How To Take Care Of Your Washing Machine

How To Take Care Of Your Washing Machine

While the washing machine is not a household appliance that is in regular use as much as others such as the television, you still have to take care of it so that those times when it is in use, it will be very effective and give you very good results.

It wouldn’t be nice if you have already planned to do your laundry at a particular day in the week and you have kept all your dirty clothes to wash them on that day and when that day finally arrives you notice that your washing machine is not performing well.

As it is often said, a stitch in time saves nine so to avoid your washing machine breaking down and not being of any use, it is best you properly take care of it.

In this article we will be discussing the different ways that you can handle and take care of your washing machine to ensure that it is always in good working condition and that your laundry is done perfectly.

The first thing that you should know about handling your washing machine properly is that you should not overload the washer.

Every washing machine has a weight load capacity and it is best to not exceed that. If the clothes that you want to wash are too much then the way that you can go around it is to wash in batches.

Remember not to wash white clothes together with colored clothes so that there won’t be discoloration. It is also recommended that you separate soft clothes from heavy clothes and wash them separately too.

If you continually overload your washer, there is a high tendency that your washing machine will develop faults and not give clean clothes at the end of your wash.

The next thing you should know on how to take care of your washing machine is that you shouldn’t spill detergent, fabric conditioner or any chemical used for washing on the washing machine and when you do then clean it up immediately.

You might wonder what these washing chemicals could possibly do to your washing machine, but these chemicals have some corrosive properties and will damage your washing machine eventually if you do not clean up the spills.

In case you are wondering about the chemicals you put into the washer for washing the clothes, well that is why it is recommended that you clean your machine after every wash by spinning water around the washer and draining it when you are done. You can even do it twice if you choose.

Moving on, drain water from the washing machine as soon as you are done with every wash.

Some people are in the habit of leaving dirty water in the washer for a long while after they are done washing and that is not proper.

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Even if you are of the opinion that you will later drain the water from the washing machine as it’s not like you are going to leave the water for days, the fact remains that when you have taken your sweet time and later decide to drain, your washer will have a musty smell that will stick to your clothes upon your next wash.

Of course you wouldn’t want that as everyone wants their washing machine to give them very clean clothes at the end of every wash. So for the good of your washing machine and for the good of your clothes, drain the water from the washing machine as soon as you are done with your wash.

In addition, you can leave the washer ajar for a while so that it can air dry and water residue will be handled properly, but if your environment is very cold then you can wipe the washer with a cloth so that the water residue in the machine will not freeze and affect the effectiveness of your washing machine.

Once in a while, do a thorough cleanup of the washing machine. Make sure all the parts of the washing machine that you can reach are thoroughly clean particularly the filter.

After you have used your used your washing machine for a while, the water pressure might drop and while some people might not consider this as something worth fixing, you really should look into it because it will lead to waste of water.

To fix this is not that big of a deal as a lot of times it is caused by an unclean or clogged filter and to handle this, remove the cold water hose from the appliance and that hole you removed the hose from, that’s where the filter is.

You can bring it out using tweezers and then proceed to clean it up until you get rid of everything that was clogging it, fix it back into the machine and replace the water hose and voila you are good to go.

Finally, handle your washing machine with care, do not handle it roughly. Follow the instructions in the manual and you’ll definitely get the best out of your washing machine.

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