Top 100 Get Well Soon Messages and Wishes

100 Get Well Soon Messages

Get Well Soon Messages and Wishes – A message can help your friend, colleague or family member who is sick feel much better.

Sometimes you might feel like there is nothing more to do since the doctors are the ones administering the medication, but a well thought out and caring message can show that you care and lift the sick person’s mood. Such a message should show care, hope, empathy, love and compassion.

We understand that some people might find it difficult to compose such messages and that is where we are going to be of assistance.

We have composed 100 get well soon messages that you can use. By the time you are done going through all of them, you are sure to find one that you will like.

100 Get Well Soon Messages

1. Knowing the strength that you embody, I know that you will soon be hale and hearty, and go on to smash those glass ceilings. Get well soon.

2. Downtimes do not last forever, so I assure you that this illness will soon be a thing of the past.

3. When you feel like losing hope, think about our love because as long as there is love, we can conquer anything even this sickness.

4. No one can replace you, or bring happiness and Joy the way you do. I wish you a quick recovery.

5. My earnest wish for you is that you get well soon and that you achieve all of your life ambitions.

6. I pray for you that your health and vitality be restored and that you get back your strength.

7. Do not feel discouraged and do not lose hope. We have won many battles together and we will also win this battle against this illness.

8. There is no how this illness will win over your soul or your spirit. I just want to remind you that you will always triumph.

9. You have been a blessing to us and I am wishing you a full recovery.

10. You are always in my thoughts and prayers, get well soon my darling.

11. My Love, I just want to assure you that every storm will pass. This sickness too, will soon be a thing of the past.

12. The world is a better place because you are in it, so get well soon because we need you in our world.

13. Stay strong for us and keep fighting. The medication is working and soon you will be completely okay.

14. Our lives are incomplete without you, every day we hold hands and pray that you get a fast recovery.

15. Chin up soldier! You have already won. This sickness cannot pull you down.

16. I just can’t bear to see you in pains, and I pray that you get well soon.

17. We are eagerly anticipating your recovery, and can’t wait to welcome you home.

18. Smile my precious, nothing can conquer our love not even this illness.
19. One thing I am sure of is that you will get better, so have no worries.

20. We cannot carry on without you so get better quickly.

21. Hang in there, the storm is almost over and you will back to your old happy self. I am wishing you a fast recovery.

22. Our Love can see us through anything that life throws our way, even this sickness. Get well soon my beloved.

23. The essence of being there for one another is so that when one is weak the other will provide support. Now that you are ill I want you to know that you have my support and that you can lean on me.

24. Nothing is the same without you and we cannot wait to have you back. Get well soon.

25. Even with this illness, you have proven that you have the heart of a warrior and that you don’t give up easily. I believe in you and I know that you shall overcome.

26. The fact that I have not heard your voice in a while really makes me sad. I wish you a fast recovery.

27. You have the strength need to beat this illness. I know you will emerge a winner. Get well soon.

28. I miss you so much and I know that you miss me too. Get well soon so that we can be together.

29. God never forsakes His own and He loves you very much. I am praying for you and I believe you will recover very soon.

30. If there is anything that I can do to make you feel better, please do not hesitate to let me know. You are very important to me and I wish you a speedy recovery.

31. The days just pass in a blur since you have been away. Recover quickly so that our lives can be full of joy and happiness like before.

32. It is only your body that is sick, your spirit has always remained undefeated and I know that you will not allow this illness to have the final say.

33. You have always been the motivation we need to keep moving forward. Get well soon because we really need some of that motivation right now.

34. Hey warrior! All our dreams will not come to fruition with you in a sick bed, so get well soon. We are all wishing you a speedy recovery.

35. I hope you are receiving all the love, hugs and kisses that I have been sending you and I hope that it makes you feel better.

36. The news that you are responding well to treatment was received with great Joy. We know that you will recover soon and then our Joy will be complete.

37. My wish and prayer for you is a very speedy recovery. Get well soon.

38. You have never been one to bend to unpleasant situations and this illness will not get the best of you. Get well soon Princess.

39. This sickness is only temporary, you will get well soon and we will live our lives to the fullest.

40. I really hope that you recover quickly and that all wishes come through.

41. If I could make it possible, you will never get sick but since it is not in my power I can only pray for you and wish you all the best. Get well soon darling.

42. Hearing that you are ill makes me wish I had magic powers, I would heal you in a blink of an eye. Get well soon my dear.

43. I miss everything about you, your smiles, your hugs, your embrace, and even your cooking. Get well soon my Love.

44. Our tomorrow will always be better so I know that when you recover you will be stronger than you ever were.

45. Each time I want to say my morning prayers, I pray for your health. Each time I want to say my night prayers before bed, I pray for your speedy recovery. I know you will get well soon.

46. You getting better and being your old bubbly and happy self will be the greatest gift to me.

47. With you around, I laugh so much that tears fall from my eyes. I can’t wait to cry tears of Joy when you come home completely okay and free from any sickness.

48. You are my soul mate and my better half, I am incomplete without you. Get well soon because you complete me.

49. Your presence fills me with peace and calm and when you are not around I really do miss you. Please recover quickly because I need you.

50. All I desire for you is fastest recovery and I believe that soon, we will see you hale and hearty.

51. You are important to all of us and it is our sincerest wish that you get well soon.

52. I will never stop praying for you till you get your healing. I am always thinking about you.

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53. You have always been by my side, cheering me on and I miss you so much. Get well soon my inspiration.

54. God’s promise is us is good health and long life and you shall have yours. Get well soon.

55. Your contributions to my life and well-being are so great that I will not be where I am today without you. So I pray and I hope that you get better because you are an angel that should not bear the burden of sickness.

56. We promised ourselves that we will wade through life together, be there for each other, and lift each other up during the rough and trying times. I promise you that I am here for you and I will stay by your side till you get well.

57. Everything is so boring without you and that is very understandable because you sparkle wherever you go. Please get well soon and return the sparkle to our world.

58. I sincerely pray for you all the time that you get well and get back on your feet.

59. When you recover and come back home, we will be waiting for you with open arms, an abundance of Love and a lot of chocolates.

60. You still have your life ahead of you, get well soon so that all your dreams can be actualized.

61. Everywhere is so quiet these days and we need your laughter and your jokes to make it lively. Get well soon.

62. Remember all of our plans and ambitions? We can’t achieve and accomplish them if you are sick so get well soon.

63. Nothing can keep you down, not even this illness. Recover quickly so that we can do life together.

64. I can’t even concentrate at work because I am thinking about you and hoping that you get well soon.

65. Coming home to your smile is like seeing a rainbow after a cloudy day. I need you to get well soon so I can have my rainbow back. Get well soon beautiful.

66. I go to bed each night thinking about you, but I am comforted because I know that when you recover, everything will not just be back to normal, but will be much better.

67. I know for a surety that you will beat this sickness. You are a warrior and a survivor, nothing can keep you down.

68. I’m looking forward to the day that I will see you completely healed, healthy and happy. Oh what a wonderful day that will be. Get well soon and be full of life again.

69. You are the only one I share my days with. Get well soon so that I can catch you up on all that you have missed all these while that you have been at the hospital. I really miss you.

70. My prayers are with you at this trying moment. Trust in God and you will come out triumphant. Get well soon.

71. Although you have been at the hospital for only a few days, to me it has been like years, time is really slow without you here. Please recover fast and return to me.

72. I might get mad at you sometimes but my love for you always supersedes all. Get well soon my heartbeat.

73. I smile when I think about you and I know you will get well soon to see me smile in person.

74. Never for once assume that you are all alone in this illness, we are holding your hand, we are here with you and we are praying for you to get well soon.

75. Over the years I have watched you grow strong and clear obstacles like they were nothing, I know you will survive this sickness too and that you will come back stronger.

76. I will never withhold my love for you, please get well soon and come back home to my love and embrace.

77. No matter how long or how much it takes, please do not lose hope. I want to assure you that you will get better and you will be back to your old self. Get well soon dear.

78. I wish I can make the medication and treatment work faster so you can recover quickly. Get well soon beloved.

79. I need to hear you speak again because your voice is like music to my ears and melody for my soul. Get well soon my dearest.

80. Everyone has been asking me if I am okay, how can I be okay when my source of joy and happiness is ill at the hospital. I can’t wait for you to get better so that Joy and happiness can be restored to our lives.

81. Even now that you are ill, all you think about is me. Please concentrate on getting better. I am here waiting to run into your embrace and feel your warm hug once again.

82. I am counting the seconds till you recover and come back home. Get well soon my heart.

83. I never doubted that you are a warrior and by the time you come back victorious you would have gotten another badge to attest to that fact. Get well soon my warrior, my champion.

84. We had a lot of fun together and now that you are ill, I can’t carry on without your jokes and your smiles. I need you so get well really quick.

85. When I found out that you were sick, it was as though I lost something important. Knowing that it is not possible to visit you at the hospital, really made me unhappy. But have this assurance that my prayers, and best wishes are with you. Get well soon my precious.

86. I greatly miss our talks and our walks by the beach. Please get well soon and come back to me my dear, I am waiting for you.

87. It is just as though time has stopped, waiting for you to get better. We can’t wait to have you back.

88. I pray that God’s light will shine upon you and that your healing will be wholesome and complete. Get well soon my Love.

89. Just know that I am getting everywhere ready for your return, because I know you will come back stronger. Get well soon.

90. If I could I would heal you in an instant, but we have to wait for your treatment to take its course. Get well soon my dear.

91. Do not give up! This illness is just another battle that you will win. We are eagerly waiting to celebrate your triumph.

92. Your laughter is music to my soul and I’m waiting to hear it again when you get well.

93. I know that you will get well soon and that you will go on to achieve all your hopes and dreams.

94. You have always put me first in all that you have done, now that you are ill I promise to do my best to make sure that you get well soon my darling.

95. I can’t wait for you to recover and be back to your normal self. We have missed you so much.

96. Your smile brightens up the whole room and everywhere has been gloomy since you got sick. Get well soon and bring back our light and sunshine. Love You.

97. I have missed you so much all this while that you have been at the hospital, I really need you back so that my life can be filled with sunshine again. Please get well soon and come back home.

98. I hope you feel my hugs, kisses and love. Take them all and get well soon.

99. You have fought and won many battles already, I know you will also triumph over this illness.

100. I really miss your voice and your boisterous laugh. Please get well soon and come back hale and hearty.