Elephone Phones

Elephone Phones – Elephone smartphones are gradually emerging in the Nigerian market today. They come with a sense of style.

With up-to speed processors and the latest operating system, you are assured of seamless running of your apps. You also have adequate storage space as the support large expandable memory card slots.

Elephone Phones

The clarity and details of images captured leave you satisfied. Elephone phones also have massive battery capacities that are fast charging.

With all these unique features and more, they are still very affordable and leave you with a wide range from which you can select. This post looks at the prices and specifications of Elephone phones in Nigeria.



  • Elephone E10 38,000 NGN – 95,000 NGN
  • Elephone PX 45,500 NGN – 52,000 NGN
  • Elephone A7H 40,000 NGN – 95,000 NGN
  • Elephone U 86,000 NGN – 104,000 NGN
  • Elephone U2 72,000 NGN – 100,000 NGN
  • Elephone U3H / E6006 85,000 NGN – 163,000 NGN
  • Elephone A6 Max 58,000 NGN – 73,000 NGN
  • Elephone A4 Pro 40,000 NGN – 90,000 NGN
  • Elephone S7 104,000 NGN – 150,000 NGN
  • Elephone C1 Mini 25,000 NGN – 35,000 NGN
  • Elephone P8 70,000 NGN – 255,000 NGN
  • Elephone S8 101,000 NGN – 145,000 NGN



Elephone Specs

Elephone E10

The E10 adopts 6.5-inch water drop display screen and provides a wide viewing horizon. You can turn your device into a mini television or game station and enjoy vivid visuals like never before.

It comes with Octa-Core processor and frequency up to 2.0GHz that offers maximum speed for your device operations.

It runs on Android 10.0 operating system and 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM that guarantee smooth gaming, online streaming, music playbacks and other functions without lagging.

This also provides adequate storage for large files. The storage space is expandable up to 512GB, allowing you save your files and videos on your phone.

The E10 comes with an amazing 5 rear cameras; 48MP main camera that offers 120 degree Ultra Wide-Angle, portrait and landscape effects. Its secondary camera is made of 13MP and combines the AI technology to capture more light and details, giving you that unique quality effect.

It supports dual Nano SIM so you don’t have to carry an extra phone around. It supports a powerful 4000mAh battery that allows you watch videos, play games, surf the net and stay powered up for prolonged hours. You do not have to bother about draining your battery as a single charge can take you the whole day.

The Elephone E10 along with its unique features can be gotten for 38,000 NGN – 95,000 NGN across Nigeria in several phone retail stores.

Elephone U

The Elephone U has a 5.99-inch AMOLED curved screen that offers wider viewing, compared to regular screens. Its 3D design gives your phone a unique appearance. It comes with a screen side bar where you can add or remove apps.

It runs on 2.0GHz Octa-Core processor in combination with its 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM storage that increases device performance and reduces power consumption.

It uses Android 7.1 (upgradable to Android 8.0) operating system that gives your device unequal speed and allows you run multiple apps without clearing cache or experiencing any lagging.

The Elephone U is equipped with dual rear 13MP cameras to capture brightness and color information. Who says you can’t take pictures at night?

With the Elephone U, you can turn the night into day and enjoy clearly lit images and save memories worth keeping. You can be assured of super clear, high quality and professional images with these lenses. Its front camera is an amazing 8MP that captures every angle of your photo in clear detail.

It supports a massive 3620 battery capacity to give you long hours of gaming, music playback, calls and chat time. A single charge can last up to a whole day without worries over apps draining your battery. It has 15W fast charge feature that charges to 100% in 1.5hours and saves your time.

There are two methods for unlocking the Elephone U: the face unlock that analyzes invisible dots and the fingerprint sensor. It gives you sole access to your device and prevents mishandling by others.
In many phone stores in Nigeria, the Elephone U can be gotten for 86,000 NGN – 104,000 NGN.


Elephone A4 Pro

The A4 Pro is made of glass and stainless steel frame. It has a smooth grip, fantastic design and unique gradient technology.

It comes with 5.85 HD+ top-notch screen display and a pixel resolution of 1512 x 720 to offer a wonderful viewing experience.

It works with Octa-core processor, 64-bit CPU and runs on Android 8.1 Oreo operating system that ensures device functionality and maximum speed.

In combination with its 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM, you have more storage space and seamless running of your apps. It also has an expandable memory capacity up to 256GB, so you do not have to delete any data.

You can capture any beautiful moment with the 16MP rear camera or the amazing 8MP front facing camera. Low-lighting settings do not limit image quality as pictures are sharp and crystal clear.

An additional feature of the A4 Pro is the Sideline Security that unlocks your phone in just 0.2 seconds. It allows you sole access to your device so you do not bother about unrestricted access to your device.

Its massive 3000mAh battery capacity can keep you powered up all day. You can enjoy long hours of gaming, calls, chats and video recording with only a single charge. It has fast charge feature and saves your precious time.

The A4 Pro is affordable and comes at a rate of 40,000 NGN – 90,000 NGN in several phone stores across Nigeria.


Elephone PX

The PX has a 6.53-inch FHD screen display and 93.1% large screen-to-body ratio. It offers you brilliant visuals and a comfortable hand feel. Its front and rear are made of glass. It has light and infrared range sensor to give you a wider viewing experience.

The PX is equipped with Octa-core processor that functions in combination with 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM to enable you run several apps simultaneously and with unequal speed. It also has expandable storage up to 256GB that enables you store any data no matter the size.

The PX has dual 16MP + 0.3MP primary camera and 16MP front camera to capture your beautiful images in clear details.

It functions with advanced GPU, image senor and other algorithms to capture professional shots , even in low-light conditions.

The fingerprint scanner feature can be enabled for quick unlocking of your device. You can also make payments and have sole access to your device with this feature. The PX makes life easy.

It is equipped with a huge 3300 mAh battery that gives you prolonged hours of talk time, chats, online streaming and even gaming. You do not have to worry about apps draining battery with the PX.

It comes at an amazing price range of 45,500 NGN – 52,000 NGN in several phone stores in Nigeria. You are assured of getting a good value for your purchase.

That’s all on Elephone phones.

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