Lidl, a well-known German discount grocery chain is opening a store in Park Slope

This will be the first-ever store in Brooklyn by the Lidl grocery chain and it will open its doors and begin operation in 2024

Lidl grocery chain is opening a store in Park Slope

Every one now knows that Lidl will have their first-ever Lidl grocery store in Park Slope come 2024.

The space that Lidl is taking up which is at 120 Fifth Avenue by Baltic Street was previously used by Key Food. However, due to complaints by residents about the need to have easy access to very affordable groceries as well as housing options in the area, Key Food had to shut down operations in mid-2021.

Like we pointed out earlier, the German grocery discount shop is quite popular in Europe as well as in New York State and from every indication, the people in the neighborhood can’t wait to explore and make purchases in the new 25,000-square-foot shop.

Brooklyn Eagle has it that this first-ever Lidl shop in Brooklyn, will do well as the centerpiece of a huge new residential and retail complex that will open up in Park Slope in a little over a year’s time.

According to the CEO of William Macklowe Company, Billy Macklowe, having a community-oriented supermarket to fill up the space left by Key Food has been a priority in their discussions and partnership with the local civic leaders.

The William Macklowe Company are the developers running the project and they are very glad to be collaborating with Lidl to bring a new, full-scale supermarket that will make available to the neighborhood, high quality groceries at really affordable prices.

When people got to know about the fact that Lidl will be coming to their area, they were very happy and some quickly took to twitter to express their excitement.

One of them who has been wondering about who will take up the space was happy that it was Lidl, since the store sells at good prices.

Others who had visited the store in their other locations in different places were thrilled that now, they have one in their area that they can always go to for their groceries.

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Everyone is really excited about this store opening and there is no doubt that Lidl will do very well in this neighborhood.