LG Washing Machine Specs and Price


LG Washing Machine Price in Nigeria – These days life has been made easier and simpler and tasks that would have taken a lot of time and energy are done without even breaking a sweat, all thanks to technology.

We have put together a list of the highly sought after LG machines, their wash capacities and of course their prices.

Another fact to note is that there are a lot of washing machine brands in the market today, but the brand that we will be focusing on is LG. LG is a giant and a name to be reckoned with when it comes to household gadgets and electrical appliances, a washing machine is not left out.

LG Washing Machine Price in Nigeria


Washing clothes is one of those tasks that has been made very easy and less time consuming and this is made possible with the help of a washing machine.

Say goodbye to long hours of hand washing clothes and say welcome to an easy fast and effective way of doing your laundry with a washing machine.


Don’t have any doubt about whether the washing machine can handle your load of laundry because washing machines come in different types with different features so all you have to do is to make sure that you select the washing machine that suit your particular laundry needs.


Their washing machines promises durability, effectiveness, and reliability. They come in different types, models, styles, designs, colors, prices and are packed with different features. There is definitely an LG washing machine for every laundry need and pocket.

For instance they have the front loading washing machines and it comes in different washing capacities ranging from 6kg to 10.5kg and above.

These washing machines have low noise emissions, are very energy as well as water efficient and be rest assured that they will definitely get the work done for you.

There is also the twin loading washing machines, these ones come with double compartments for your washing and as they say, the more the merrier.

There is equally the top loaders and of course they also come in different sizes with different washing capacities, from 5kg up to 16kg.

There are a lot of varieties so that you will not be too limited in making your choice and you will get the best washing machine for you.

There is the semi automatic and the fully automatic as well as the washer-dryer. Whatever it is you want in a washing machine, LG provides that and more.

There are more reasons why you should go for LG washing machines and we’ll point that out for you.

LG washing machines are very efficient and effective and will give you a very good result, no doubt. They also conserve energy without tampering on the maximum performance you were promised, that way you don’t get to spend so much on your energy bill and your laundry will still be done perfectly.

In addition you have a variety of products to choose from, so you are not forced to make do with any washing machine that doesn’t have the features you would have.

You can make your selection from their wide range of products and you will find the perfect one for you. The same applies to the size and washing capacity that you prefer, all you have to do is decide on what you want then go ahead and locate it.

LG washing machines also come equipped with the 6Motion technology which is a function that makes use of six different wash motions to ensure that you get the best there is from a washing machine.

They equally have the Direct Drive motors with reduces the number of moving parts in the machine, it even comes with a 10-year warranty now that’s simply amazing.

There is the TubFresh technology which helps to keep your washer fresh and get rid of any musky smell.

The TurboWash technologies which makes your wash cycles to be very fast and saves as high as 20 minutes on each wash cycle as well as TrueBalance so that the vibration and noise will be reduced but you will still get maximum performance.

Before you make that purchase remember to take into consideration the type, model, wash capacity and size of the washing machine.

Most persons are of the opinion that price is the major determinant of the washing machine that they will purchase, but price is just one of the factors you should consider.

For instance you have no business buying a large washing machine when you do not have the space to keep it in your home or when you do not have a large laundry load.

So take all the major factors into consideration and make the best choice for buying your LG washing machine.



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