LG 32LB552R

The LG 32-inch LB552R TV is one of LG’s finest TVs and could be considered an upgrade to the LG LS3800 LED TV.

A notable difference between the two is that the LG 32-inch LB552R features a battery backup.


LG 32-inch LB552R Battery LED TV


The 32-inch LG LB552R Battery LED TV is readily available in Nigeria and can be purchased within the range of 63,000 NGN and 90,000 NGN.


As it is well known, the LG TV brand is not a newbie in the TV market, hence nothing short of wonderful is expected from any of their TVs and the LG 32-inch LB552R really lived up to expectation.

LG known for their creativity and innovation did it again with this lovely TV, delivering to you yet another TV with great picture quality, impressive design and of course back-up battery.

The back-up battery feature is really appreciated by many as it means that you don’t have to worry about power outage disrupting your favorite show.

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LB552R Display

The LG 32-inch LB552R promises to deliver a very good picture quality that will make everything you are watching look alive. A great contributor to this is the sturdy IPS panel that furnishes you with very clear and sharp images that you are sure to love.

There is also the Triple XD Engine that makes the colors pop when you are watching anything on the screen. It doesn’t end as there is a Picture Wizard III feature which allows you tweak the picture quality to suit you better.


Specs and Features

We have already mentioned the amazing back-up battery that the LG 32-inch LB552R TV comes with. It is so efficient that it can serve you up to one hour after a power outage. This is such a relief especially if you stay in an area where there is no steady power supply. Not just that it also comes with an energy saving feature which makes it very energy efficient.

That you are using the back-up battery does not mean that you will have to forfeit some channels as there is an integrated satellite feature to ensure that that is not the case. You will still be able to get your normal channel signals.

For those already envisioning how they intend to make the most of the back-up battery and wondering if they’ll be able to get another one when they need to, the good news is yes, you can get another battery to replace the old one.

This amazing TV also features a time-machine recorder so you can easily save your much loved TV programs to watch later.

Other features of the lovely TV include built-in MHL cable ports, AV and USB ports.

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