Dangote Cement

Dangote Cement Today – Cement is a product that is highly sought after as it is necessary for the construction of roads, buildings, bridges etc.

There are different cement manufacturing companies that have released their product into the Nigerian market, however there are brands that are more popular than the rest, one of which is Dangote cement.

Dangote cement remains one of the well-known cement in the market and it is highly demanded. This popular cement brand is very strong and has been observed to dry up faster than most of the cements that are found in the market.

Dangote Cement

Just as is the case with most commodities in the market, the cost of cement is not steady and it tends to change from time to time due to some factors such as currency exchange rate, cost of production, Government policies, etc.

So bear it in mind that the prices we will provide are for bags of cement currently. They are bound to change over time and we will try to make updates as these changes occur.



Presently a 50kg bag of cement cost about ₦2,570, while a wholesale package that is 600 bags cost ₦1,500,000.

The above price is not the same everywhere in the country. There are variations with some locations selling at a cheaper rate and others selling at a higher rate. Places where they are usually sold at higher rates are in urban areas such as Lagos and Abuja.


Why costing remains unstable

As we have pointed out, the price of cements, Dangote cement included change from time to time and we will be looking into the factors responsible for this.

One of the main reasons for the fluctuations in the prices of cement is the volatile and challenging operating conditions and environments.

There is also the issue of power supply. Due to the condition of power supply in the country, cement manufacturing companies tend to rely on alternative sources of power supply.

Now the price of diesel which is what is mostly used to run the power generators differ from time to time, and this affects the final price at which the cement will be sold.

Other factors that influence the price of cement include, increasing electricity tariffs, currency exchange rate as well as government policies.

The above mentioned are some of the reasons why the price of cement fluctuate. Nevertheless, a lot of persons are of the opinion that cement should be less expensive and more affordable considering the fact that there is a ban on the importation of foreign made cement and that cement is produced in large quantities in the country.


Widely Favoured in The Country

It is true that there are other cement brands available in the Nigerian market, however one that is very much preferred by many is Dangote cement.

Best believe that the reason for this is not just because the brand is owned by the richest man in Nigeria and Africa. We will now move on to discuss the various reasons why Dangote Cement is such a huge success and why it is preferred by a lot of persons.


Products are widely trusted

For the successful marketing of products, trust is a factor that should not be toyed with. Nigerians and people from different countries that purchase Dangote Cement have come to have trust in the product.

The brand “Dangote” to many means that they are not going to regret spending their money and whatever they are purchasing will not dissapoint them.

The reputation that the Dangote brand has built for themselves is really one of the reasons why Dangote Cement enjoy a lot of patronage in Nigeria and across the African continent.


Almost everywhere

Whenever and wherever you need Dangote Cement in Nigeria, you are sure to find it. Just inquire about Dangote cement from any cement retailer and you will find it.

It is not scarce and is easily accessible. The Dangote brand is indeed on top of their game when it comes to distributorship in the country and that is not surprising at all. Not all cement brands can boast of this feat so that is a plus for Dangote cement.


Top quality

A lot of building and construction professionals in Nigeria will tell you without second thought that they prefer Dangote Cement to most of other cement brands and that is because this brand is of a very high quality. More so for those who are in a rush with their construction, the Dangote Kwikset Cement is a very good choice as it sets very fast.


Dangote Cement Distributor Packages: Getting Started

There are people that sought out this article because they want to know the current price of Dangote cement, and there are those who are reading this write up because they want to go into Dangote Cement distributorship business.

We have already talked about the prices that Dangote cement goes for in the Nigerian market. We will go on to provide tips on how to be a successful Dangote Cement distributor.

Before we proceed, have it at the back of your mind that Dangote Cement has a very generous and lucrative distributorship package more than a lot of other cement brand. Provided you have the capital as well as a good storage space that is a warehouse, then you have no worries.


Below are the requirements that you have to meet in order to become a Dangote Cement distributor.

a) Capital to acquire a truckload of Dangote Cement, which is 600 bags
b) Your company registration certificate as issued by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
c) A reference letter from your bank (scanned copy)
d) Your passport photographs
e) A written application detailing your intent to become a distributor for Dangote Cement

When you have all the document ready, endeavour to scan them. Next thing to do is to download the application form for Dangote distributors. After which you send your application together with the scanned copies of the required documents to cementdistributor@dangote.com.

The application you sent in will be reviewed and you should receive a response within a few business days.

Should you want to make the purchase in very large quantities and you want a discount, you are free to send a special order request to the email.


About Dangote Cement Plc

Whenever you want to talk about cement manufacturing companies in Nigeria, Dangote Cement will not just make the list, but be on top of it.

It was formerly known as Obajana Cement Plc has its headquarters in Lagos and is a subsidiary of Dangote Industries Limited.

The company deals in the manufacturing, packaging, distribution and exportation of cement and cement related products in Nigeria and across the African continent.

The company’s cement manufacturing plants are situated in various locations in Nigeria which are as follows; Obajana in Kogi state which is actually the largest cement factory in sub-Saharan Africa, Ibese in Ogun state which started operations in 2012, and Gboko in Benue state.

The Obajana plant alone manufactures 10.25mmtpa (million metric tonnes per annum), the Ibese plan manufactures 6mmtpa, and the Gboko plant manufactures 4mmtpa, which brings the quantity of cement produced by the company to a total of about 20.25mmtpa of cement.

If you are amazed by the above information, well, just know that is not all. Outside Nigeria, Dangote cement has manufacturing plants in Senegal and Tanzania, and plans are underway to reach Cameroon, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, and Congo. This is indeed a great feat and the company deserves accolades.

Dangote Cement Plc has indeed made a name for themselves and many feathers have been added to their cap. Despite that, they are not relenting in their efforts to ensure that they remain the biggest cement manufacturing company in Nigeria to cater not only to the need of Nigerians but Africa as a whole.

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