Documents To Ask For When Buying A Land In Nigeria


Documents To Ask For When Buying A Land In Nigeria

Let’s face it. This is Nigeria. This is the place where it is most important that everything has proof and evidence. This is the place where there is need for legalizing over and over again to be sure of ownership.

If you have ever bought any property, you’ll know the processes involved in buying a piece of land in Nigeria. You will know the different stages you’ll have to go through before the property finally becomes yours. So trust me, there are certain documents to ask for when buying a land in Nigeria in order to verify the true ownership of the land being shown to you.


You need to learn to document information and also learn to request for evidence or proof of any transaction made before your attempt on purchasing the said property. The reason is that while you’re going about your legitimate business, there are fraudsters who are equally going about their business of trying to con somebody. Do not be a victim, ensure that before you buy a piece of land in Nigeria, you see these documents from the land seller


Proof of Mode of Payment

As a buyer, it is important that you are aware of the different options you have to pay the money for the land you wish to purchase. Reason being that cash is not on this list of options. When you pay cash you don’t have a proof of payment and so I’m thinking, if you have to sell this land, what will be the proof you’ll have to show that you legitimately paid for this land that you now own? There will be other documents and that is a valid point but you need this not just for the new buyer, but for yourself. You can either pay for a piece of land with a bank cheque, deposit slip or bank draft. This way you have documents proving that you paid for it. If you’ve read any of my previous work concerning documentation, you’d see that I also said to duplicate every document you make.


Another reason why you should have a proof of payment is that if any issue or conflict should arise surrounding the piece of land, cash payments do not legally hold water or have any solid standing. You’d lose. For the safety of your property and for the person who might buy the property, you need a documented proof of payment.

Family Receipt

Apart from lands owned by the government, there some lands that are owned and occupied by families that settled on the land before anyone else. These families usually have a land receipt that can serve as proof of ownership. If you’re going to be purchasing a land like this you should request for this receipt. The receipt usually contains the family name, the date the land was purchased, the place where this land is located, the amount paid for the land and the address of the family. This receipts will be given to you; the buyer by the authorized family head and the secretary of the family. Ensure that you get detailed information on that receipt. If you’re given a receipt and the information you see doesn’t align with what you have here, then there’s something fishy. Do not release payment. This could be a big bad fraud on the brink of succeeding. Do not let it. To be fore warned, is to be fore armed.


Deed of Assessment/ Conveyance

Remember how I keep saying that you need to document and duplicate? Well this is proof that I’m right and one day if you don’t, you’d be found wanting. The deed of assessment is a document that carries information about the parties involved in the current transaction and how the hands the land has passed before getting to the present hands. I hope you understood that statement up there. It simply means that even when you sell this property, you’ll document yourself as the last vendor before transferring the title to the next owner. So two people down the line will know who sold the land to who and how it got here. The document also includes the names of the family members who sold the land, name of the family head and a witness.

Valid Survey Plan

I would have written this first but let’s just say I like saving the best for later. A survey plan is a document that contains a detailed description about a piece of land including future plans on the piece of land by the government or previous owners. With a survey plan you can carry out a search to know what the plans for the land is for the future, the measurement of the land, if the land has any special features, if there’s a lake there; basically everything about the land. This is the one document you must ask for when buying a Land in Nigeria. It also gives you something to compare your own land survey with. It’s the one way to know if your vendor is trying to cheat you off some benefits or not.



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