HP Laptops Price and Specs


HP Laptop Prices in Nigeria – If you are thinking of buying a laptop and you are wondering the brand to go for, HP laptops are a very good option you should seriously put into consideration.

On a global level, Hewlett Packard HP is a topnotch manufacturer of PC and computer accessories.

The best part is that HP Laptops have different stylish and slick designs, strong battery life, and a wide range of products so it is very likely that you will find something that suits you perfectly.

To make your decision making easier, below is a list of HP Laptops and their price.


HP Laptop Prices in Nigeria

Brand                     Price Range



Factors responsible for the differences in HP Laptop price

A lot of factors influence the price of a laptop. It will not even come as a surprise if Laptops of the same models have different prices, all these are as a result of the specifications and features of the laptops.

Don’t forget that your location as well as the shop that you are purchasing the laptop from can also influence the price.

Apart from the price tag on a laptop there are a whole lot of other factors you have to properly weigh before finally settling down on one and we are going to discuss them.

The weight of a laptop is one of the major factors that are considered when buying a laptop. While some persons may not mind a laptop that is somewhat on the heavy side others want very light ones.

It is just a matter of personal choice and the primary purpose for which the laptop is being purchased. So if you are one of those who are really concerned about the weight of a laptop and would opt for something light then you need to check out the ultrabooks and netbooks.

However, it is very likely that they may not support some advanced and high features so you have to ask the right questions and be very sure of the capacity and capability of what you intend to purchase.


HP Laptop Screen Size

Moving on, let us talk about the screen size. This is so fundamental maybe we should have talked about it first don’t you think?

Most times it is one of the first things that pops into a person’s mind when there is need to purchase a laptop and the reason for this is not far-fetched,.

It is where all the action is seen, whether you are typing, watching a movie, playing games, designing, surfing the net, doing school work, running programs, whatever it is at all you do with a laptop it is displayed on the screen so best believe when we say the view matters and it has to be one you are comfortable with.

You wouldn’t want to get angry every time you gaze into your laptop screen. So before you make that purchase you have to know what the screen size of the laptop is, and if it is what you will be comfortable with.

You also need to consider the processor which is like the power house of the laptop. Usually, Laptop processors possess lower capacity and power as the battery life is taken into consideration so be aware of the processor speed and be properly guided.


HP Laptops RAM

Now let’s go to the random access memory (RAM). This might not be considered to be a crucial determinant to whether you should purchase a particular make of laptop or not as you can easily upgrade the RAM of your laptop if you are not satisfied with it either by buying from the manufacturers of the laptop or from other trusted sources.

Nevertheless you have to know the maximum capacity of the laptop because motherboards normally have a limited amount of RAM stick slots which is very difficult if not impossible to exceed.

Let the focus be shifted to Hard Drive now as it is equally very important. People are usually very curious about the capacity and speed of a laptop.

You can find this out in RPMs or in how fast the drive’s spindle rotates i.e. revolutions per minute. Just know that the more RPMs, the faster the drive of the laptop will be.

When it comes to Operating System just choose one that you are comfortable with, weighing carefully the pro and cons, weaknesses and strengths.

A lot of people particularly in corporate settings go for the Windows environments. Just go for the latest version of whatever operating system you choose and one that accommodates all the software and hardware that you make use of.

Additional Hardware and Ports are normally found in laptops but a lot of ultrabooks and netbooks don’t have this, instead a separate drive is provided. Again it boils down to personal choice and what you intend to do with your laptop.


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