Clarks Men’s Shoe Price

Clarks Men’s Shoes – Shoes are more than just covering for the feet and a lot of attention is given towards selecting the right shoes to go with a particular outfit.

The need to choose the right shoe to compliment outfits is not the only reason why people spend a lot of time checking options before settling for one. Other reasons for this include comfort, durability, price, etc.

The shoes that one puts on go a long way in showing how classy and stylish one is. It even gives a glimpse about the personality of the person. Be sure to have all these in mind when next you go shoe shopping.

While there are many shoe brands in the market today, this article will be focused on Clarks Men’s shoes. They are one of the shoe brands that are really patronized and there is no surprise there as they are known to provide both comfort and style in their shoes.

Whatever the type of men’s shoe that you need, be it boots, slip-ons, casual shoes, sandals, men’s dress shoes, half-shoes, Clarks shoes have got you covered.

They have shoes for every occasion, so if you need shoes for work, exercise, casual outings, black-tie events, weddings, etc., they have something that you will like.

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Not just do they have shoes for every occasion, the shoes look very lovely and nice. Upon picking a Clark shoe you will immediately see and feel the high level of skill and craftsmanship that went into the making of the shoes. The shoes come in amazing designs and colours that you can’t just wait to try them on.

The many options that the Clarks Men’s shoes provide customers with is one of the reasons why they are really loved.

This coupled with the fact that the shoes are a perfect mix of comfort and style which screams class whenever you put them shows why Clarks shoes are loved by many.


Clarks Men’s Shoes

Below is a list of some Clarks Men’s shoes price in Nigeria that you should take a look at.


Clarks men's shoes


  • Clarks Banbury Mid – 43,000 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot – 35,000 NGN
  • Clarks Montacute Duke – 43,000 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 Leather Chukka Boot – 34,000 NGN
  • Clarks Trace Flare Nubuck – 43,000 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Chilvers Suede Chelsea Shoe – 40,000 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Desert Mali Chukka Boot – 35,000 NGN
  • Clarks Chilver Top-Dark – 75,500 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Zip Up Boot – 45,000 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Vennor Mahogany Leather Shoe – 40,000 NGN
  • Clarks Dessert London – 41,000 NGN
  • Clarks Dessert Boot – 43,000 NGN
  • Clarks Chilver HI GTX – 48,000 NGN



  • Clarks Black Men Clarks Loafers – 16,000 NGN
  • Clarks Classic Men’s Clarks Loafers Shoe – 11,500 NGN
  • Clarks Fashion Office Corporate Men’s Clarks Shoe Loafers – 6,000 NGN
  • Clarks Brown Corporate Clarks Loafers Shoe – 16,000 NGN
  • Clarks Fashion Office Corporate Men’s Clarks Shoe Loafers Black – 6,000 NGN
  • Clarks Smart And Trendy Casual Half Shoe Loafers – 16,000 NGN
  • Clarks Mens Plain Clarks Casual Loafers – 17,000 NGN
  • Clarks Croc Skinned Loafer Shoe – 15,000 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Casual Half Shoe – 15,000 NGN
  • Clarks Brown Men Clarks Loafers – 17,000 NGN
  • Clarks New Designed Brown Clarks Shoe – 32,000 NGN
  • Clarks Croc Skinned Black Clarks Shoe – 17,000 NGN
  • Clarks New Men Loafers Genuine Leather Shoes Casual Moccasins – 9,500 NGN
  • Clarks 2-in-1 Men’s Casual Half Shoe – 29,000 NGN
  • Clarks Wet Looks Corporate Lace Up Rubber Sole Shoe – 29,900 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Plain Casual Half Shoe – 17,000 NGN


Where To Buy Clarks Men’s Shoes In Nigeria




  • Clarks Clarks Classic Oxford Brogue Shoe – 30,400 NGN
  • Clarks Executive Men’s Shoe – 30,000 NGN
  • Clarks Corporate Men’S Shoe – 33,000 NGN
  • Clarks Corfield Apron Mens Formal Lace Up Shoes – 39,000 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Denner Limit Suede – 39,000 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Vennor-Walk Mahogany Leather Shoe – 40,000 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Swinley Lace Derby Shoe – 39,500 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Amieson Limit Leather – 37,500 NGN
  • Clarks Corfield Mix – 35,000 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Tilden Plain II Oxford – 34,600 NGN


Clarks mens shoes



  • Clarks Men’s Shoda Free Waterproof Slip-on Sneaker – 33,500 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Orson Bay Moc Toe Sneaker – 27,000 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Kitna Vibe Sneaker – 22,500 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Step Urban Mix Sneaker – 25,000 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Cotrell Lane Sneaker – 38,000 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Kitna Stride Sneaker – 23,000 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Un Lisbon Lane Loafer – 19,200 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Step Isle Lace Sneaker – 24,000 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Langton Race Sneaker – 41,500 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Un Costa Lace Sneaker – 29,000 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Un Rise Lace Sneaker – 45,600 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Step Isle Row Loafer – 16,000 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Jarwin Edge Sneaker – 30,600 NGN
  • Clarks Men’s Cotrell Style Sneaker – 30,000 NGN



  • Clarks High Quality Men’s Shoe – 19,000 NGN
  • Clarks Casual Men Shoe- 19,500 NGN
  • Clarks Grandin Plain Navy Leather Casual Shoes – 33,000 NGN
  • Clarks Exclusive Men Loafers – 18,000 NGN
  • Clarks Formal Half Shoe – 18,000 NGN
  • Clarks Executive Patterned Casual Shoe – 18,000 NGN


Where To Buy Clarks Men’s Shoes In Nigeria



While some people would say that Clarks Men’s shoes are expensive, it is better to go for shoes that will be very comfortable for you as well as long-lasting.

It wouldn’t be a nice feeling to wear shoes that will leave your feet hurting the rest of the day or to start looking for a cobbler to fix your shoe after you’ve worn it for just a few times.

That notwithstanding, the Clarks brand still has affordable shoes for you to choose from if price is a major concern to you and you can also be on the lookout for discounts from your favourite shoe store or e-commerce sites.


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