Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan – Ceiling fans are very popular, they are well sought after and the market for them is steadily growing.

They can be found in a lot of homes in Nigeria as they are a very economical means of ventilating and cooling any space that you install them in, whether sitting rooms, bedrooms, offices, receptions, and other similar spaces.

They are available in various sizes, types and designs. As we pointed out earlier, there is a ready market for ceiling fans and they are highly sought after.

This means that a lot of companies will want to buy into the opportunity and the aftermath is that there are a lot of ceiling fan brands in the market today.

They are so much that unless you know exactly what you are going for, you might get overwhelmed and have a hard time making a choice because of the many options available.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are mainly powered by electricity but there have been technological advancements that have made a lot of products more effective and easier to use, ceiling fans included.

These days there are ceiling fans that are not just powered by electricity alone but also work with other power sources such as solar and batteries.

There are many reasons why ceiling fans are in very high demand in the country one of which is that it is one of the most affordable fans in the market.

Also since it is usually installed on the ceiling there is no fuss about the fan occupying space that you would have used for something else in the house.



  • Orl Giant 60 Ceiling Fan – 16,000 NGN
  • Orl MEGA 62” – 13,900 NGN
  • Ox Giant 60 – 12,500 NGN
  • Bianco Power 24” Ceiling Fan With Four Blade – 7,900 NGN
  • Ox Ceiling Cooling Fans – 10,000 NGN
  • SMC Ceiling Fan – 20,000 NGN
  • Ox Imperial 56 Inches – 9,500 NGN
  • Century 56″ Ceiling Cooling Speed Fan ORL – 9,500 NGN
  • Binatone 56″ – 17,000 NGN
  • Ox 25 Inches Short Blade – 9,500 NGN
  • Portable Multipurpose USB Rechargeable Cooling Hand Fan – 5,000 NGN
  • Flashlight Portable Hand Fan USB/Rechargeable Battery Hand Fan – 5,000 NGN
  • Ecool Solar Ceiling Fan – 28,000 NGN
  • Fan SPEEDLITE Rechargeable Table Mini Fan With USB And Led Light – 7,500 NGN
  • Mini Portable Hand Fan USB/Rechargeable Battery Hand Fan – 5,000 NGN
  • Ox 18″ Cooling Standing Fan – 10,800 NGN
  • Tornado Ceiling Fan 56 Inch – 14,600 NGN
  • Century 12″ Rechargeable Table Fans – 19,000 NGN


You can purchase your choice ceiling fans directly from the manufacturers or from trusted distributors in different locations across the country. You can also make the purchase from online stores and e-commerce sites.


QASA Ceiling Fan in Nigeria

  • 36 inches – 5,000 NGN to 6,000 NGN
  • 56 inches – 6,500 NGN to 8,000 NGN
  • 60 inches – 8,500 NGN to 9,500 NGN
  • 62 inches – 10,000 NGN to 13,000 NGN


OX Ceiling Fan in Nigeria

  • 25 inches – 7,500 NGN to 8,000 NGN
  • Imperial 56 inches – 7,000 NGN to 9,000 NGN
  • 60 inches – 8,500 NGN to 9,500 NGN
  • 62 inches – 9,500 NGN to 11,000 NGN


ORL Ceiling Fan in Nigeria

  • 24 inches – 8,000 NGN to 10,000 NGN
  • 56 inches – 8,000 NGN to 10,000 NGN
  • 60 inches – 9,700 NGN to 11,000 NGN
  • 62 inches – 10,000 NGN to 13,000 NGN


Century Ceiling Fan in Nigeria

  • 56 inches – 7,000 NGN to 8,000 NGN
  • 60 inches – 9,300 NGN to 12,000 NGN


Panasonic Ceiling Fan in Nigeria

  • 56 inches – 18,000 NGN to 22,000 NGN
  • 60 inches – 20,000 NGN to 25,000 NGN


Sonic Ceiling Fan in Nigeria

  • 56 inches – 6,000 NGN to 7,000 NGN
  • 60 inches – 8,000 NGN to 11,000 NGN


Bear it in mind that the variation in the prices of the ceiling fans is as a result of some factors such as currency exchange rate, your location, time of the year, the store that you are making the purchase from, etc. The features of the ceiling fans also go a long way in determining the price that you can get it.


Before You Buy That Fan

We already talked about how there are so many ceiling fans in the market that if you do not know exactly what you want, you might have a hard time making a choice.

At the same time, it is not advisable to just buy anyone that you see without being aware of the features and functionality of the fan.

This is why we are going to discuss some factors that you should put into consideration when you want to purchase a ceiling fan so that you can get one that will suit you perfectly and give you exactly what you need in a ceiling fan.

The size of the fan: The size of the room where you want to install the fan should give you an idea about the size of ceiling fan to go for. It makes sense that a big room will need a big sized ceiling fan.

Noise: Some make noise when they are in use. If you know you will not be comfortable with it, it is best that you make sure that the one you want to purchase does not make such noise.

Budget: The budget factor is very important. After all, you can only buy what you can afford. When you have a budget, it helps to streamline your options so that you go for exactly what you can purchase.

Brand: Some people already have favorite brands for different products. However if you do not have a favourite brand for ceiling fans, you can consider going for popular ones. Usually brands are that popular because of how much people trust them and they won’t be trusted if they are not of good quality.

Also consider the motor type of the one that you want to go for.

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