China Doors

China Doors – China is well known for manufacturing a lot of products that are used in a lot of countries.

The products they manufacture are of very good quality and they are usually less expensive than similar products manufactured in other places.

This is one of the reasons why they are doing so well in different markets in Nigeria. An example of their product that is greatly patronised is Chinese doors. Chinese doors are known to exude class and elegance, they are strong, durable, and will serve you well.

These days, people don’t just pick up random doors from the market when they go shopping for doors to make use of in their homes or building.

A lot of thought now goes into the selection of doors because they add to the beauty, class and elegance of a place apart from the basic function of securing and limiting access to a space or room.

Just as there are different rooms in a building, there are different doors that are best for those rooms. For instance the doors that are used for the living rooms are usually more fanciful than the ones that are used for say the bathroom or Kitchen.

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China doors will not be so highly sought after if they were not really good. They have all the features that you will need in a door such as durability, amazing design, and affordability.

China Doors

If you ask around about China doors, what you will get will be more of positive reviews. They are not overrated, but are really as good as people say they are. China doors are indeed one of the strongest and long lasting doors available in the market.

As is the case with the other types of doors available in the market, China doors are available in different grades, classes, designs and sizes.

This does not mean that quality is compromised in any of them as they are all of high quality and will no doubt serve you well. There are China doors for living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices and every other space in your building.

China doors have indeed made a name for themselves in the Nigerian market. This is because they are of good quality, quite affordable and readily available.

Like we pointed out earlier, they are of different types, sizes, designs and class, and as it should be, they are of different prices.

For example, most of Chinese steel doors are more expensive than Chinese wooden doors. This however depends on the type of wood in question.

If you came to this page so that you can know how much Chinese doors cost in the market, then the next section of this write up is for you.

We are going to list some types of Chinese doors as well as their prices so that you will be able to make an informed choice.

As we have already said, China doors are in high demand in the Nigerian market. They are strong, durable doors that will serve you well.

Another good thing about China doors is that they are cheaper than most doors and you don’t have to stress yourself jut to find them as they are readily available. You can get them in different sizes, designs, features, types and of course prices.

If you want to purchase China doors, you can buy them straight from the manufacturers or China doors distributors in various locations across the country. You can also opt to make the purchase from online stores and ecommerce sites.

Below are prices of some China doors for you to check out.


Prices : 30,000 NGN – 120,000 NGN

  • China Wooden Door: 30,000 naira to 50,000 naira
  • Watson Times Chinese Door 6 feet: 60,000 naira to 90,000 naira
  • Watson Times Chinese Door (4 and 5 feet): 60,000 naira to 75,000 naira
  • China Steel Doors: 32,000 naira to 55,000 naira
  • China Security Door: 65,000 naira to 120,000 naira


China Doors Specs

Bear it in mind that the size and thickness of the doors influences the price that you can get the doors for. For example, doors that have a thickness of 70mm are definitely going to be more expensive than doors that have a thickness of 50mm.

Other factors that influence the price of the doors include the strength of the material that the door is made from.

There are also other factors that have nothing to with the nature or size of the China doors, yet have a huge influence on the price that these doors can be gotten for in the market place. These factors include currency exchange rate, place and time of purchase, etc.



There are a lot of wonderful things to love about China doors which we have already pointed out, but we will go through them one more time.

Design: China doors are not boring. They come in interesting designs, colours, and style that you will even have a hard time choosing.

But whichever one that you end up choosing, you will find that it will improve the beautiful ambience of your space. Whatever theme you have in mind for the decoration of your building, you are sure to find a China door to match.

Cheap: They are of very good quality and yet they are quite affordable compared to other door of similar quality. This is one of the main reasons why China doors are highly sought after.

Easy to Install and Maintain: You don’t need to bother yourself about the installation and maintenance of China doors as they are very easy to install and maintain.



You have to be very careful when you go to buy China doors. Make sure you ask the right questions so that you won’t be taken unawares and be sure to make your purchases from a trusted dealer.

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