Cheap Suits in Nigeria

Cheap Suits in Nigeria – Suits are very popular clothing style especially with men. They can be worn to work, dinners, black tie events, etc. A well-tailored and fitting suit will of course make you feel very confident as well as comfortable.

Unlike some people love to believe, you don’t have to break a bank to get a good looking suit. If you really search carefully and ask the right people, you are sure to find amazing looking suits at really affordable prices.

Cheap Suits in Nigeria

There are people who are of the assumption that anything that is gotten at a cheap price is either fake or of low quality, suits included and that is so not true.

All you have to do is look in the right places and ask people questions and you will see that you can get suits that are made with premium quality materials and that has really neat finishing at really cheap prices.


Cheap Suits in Nigeria and the different types you’ll see

You might be surprised to also know that there are people who do not know that there are different types of suits. If you are one of those people who think that all suits are the same you don’t have to be embarrassed as you are not alone.

There are many people who are not acquainted with the different types of suits. It is important to know the types of suits because if you do not know them then you will have an even more difficult time choosing the right one for any event or work function that you have to attend.

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That being said, we are now going to look into the different types and styles of suits.


Round collar suits

As you must have guessed, Round collar suits are suits that come with a round collar. These suits have no lapel instead there are usually a line of buttons that go all the way to the neck. Typically, the number of buttons is as from three or more.

You might be wondering the best places to wear this type of suit to, well you can wear them for semi-formal or informal outings. Besides fashion lovers are sure to applaud you as this type of suit is quite unique.

You should know however that this type of suit is not usually stocked by boutiques or ready-made wears outlet. So don’t be surprised if you don’t find it in stores. But the good news is that you can get a designer to get the suit ready for you and even include other tweaks to make it look even more outstanding.


Tuxedo suits

Tuxedo suits in Nigeria

Tuxedos are a more popular suit type. They are also referred to as dinner suits, and are semi-formal suit types. You can tell that a suit is a tuxedo when you notice satin or grosgrain facings on its lapels and buttons. Usually you will observe that there is a similar stripe along the out steam of the trousers of the tuxedo.

Most times, tuxedos come in white, blue or black colours and are best paired with a formal shirt, formal shoes, and other cool accessories of your choice. Tuxedos are perfect for dinners, weddings, black tie events and other semi-formal events.


Double-breasted suits

Double-breasted suits in Nigeria

Double-breasted suits are those suits that have wide overlapping front flaps and two symmetrical columns of buttons. They are becoming quite popular these days and it has become a favourite of most persons.

Because of the way that the Double-breasted suits are made, they are best worn fully buttoned up. This is unlike the single-breasted suits that will still look okay even when left unbuttoned and that are quite easy to unbutton or button up.

Due to this peculiarity of Double-breasted suits, it is advised that it be worn to events that will not require you to unbutton them.


Single-breasted suits

Single-breasted suits in Nigeria

Single breasted suits are without a doubt the most popular type of suit in the country. You will not be wrong to call it “conventional suits”. They come with a single line of buttons or just one button and a notch lapel.

They are good for work as well as other formal settings. Unlike the double-breasted suits, you can leave the single breasted suits unbuttoned or just leave one of the buttons on.


Blazer suits

Blazer suits are similar to suit jackets, but they are more casual looking. It is very common to see blazers with navy-style metal buttons attached. It is the most favoured for uniforms and team outfits and can still be worn to other events. They come in various colours and are made from different fabrics.

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