Most Expensive Districts To Live In Abuja

Most Expensive Districts To Live In Abuja

As we all know, Abuja is the capital of Nigeria, but that’s not the only thing that made that city popular. It is also the 10th most expensive city to live in Africa. If you are into real estate business, it would do you a world of good to invest in Abuja because it has high prospects in that area in terms of high price. Abuja is expensive not just for the fact that it houses the Nigerian government, it also houses a lot of administrative offices, international offices and embassies and a whole lot of top government workers and highly influential people.

It is normal for people to hike the prices of things once they see someone dressed like a ‘big man’. That is what happened with Abuja, I think. The high cost of living in Abuja is as a result of all the ‘big men’s that reside there, so it’s only natural to assume that no matter the price you call for a service they desperately need, they would always pay.


Abuja is divided into four phases and each of these phases are divided into districts. Phase 1 and 2 are more developed. If you want to invest in real estate, you will find expensive real estate in phase 1. In the event that you are so financially buoyant and you really don’t want to live in an area that is clearly beneath you. I’m sure you will be looking for an expensive place to settle, don’t worry, we have a couple of expensive districts waiting for you to come and spend your cold hard cash.

1. Asokoro District.
Do you know why this district is the number one on the list? You guessed right, it is where Aso rock is situated. Like, it is literally housing the Nigerian seat of power. To say that Asokoro is secured is an understatement because you can not walk two miles without meeting a security personnel. Other government offices in Asokoro include the Economic Community Of West African States, National Intelligence Agency, World Health Organization to mention a few. It is indisputably the most secured place in Nigeria, with good reasons of course.

The rent here is mind blowing.A plot of land in Asokoro, only one plot of land, runs into billions of naira. To rent a house, you have to own more than 3.5 million naira.
This district houses the wealthiest of people. You have to check how rich you are before you can plan to reside here. You have to be dripping wealth before you can afford to live in Asokoro.

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2. Maitama District.
Maitama is significant because it also houses government offices and commissions. It also has some highly recognized places like The Dome, Independent National Electoral Commission, Nigerian Communication Commission, the British Council, Transcorp Hilton etc.The streets there worth knowing are Murtala Mohammed way, Shehu Shagari way, Aguiyi Ironsi street and Gana street.

In this district, there is no chance of you running into a simple government employee because all the people living there are big shots. The creme de la creme of the society, representatives, legislators, high ranking clergymen, governors both past and present. If you are thinking of living in Maitama,be sure you are ready to spend serious money on not just rent but on buying household stuff for yourself and your family because the grocery stores in that place are very very expensive.


3. Wuse District.
If you are an extravagant spender, I’m sure you would love to live or visit Wuse district in Abuja. Not only is it a very busy place, it also has places like Bloomsbury Plaza, Quarter Cafe, Juice Place 2, among others. Places like Sheraton hotel, Wuse market, Ferma, Emab plaza, Rockview hotel, Silverbird cinema and others are also located here.

Wuse is very close to Maitama, so if you don’t fancy living in Maitama, you can substitute with Wuse. But before you jump at that, I would have you know that Wuse is another costly place to reside. You need to have up to 3 million naira to be able to rent a three bedroom apartment here. So, if you are prepared to spend that much money, then you are prepared to join the league of well to do folks that are living in Wuse. I hope you won’t forget that you will also need to take care of many other things aside rent.


4. Garki District.
Garki is a little removed from Maitama and Asokoro in comparison, but that does not mean that it is less expensive. This is the business place of Abuja and you will find some of the most expensive shopping centres there. Garki is on the southwest side of the city and the Central Bank of Nigeria is also located there.

The cost of accommodation in this Garki is high, depending on the area you are. A 2 bedroom flat is rented from 1.5 million naira to 2.5 million naira in a year. If you are looking for place to set up an office for yourself, Garki is a good place. The central post office is located there, as well as the Abuja international conference center, the army headquarters, and the air force headquarters.

5. Gwarimpa District.
Many people like Gwarimpa because it is not as expensive as the other places aforementioned. Average government salary earners can actually afford to live here since one can get a 2 bedroom apartment leased at 800,000.
It is believed that this area is the biggest housing estate in West Africa because it is the only district that has the sole ability to house all kinds of people. It is dominated by the upper middle class who wants a decent place that is not as expensive as Wuse and Maitama but it still does not mean that things are not expensive. We are, after all, talking about Abuja the incredibly expensive city. Even when you want to take your friends out for entertainment, you will need to spend a lot of money.

Gwarimpa is about 15 minutes to the business district that is in the city centre and about 20 km from the Abuja airport. It was mainly a place inhabited by people until business started to come up to cater for people’s needs. Businesses like banks and eateries have been established there so that people will not have to travel miles to get the services you need.
Inside the Gwarimpa district, there are small estates like the federal ministry of works and housing estate, FHA estate, Citec Villa etc. While Gwarimpa is developed, there are still some parts of it that are not fully developed or not even developed at all. The plots that are not developed have made that place a hotspot for real estate. When the houses in that district were built, there were people who were given the houses originally by the federal government, sometimes, they decide to sell the house and put it up for sale.




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