Why is Honolulu the Capital of Hawaii?

Why is Honolulu the Capital of Hawaii

Honolulu the capital of Hawaii is without doubt a very beautiful city. Every year a lot of tourists visit the city to get a taste of the tropical paradise. Its population is comprised of people from different parts of the world.

High rise condos are a common sight here and the restaurants serve mouthwatering and exquisitely prepared cuisines from different places across the world. We can’t also fail to mention the popular beaches where one can always go to relax and have a nice time. Indeed there is everything to love about this city.

If you are curious and want to know why Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii then you are at the right place as that is what we will be discussing in this write up.

We will begin by letting you know that the name Honululu means “sheltered harbor”. But before it came to be known as Honolulu, the natives called the harbor Kulolia.

In 1794 an Englishman, Captain William Brown of the ship Butterworth set foot in Hawaii and named the harbor Fair Haven. But over the years, the harbor has had different and the one that stuck was Honolulu.

King Kamehameha the III who ruled from 1825 to 1854 during the Hawaiian Kingdom’s monarchic era, made Honolulu the capital city of “Kingdom of Hawaii” and when Hawaii became a state in 1959, Honolulu was adopted at the capital of Hawaii.