Julie Reiner to bring back Popular dive bar – Milady’s

Julie Reiner to bring back Milady's

Change they say is inevitable and sometimes it can be sad. So it was for the New Yorkers who were regulars at the legendary Soho dive bar – Milady’s, when the bar closed its doors in January of 2014.

Located at 160 Prince St, New York, NY 10012, the place was famous for their burgers and canned beers.

However, there is good news and that is that Milady’s is coming back! This is thanks to cocktail icon Julie Reiner and her team which comprises of Christine Williams and Susan Fedroff. They are credited with the opening up of Clover Club and Leyenda, and now they are bringing back Milady’s in September.

What to expect of the New Milady’s is an Elevated American-inspired fare championed by co-partner and Executive Chef Sam Sherman. Amazing cocktails will be created by Reiner in collaboration with Beverage Director Natasha Mesa. Get ready to be thrilled by awesome new creations and classics with interesting twists.

According to Reiner, there was really no plan to open up another bar, but when the opportunity came to bring back Legendary Milady’s, she couldn’t resist.

Although the official menu has not yet being released, there are talks about daiquiris to be referred to as snaquiris, mini martinis, highballs to be dispensed from a special machine, interesting Jell-O shots, and many more. As for the food expect dishes such as lobster tails, chicken fingers and oysters.

Word on the street is that the famed Milady’s pool table won’t be brought back, but that there will be a pool-themed art installation as a nod to what was an integral part of the bar. Whether or not the jukebox will make a comeback in the space is not guaranteed as well.