Living in Badagry

Living in Badagry, Lagos


Badagry is a coastal and historic town in Lagos state, that is locate at the border between Lagos an Seme. As at 2006, the census reported that the town was populated by 241,093 people. Badagry was founded in the15th century on a lagoon off the Gulf of Guinea. It was a port for the exportation of slaves and a departure point for slaves headed to Haiti. Even now, the official religion of people in Haiti is Vodun and they worship a god that goes by the name, Ogun-Badagri.


Badagry is the site of some of Nigeria’s firsts and it is a delightful thing that’s we are sharing with you. Badagry, as the first point of the British colonization was the first place to have education, the first place where Christianity as a religion was preached and where the first storey building was built. Let us show you what Badagry is made of.


Schools in Badagry


If you are looking forward to send your kids to a good school in Badagry, then you’ve landed on the right space. It might be easy to just use your search engine to find various schools, but knowing the best would be a tad challenging. Nevertheless, worry no we’ve got you covered.


Here are the best schools in Badagry

Opeyemi Group of Schools.

Opeyemi group of schools is located at Ibereko, Badagry and was founded in 1982 by late Mr Timothy Akinlabi Olawore. This school has beautiful structures, equipped laboratories and has graduated student who now work and live in foreign countries.

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Some other features of the school include, boarding facilities, school bus for conveying students, professional, experienced and devoted teachers, and of course, affordable school fees. You should totally check this out.


Ascension College

Ascension college is one of the best private schools in Badagry. This school is located in a spacious and conducive environment at Imeke, Badagry . Apart from he fact that the school is known for its high standard, they also have some other features that has placed them in the high pedestal. They operate preschool, nursery, primary and secondary classes, they have boarding facilities, school buses, experienced teachers, laboratories and other standard educational facilities.


Javy College

Javy college is another top school in Badagry also situated in Ibereko. This school is approved by the government, maintains a good educational standard and operates preschool, nursery, primary and secondary school. Your kids will also enjoy quality education, use of a standard library and the services of professional teachers.


Market in Badagry


When a city has a market, it means that anyone ca thrive there. Badagry doesn’t just have a markets, she has a big and popular market, known for all its different trades. The markets in Badagry are Agbalata, Hunto, Verekete and Ajara. Agbalata international market has the lead of all of them.


The Agbalata International Market.

The Agbalata international market is one of the biggest, busiest and most popular market in Badagry. This market is populated by the Egun people who are known for farming, and animal husbandry.

The market is very organized as traders who sell a particular commodity have have their own space. There are also different items sold at this market, clothes, shoes, household items, foodstuff at very affordable prices that makes life easy for the inhabitants of Badagry, and many more.

One of the very popular items sold at this market is the Agbada mat. Its been known over the years and comes in different sizes. Other items you can find here includes jewelries, coconut, new and fairly used clothing items, and much more. The traders also boast of good results from trading in this market. They also realize that the closeness of the market to the boundary, makes sales better. When you visit Badagry, make a quick stop and buy yourself something.

Hotels in Badagry


Believe it or not, it is easy to forget about home and get lost in the Badagry Paradise. There are many hotels in Badagry as a result of the mass of tourists that visit but, we will show you the best of the bests.


Whispering Palms Resort.

Whispering palms is situated at Iworo/Adijo Town, Badagry, Lagos. The environment surrounding this hotel is serene, beautiful, green and peaceful. This place has amazing ambience, and is on a private beach with a breezy atmosphere, that calms you after going through the hustle and bustle of Lagos.

Whispering palms offers its clients exquisite customer service, comfortable rooms well fitted to standard and complimentary services. The rooms in this hotel are spacious, have complimentary bathrooms and toiletries, intercom, air conditioning units, fridge and a safe to keep valuables. The rooms are categorized into : The Standard room, Mini Suite, Rear room and Mini Executive.

As a guest here, you’ll also enjoy complimentary breakfast, the swimming pool for relaxation, a gym, a basketball court, access to the conference facility for work meetings, the on-site restaurant and cool drinks at the bar. You can also request for dry cleaning services, car hire, concierge and room service. Pack your bags to this heavenly escape.


Sycomore Hotels.

Looking for a comfortable place to rest while you visit the tourist attractions in Badagry? Sycomore Hotel is your best bet.

Sycomore has spacious rooms, air conditioning units, study desks, comfortable beds, refrigerator, TV with satellite connection, en-suite bathrooms with toiletries, adequate parking space, room service, recreation tennis court, a bar for both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, a swimming pool, gift shop, gym and even an event hall for meetings and events. Sycomore is located at Seje Road(Off Badagry-Seme Exoressway) Opposite Miracle Oil Service Station, Topa- Ajara, Badagry,Lagos.

As a guest you also have the liberty to choose from the different categories which are: Single, Classical, Deluxe, and Suite. Other services that you’ll enjoy includes; housekeeping, luggage storage, 24 hour front desk services, 24 hours electricity and optimum security.


Places to Visit in Badagry


Badagry is a town in Nigeria that holds a lot of history leading to the present day. This town cannot be forgotten, because it holds the relics of some of Nigeria’s Firsts. These places are some of the attractions you should visit when you go to Badagry.


Agia tree

The Agia tree fell at the Market Street. It became famous because it was beneath this tree, that Christianity as a religion was first preached in the year, 1842. This tree may not be there anymore, but the exact spot where the tree was located, is still known.


Slave Trade Relics

The chains and shackles from the days of the slave trade are being kept by the Mobee family. They lived in Marina and are currently the custodian of the relics and the stories from this time.


Verekete Shrine

This is the shrine where Richard Lander drank poison and survived, proving his innocence against the charges of espionage that he was accused of. He was brought before the priest, drank the poison, and he lived.


First of pair of Sato Drums

Ever heard about the Sato Drums?

1543 was the year Tosavi and Whensu, his son, brought these drums from the Republic of Benin. They brought it to Ajara Kunmo, where they were visiting.


The first Nigerian storey building

The name of the man who built the first storey building was Reverend Henry Townsend. He came from the Church Missionary Society (CMS) and built the structure in 1845. This building also served as St. Thomas Anglican Church, where Samuel Ajayi Crowther translated the Bible from English to Yoruba.


The Slave Museum

It is impossible to recall the history of slave trade in Nigeria, without mentioning Badagry. That’s why, this is where you’ll find the slave museum. There is hardly anything about the slave era that you wouldn’t find here.


The First Primary School

The first Primary school in Badagry was St Thomas Anglican Primary school. It was established in 1845 and afterwards, the first secondary school; Badagry Grammar school was built in 1955.


Some times its okay to visit funfaurs, the mall, and other places where you can have fun. Other times, especially when visiting a town embedded in the country’s history, you should try to visit those historic attractions. You’ll learn, have fun and relax. Pack your bags, let’s learn some fun history.

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