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Floor Tiles (Per Square Meter) [thisyear] – When it comes to the interior decoration of a house, every detail matters. Everything from the furniture, painting, lighting, drapes to the flooring, all play a vital role in ensuring that your house looks very beautiful and attractive.

Hence it will not be so good to focus on just one aspect of the interior decoration and then care less about the rest. For instance if you have very beautiful wall painting and then have very bad looking drapes or furniture, all your effort on the painting has gone to waste as its beauty won’t be noticed.

Floor Tiles

All the elements that you employ in the interior decoration of your house, work hand in hand, each enhancing the beauty of the other and the end result will be that whenever you step into your house, you will be so happy and relaxed.

Believe it when we say that there are some people who can’t wait to get home at the end of the day because of the peace and the calmness that their house gives them, and apart from other reasons for this, interior decoration has a big role to play in it.


Moving on, we are now going to discuss how much floor tiles go for. We will also discuss the basic factors that you have to take into consideration before selecting floor tiles for your house.

The price at which you will get your floor tiles depend on the type, design and size that you are going for. Usually, the type of floor tiles used for living room are more expensive than the type that is made use of in the bathroom or kitchen, although it all comes down to what you want because if you choose to use the same type of floor tiles in every room in your house, no one will stop you.

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You can purchase the floor tile of your choice from the manufacturers or building material stores across the country. You can also make the purchase from online stores or e-commerce websites.

Find below the cost of the different types of floor tiles.


  • Vitrified tiles 30×30 pack – 1,000 NGN to 1,500 NGN
  • Vitrified tiles 40×40 pack – 1,200 NGN to 1,500 NGN
  • Vitrified tiles 30×60 pack – 1,450 NGN to 1,600 NGN
  • Ceramic tiles 30 × 30 pack – 1,200 NGN to 1,500 NGN
  • Ceramic tiles 40 x 40 pack – 1,400 NGN to 1,750 NGN
  • Unpolished Porcelain 40 x 40 – 2,500 NGN to 3,000 NGN
  • Unpolished Porcelain 30 x 60 – 3,500 NGN to 4,000 NGN
  • Polished Porcelain 30 x 30 – 2,500 NGN to 2,750 NGN
  • Polished Porcelain 40 x 40 – 2,700 NGN to 3,000 NGN
  • Granite Tiles 30 x 30 – 5,250 NGN to 5,500 NGN
  • Granite Tiles 40 x 40 – 6,500 NGN to 6,750 NGN
  • Granite Tiles 30 x 60 – 5,500 NGN to 6,000 NGN
  • Granite Tiles 60 x 60 – 7,900 NGN to 8,000 NGN


As we have clearly pointed out, there are a lot of things you have to consider when decorating your house to ensure that it looks fantastic and amazing. However, in this write up, we will be focusing on flooring.

The flooring of a house goes a long way to add to the elegance and beauty of a house. It is very important and much care should be taken while trying to make a decision on the flooring of a house.

Today, there are a lot of options to consider when it comes to selecting a particular type of flooring for your home, but a very popular option is floor tiles.

Floor tiles are quite popular because people have come to love them. When they are used in a house, they make the house feel homely and cozy. It therefore comes as no surprise that you can find them in a lot of places such as offices, hotel rooms, service rooms, living rooms, malls, airports, event centres etc.

You can get floor tiles in various qualities, types, designs, and colours. Just as they are of different qualities, types, designs, and colours, they also have different prices.

Best believe that the floor tiles business is a booming one because there is a ready market for it. Just take a look at the amount of buildings that are erected on a daily basis in the country and imagine that kind of orders that will be placed for floor tiles every day.

The major concern when it comes to making use of floor tiles for the flooring of your building is just that there are a lot of options to pick from. So you might have a hard time selecting the type that you prefer for your building.

However, a helpful tip is that you have to consider the space that you want to use the floor tiles on before settling for a particular type of floor tile.

For instance, the floor tiles that you will use for your bathroom should be different from the one that you will use for your sitting room as you have to make use of less slippery one for the bathrooms.

This should help in your decision making of which floor tiles to purchase for which space.

Floor tiles are usually available in square blocks and they are produced from various materials such as ceramics and stones. The type that is very common in Nigeria is the type that is produced from ceramics and you can get them in different sizes.


Before You Buy Tiles

Like we pointed out earlier there are different types, designs, quality, sizes and colours of floor tiles available in the market and you might have a hard time selecting. However we are going to discuss some factors that when you put them into consideration, will help make decision making easier for you.

Tile Location: The first factor that you have to put into consideration is the location that is the space that you want to make use of the floor tiles on. This will give you an idea on the type of tiles that you should be looking at.

Tile Design: You also have to decide if you will want to make use of the same tile design in every room of the house or if you’ll want to explore the beauty in variety.

Budget: Finally be sure of how much you are willing to spend in the purchase of the floor tiles. This will help reduce the options that you have to check out before settling for one. There are less expensive tiles that are very good and that will serve you well. Just relax and conduct your market survey and you will definitely find something that you can comfortably afford and that will serve you well.


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