossed everything about me has become beautiful. I Love you beautiful.

16. When the sun shines, it shines on our love, when the rain falls it falls on our love. This means only one thing, our love will keep shining and it will keep growing till our last breath.

17. My one desire and fervent hope is that I keep loving you, always finding ways to make you happy.

18. I make you a promise, that I will do everything possible, to be worthy of the Love that you have shown me.

19. You are my world and you are my world. Promise me you will always make room for me in your heart.

20. I will always stand by you through thick and thin. My love for you will never waver.

21. Beyond the physical, beyond the materials, whenever I am with you, I feel complete. You complete me my Love, you make me whole.

22. I understood the concept of love but with you all that have changed. I can boldly say I Love you because now I know just what Love is.

23. I find my thoughts always drifting towards you, I can’t help it and I can’t stop my self. With every second that passes, my heart beats for only you.

24. I am done searching because I have found the one and that one is you. I am yours for life.

25. Let me be your sun, let me be your rainbow, let me be your star, let me be your world, because you are already all these to me.

26. You are a priceless jewel and having you has made me the happiest person on earth.

27. Your voice is like a sweet melody that I long for and your smile is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

28. Thoughts of you keep me awake at night but not with worry, it is with so much happiness and joy. You are my missing rib.

29. Our love has made everything about us just perfect. You are the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and you are the last thought on my mind before I drift to sleep.

30. I just don’t love a part of you, I love everything about you. I am in Love with all that you are and all that you will ever be.

31. As imperfect as I am, you still love me whole heartedly. Because of your Love I know that no challenge is insurmountable.

32. From the moment I set my eyes on you, you took my breath away and I promise to love you until the day I draw my last breath.

33. It couldn’t have been anyone else my Love, we were tailor made for each other.

34. I see you even when I close my eyes. I just feel like we have known each other in another Life. Glad you are also mine in this life.

35. A wish I make everyday is that we will always be together, because with you by my side I already have the rarest treasure.

36. With every breath I draw I think of you. So you see I can’t live without you.

37. Just as U and I are placed side by side, that is how I hope that we will always be. I Love you with all my heart.

38. A promise I make to you today is that I will always do everything within my power to grant you all you desire. Your wish is my command.

39. I was aimless before, but your love has given me purpose and drive. You have flooded my dull life with a burst of colours. I have no other choice but to offer you my whole heart.

40. Your Love has remained through mountains, valleys and seas. I am happy you chose me to Love. I will also stand by you, come rain come shine.

41. My Love for you cannot be quantified. It has defied measurement because no instrument on earth can capture and measure the amount of love that I have for you.

42. People search a lifetime to have a Love such as yours, I will cherish it till the day I breath my last.

43. Just when I think I can’t love you more, I find out that I can still love you more. Loving you is like a discovery and I find more ways to love you with each passing day.

44. People say that Love is blind but oh how wrong they are, because every time I look into your eyes all I see is your undying love for me. I love you my sunshine.

45. I prayed for an angel and God sent you to me, you are everything I prayed for in a partner and more. I love you with everything in me.

46. You have never left my side, your love for me has never diminished not even for one day. Only few persons can love with such intensity and I am happy to be the one you desire. You are my entire world and I will cherish you all my life.

47. Stay with me my Love, don’t ever let go of my hand. You are my motivation and my reason to fight so that we can have a future where we will live happily ever after.

48. I Count myself very fortunate that you are in my life. Most nights I lie awake wondering what I did to ever deserve someone so pure and loving as you.

49. I now know the power of true love because I experience it every day with you in my life. I will go to the ends of the earth for you my love.

50. If not for your love, if not for your support, I would have given up a very long time ago. Thank you my Love for being my anchor.

51. God must love me so much, that is the only explanation I have for Him giving me such a big blessing as you. I will hold on tight to you my Love, because I do not want to loose the biggest blessing of my life.

52. I love spending time with you because whenever we are together, I feel whole and I feel complete. I’ll always love you.

53. I’d rather have your love, your warm hugs and your kisses, than all the gold and silver in the world. You are more valuable to me than the rarest of diamonds.

54. Just like a ray of sunshine dividing the gloomy clouds, you have cut through every sadness and disappointment in my life. You have filled me with so much gladness and Joy that I can’t help but be happy always.

55. I may regret a lot of things that I’ve done, but I have never had any reason to regret loving you. It is something I’ll gladly do, over and over again.

56. The Love that I have for you has surely defied gravity. It keeps growing day by day and even I have no control over it. My sweetheart, you make loving you so easy.

57. I can’t imagine life without you. I see you everywhere I go and in everything I do. You have infiltrated every part of my life as a super spy would and oh how I love you for that.

58. I will always hold your hand come what may. Whatever life may throw at you just know that I am by your side and I will do my possible best to ensure that your smiles will never fade.

59. When I say I Love you, it is not just an ordinary statement. It is a promise my precious. It means that I pledge my life to you. So I Love you.

60. You are the air I breath, you are the motivation that keeps me going every day. I can’t survive a day without your undying Love.

61. I see you as a precious and beautiful flower and my duty remains to water you everyday so that you will blossom to all that you are meant to be. You are a prized medal and I will do all that is in my power to earn you. I Love you with everything in me.

62. Some people think I am crazy, some people think I am drunk. Yes I am crazy in Love with you and Yes I am drunk with your love.

63. I am at my best when I am with you. Your love has birthed a whole new me and I am glad of the person that your love is making me become.

64. The Joy and gladness that you bring to my life is one that I cannot explain. You are an angel sent from heaven just for me.

65. I now look forward to the sunrise, because it means I have another day to spend with a wonderful person such as you.

66. When I am asked to describe my Love for you I am always short of words, not for lack of what to say but because there are no words to properly describe just how you make me feel.

67. I never quite understood what people mean when they say they have a feeling of butterflies in their belly. Now I know, because every time you look at me, smile at me, hug me and kiss me, that is the feeling that I get; butterflies in my belly.

68. If Loving you is wrong, then I want to be wrong for ever. I’d rather be wrong and have a love such as yours, than be right and not have you in my life.

69. You are all that matters to me, you are the one that I want to make happy with the rest of my life. No one else but you my love.

70. You are a work of art, a master piece. You are so precious, you are priceless. You mean the world to me.

71. The measure of love your presence evokes in me is indescribable. If I could get the whole world and lay it at your feet, best believe that I would do that in a heartbeat.

72. You in my life is solid proof that God loves me so much. I love you more than life.

73. Each time I feel like throwing in the towel, I picture your face, your smile and your laugh. That is all the motivation I need to keep going because I want to be able tp provide you with all that you will ever need.

74. I believe there is a piece of property that you did not know is yours forever. It is my heart, my heart belongs to you forever. I love you so much.

75. I always want to see you and embrace you because I need to remind myself that you are indeed real and I am not imagining you. You are so perfect.

76. I want you to know that you are always on my mind, in my heart, and in my thoughts. I always carry you along with me, every where I go.

77. I rest easy every night because I know that with you by my side, I can move mountains.

78. No matter the manner of poem I write, or the manner of song I compose, just know that nothing I say is enough to express just how much I love you.

79. Hold my hand and let us do this thing called life together. I promise you that you will not regret it, because we are so meant for each other.

80. In my darkest hour your love comes shining through, rescuing me and giving me hope. For that I am so grateful. Thank you honey.

81. You are not just my friend you are my best friend. You are not just my confidant you are my soul mate. It is me and you together forever, in this life and all the others to follow.

82. I have been such a fool to think that my life before you came into it was okay. Now I look back and shiver because I would have missed all the love, sunshine and colours that you have brought into my life without even realizing it. My life is so much better with you in it.

83. You do not have to stress yourself to keep me because as long as there is breath in me, I am solely yours. Material things will always fade away but the love I have for you will last forever.

84. Thank you for always standing by me my love. I do not take that gesture for granted and I promise to also stand by you whenever you need me.

85. I see you as my protector, my anchor and my safe place. With you I have experienced no heartbreak. You are indeed the sweetest of them all.

86. You mean the world to me, your smile and happiness is the fuel that keeps me going no matter what life hurls at me. I Love you my precious.

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87. After a very stressful day, all I have to do is think of you and all the stress disappears. That is what your love does to me and I am happy for it.

88. I want to tell you now, that meeting you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Look at how far we’ve come, it is me and you for life baby.

89. Even when we are apart I still feel your presence and your embrace. In your arms is where I always want to be.

90. As deep as the ocean floor, as high as the sky. That is all that comes to my mind when I try to describe my love for you.

91. I heard somewhere that you can only love once. How wrong they are! because with you I fall deeper in love every single day.

92. I Love you. So simple yet so powerful and full of emotion. I love you darling.

93. Our love is built on a very strong foundation. That is why I am not worried because with you, we can weather any storm and ride into the rainbow floating on clouds.

94. With you I understood the meaning of love and I will keep on loving you. I will never stop loving you and I will cherish you for as long as I live.

95. I don’t want to ever leave your side because without you I am nothing. You are the missing piece to the puzzle of my life and I am glad I found you.

96. They say that there are different parts to love and that loving the wrong person can destroy. In this case I am very grateful for our Love, for I know without a doubt that you are the right person for me to give all my life to.

97. Of all the people that I’ve met in my life, you are the one dearest to my heart. The gladness you bring to my life is one that I cannot put into words.

98. My Love, do you know that we are actually one. Yes our hearts beat as one and nothing can come in-between our love.

99. It is no more a secret that you are the only one I want to talk to whenever I am feeling sad, because your voice lifts my spirit instantly.

100. It is everything about you that drives me crazy, your talk, your smile, your kisses, your walk, everything. I Love you so much and wouldn’t change anything about you.

101. I don’t have any hard time voicing my opinion, but trying to describe how I feel for you always leaves me speechless and dumbfounded. I Love you beyond description.

102. I only hope you feel the same way I feel about you, because only then will you start to comprehend the amount of Love that I have for you.

103. Being in Love with you is not an option anymore, the feeling that I have for you is not one that I can just turn off. It has been nurtured by you and it has blossomed into something so beautiful. My life is all the better because of your Love.

104. The one thing that I am so scared of is losing you. Without you in my life I don’t know what I will amount to.

105. When we tell our children about our beautiful journey of love, I am sure that they will be very glad you walked into my life and filled it with sunshine.

106. I don’t have times when I want to be by myself, I want to be with you every waking moment and spend every minute of the rest of my life with you.

107. It is the fact that no matter what happens, we always find our way back to each other. That is the attitude of a Love that conquers all.

108. My life now has a whole new meaning and purpose because of you. You made me realize that I can be more and I can be better. Thank you my Love for never quitting or giving up on me.

109. I want to be everything for you, a shoulder to lean on and an anchor through all of life’s storm. I want to be the reason why the smile on your face will never fade.

110. I thought I knew what happiness and Joy was until I met you. You made me discover levels of Joy, happiness and peace of mind that I never knew existed.

111. I will always keep you in my heart, so that I will never loose you. I need you in my life forever.

112. People already term me crazy because of the way I love you, what they do not know is that even I can’t comprehend the amount of Love that I have for you.

113. I wish that this feeling of falling in Love with you will never fade, because it is the best feeling I’ve had all my life.

114. Whenever I say my prayers, I never fail to thank God for sending you into my life. You are the answer to my prayers.

115. I don’t need you for just today, I don’t need you for just tomorrow, I need you all the days of my life.

116. Baby I am drunk on your Love and I don’t want to get sober. I Love you my world.

117. All my life, I have never had a blessing such as you. Without a doubt, you are the one for me.

118. It is the confidence and assurance that no matter what, I will always have you in my corner. I Love you my angel.

119. Not even the sun can compare with the brightness and light that you carried with you when you came into my life.

120. You are the first thing that crosses my mind when I wake up every morning. I Love you dearly.

121. I never thought it was possible to fall in Love many times but with you I fall deeper in Love every single day.

122. Other people see you as just one person but that is not the same for me. For me, you are the entire world.

123. I think more words have to be added to the dictionary, because I am yet to find the word that really describes my Love for you.

124. Some say that Love can only be felt but not seen. Not with you my Love, because I see your acts of Love towards me every day and I promise to do same for you.

125. Even if I tried my Love, I can’t stop loving you. You are a very essential part of my existence.

126. Oh sweetheart, you are the Love of my life and I will never let you go.

127. It is how effortless it was for you to make my life so beautiful that shows me what a beauty you are both inside and outside. I adore you.

126. I find it hard to believe that you are real, sometimes I think it is my imagination getting the best of me. But then you must be real, because that is the reason my life has been so filled with sunshine and rainbows.

127. Thank you for being my person and for always being in my corner. You are the most precious thing to me.

128. Seeing your face every morning that I wake up is the greatest and best feeling of my life.

129. I cannot bear a moment of us being apart because you are like the air that I breath.

130. The Joy that you have brought me is so much and having it is what makes my life worth living.

131. No matter what is thrown at us, I promise to always stand by you and to never leave your side. Even we are apart, I carry thoughts of you everywhere.

132. My Love for you will never fade, it will never wither, it will never die. It shall always flourish and remain ever green.

133. I Look into my future and I see us getting old together, going through life hand and hand and for me it can’t get better than that.

134. Not even the greatest riches of the world, nor the most exotic places in the world can compare to the Love that I have for you. It is simply magical.

135. I will climb the highest mountain and swim every ocean if it means that I get to spend just another moment with you.

136. You don’t know how happy you make me. But my earnest wish is to make you so happy too because you are so precious to me.

137. I don’t know what happens after we die, but if there is a next life I will look for you and fall in love with you over again.

138. I was once asked the most precious gift that I have received in my life and without hesitating I answered that it was you.

139. I can’t imagine life without you. I Love you deeply.

140. Different people have different stories about their love life and their relationships but ours have been perfect and I have no regrets.

141. One of the luckiest and most blessed persons on earth is me. I was lucky to have found your love and I am very blessed to have you in my life.

142. You are the most beautiful human that I’ve ever set my eyes on. I will be such a fool if I lose you, so I’m holding onto you forever.

143. Time ceases to have meaning when we are together, because my entire focus is on you and you alone.

144. When I tried to keep count of the number of reasons why I Love you so much, I lost count. You mean so much to me, more than you can ever imagine.

145. The fact that I have a place in your heart, is the greatest achievement of my life.

146. There are so many amazing parts to you that I still get to be wowed every single day. You are a treasure.

147. You have so many beautiful qualities that it would be impossible not to Love you.

148. I am always filled with pride when we walk on the street and you are holding my hand. The feeling that engulfs me is that of one who has won the highest award and medal on earth.

149. Untill air leaves my lungs, and my spirit leaves my body I will never stop loving you.

150. Are you sure you are human ? because you are so perfect. I believe you were sent from above just for me.

151. Being with you everyday makes me feel like I am in my own little world; a world filled with joy, happiness, laughter, smiles and gladness.

152. There is no how I can survive a day without you. You are like the air that I breath.

153. I may be bad at a couple of things, but one thing I know that I am perfect with is loving you. I will strive daily to ensure that I maintain that perfection because you deserve nothing but the best.

154. I pray your smiles never fade because they are what keeps me going.

155. I know I am blessed, otherwise why would such a perfect angel be in my life.

156. Our life together is so good that sometimes I feel like I am dreaming. But if what we have is a dream then I want to be stuck in dream land forever.

157. God is so good and gracious; He knew I needed you and he blessed me with you.

158. There is none as beautiful as you in the whole world. You are not just one in a million, your kind is so rare and I am the luckiest man to have you.

159. I look forward to seeing you every day, just a look and a touch from you and all my worries melt away.

160. Never stop being happy because that is all I live for.

161. As long as I have you in my corner, I know that everything will be okay.

162. I will always try my best to shield you from all the worries of the world because you deserve to be happy forever.

163. No matter the distance between us, our Love will always remain strong.

164. Your heart is so beautiful. Thank you for bringing out the good in me, no one else could have done that.

165. I will give in nothing but my best, to make sure that you have the best that this world has to offer. You deserve only the best.

166. You fit me like a glove my Love and you compliment me so well. No one else comes close. are the perfect match for me and I know it from the first time I saw your fine face. Love you with my everything pretty girl.

167. All I want to do all day is to show you off. I want to scream from the mountains that you are mine.

168. It is as though I was just a lump of wood and you took me up and created a master piece. I Love you with everything I have.

169. I count it as a privilege that someone as sweet, kind and gracious as you is in my life.

170. Just as the planets revolve around the sun, so does my world revolve around you. You are my sun.

171. There is never a dull moment with you, you are an embodiment of Joy and it is rubbing off on me. You are my Joy bringer.

172. Love is a force so simple yet so powerful, I would know because your Love turned my life around for the better.

173. They change is the only constant thing in this world, but they did not take my Love for you into consideration.

174. When the angel of love shot an arrow into me for you, it went straight to my heart. And in my heart is where you’ll always be, there is room for none other.

175. I thought I needed so many people in my life to be happy, but with you I realized that One is more than enough.

176. Even when we are one hundred and rely on walking sticks to move around, one thing that will still remain very young and vibrant is my Love for you.

177. You may have different worries, but one of them shouldn’t be whether I Love you or not. Even if you are not sure of anything, one thing you should be sure of is my Love for you.

178. It is the little things that you do for me, that shows me that you care and makes me fall in love with you over and over.

179. Being in your arms and embrace is my very happy place and I don’t ever want to leave.

180. A promise I make to you is that all the Love and care that you have given to me I will never take for granted. I Love you sugar.

181. No matter how angry I might be at the world, one look from you and happiness floods my heart.

182. I may have made a lot of mistakes on life, but one thing that I know that I got right is falling in Love with you.

183. Hold my hand and never let go. Let us start a life together and I promise you it will be paradise on earth.

184. You are my inspiration and my motivation, you are my reason and I promise to make you proud.

185. Loving you is my life’s work and I am very dedicated to it. I adore you.

186. When you laugh I laugh, when you are happy I am happy so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say I will do everything in my power to ensure that you are always happy.

187. You are the anchor that keeps me steady through all of life’s challenges. I can’t live a day without you.

188. There are diamonds, rubies and other precious stones but none of them compares to how precious you are to me.

189. I pray everyday that our love for one another will never diminish. God has answered me because our Love keeps growing every day.

190. I can’t even stay angry at you when we have disagreements. I am madly in love with you.

191. I thank God that I ran into you that day, because I have no idea what my life would have been like without you.

192. Our Journey is one that has encountered a few bumps, but the tremendous Joy and gladness we have when we are together has surpassed all challenges.

193. I always have a hard time picking flowers for you, because I will just keep saying to myself but none of them is as beautiful and radiant as you.

194. I will move mountains and swim oceans just to be in your embrace. I will never let you go my Love.

195. I knew I was in Love with you when you became the only thing I ever think about. You are everything I need and more. I Love you.

196. There is one thing I know, wherever I may go, it is that the Love I have for you will never fade.

197. In this life and all the other lives to come, I am yours and yours alone.

198. As plentiful as the sands on the sea shore, that is how much love I have for you.

199. Just one look at your beautiful face and every storm in my life is calm.

200. As long as I still have you, I know that everything good will come. I Love you more than words can explain.

Hope you now see that you have a lot of messages to choose from. All you have to do is read through and select the ones that suits you best.

Like we said earlier we have done the harder part for you, just select the ones that resonate with you and keep the flames in your relationship alive.