Blackview Phones Price and Specifications


Blackview Phones Price in Nigeria – Blackview is a rising brand in the Nigerian market today. Its smartphones are definitely here to stay. It offers top-notch designs, swift processors, high quality images and so many amazing features.

They come in different specifications, operating system and display sizes. You do not have to break the bank with Blackview smartphones as they are pocket-friendly.

In this post, we will take a look at various Blackview phones price and specifications in Nigeria. They include:


Blackview Phones Price in Nigeria


Blackview A60 PRO

The A60 PRO has a 6.1-inch IPS display that offers exceptionally vibrant colors and peculiar clarity. Its beauty reflects nature in the form of a water droplet. It is designed with a slim curve to give you a comfortable hand feel.

It runs on Android 8.1 operating system and has a chipset of MT6761V/WB, 4X Cortex-A53, 4 x 2.0GHz. This enables unequal speed and prevents lagging as you alternate between several applications.

It has a storage capacity of 16GB ROM + 1GB RAM for speed and seamless running of your device. It is dual SIM enabled and has an expandable memory card up to 128 GB for endless storing of your files.

The A60 PRO has 5MP front facing camera that captures clearer details in terms of skin tone and lighting environment, giving you more beautiful images than ever. With its 13MP dual rear cameras and PDAF technology, you can get life-like shots in clear details.

You can capture fleeting moments and have wonderful memories. The A60 PRO comes with a massive 4080mAh battery that keeps your apps running all day long.

The AI technology stops inactive applications and conserves energy. You get to enjoy longer talk time, chats, gaming and listening to music without worrying about battery draining.

In various phone stores across Nigeria, the A60 PRO can be sold for 31,500 naira – 55,000 naira.


Blackview BV6100

The BV6100 has dual Gorilla glass design, elegantly made to impress. The rear glass has a mirror design that shows cutting edge reflections. It has a 6.88 inch in-cell display with IPS screen to offer wide viewing television-like viewing.

It is two times stronger than regular Gorilla glass phones.

It operates with Quad-core 2.0GHz processor that offers super-fast and smooth phone operations. In combination with its gigantic 3GB RAM+16GB ROM, you get to enjoy lightning speed and switch between apps without lagging.

You can play games seamlessly without worrying about apps freezing. It supports up to 128GB microSD card, so you do not have to worry about running out of storage space.

The BV6100 has 4 mode positioning system; GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou. These channels coordinate over 100 satellites and scan your location over 24 hours, giving you improved navigation system.

You can keep track of your device at any location and help track your device in any eventuality. The Bluetooth 5.0 feature is enabled for power consumption, combined with Wi-Fi, you can achieve less than 1m positioning.

The 5580mAh massive battery of BV6100 keeps you powered all day with just a single charge. It offers prolonged hours of talk and standby time, gaming, playlists and video recording. You can enjoy a quick weekend getaway without worrying about charging and still stay powered up.

It has 5.0MP front facing camera that enhances your selfies, and make your images more beautiful. With various beautification levels, you can soften or brighten skin tones, enhance eyes and remove blemishes, giving you the perfect picture.

Its rear camera sports dual 8.0MP + 0.3MP which function with the AI technology to capture images in details, even in low-lighting conditions. It has underwater camera feature that allows you enjoy a whole new world of photography.

It also has fingerprint unlock feature that provides an easy way of unlocking your phone so you don’t have to worry about remembering long codes. This feature also gives added security to your device and prevents mishandling.

The BV6100 can be gotten for 77,000 naira – 126,000 naira at various online and contemporary retail stores across the country.


Blackview BV5500 PRO

The BV5500 PRO is rugged and built to last. It comes with 5.5-inch HD+ IPS display for enhanced viewing experience.
You can multitask and alternate between apps with the Quad Core 4*1.5GHz processor. It uses MT6739 chipset and runs on Android 9.0 (Pie) operating system which enables speedy device operations.

Its processing efficiency is further strengthened by 3GB RAM + 16GB ROM, which prevent lagging and allow you switch seamlessly between apps.

You can turn everyday photos to stunning ones with the unique 5MP front facing camera. It offers vibrant, clear and dazzling images under any lightning condition. Its 8MP dual rear cameras employ the Sony IMX134 feature to capture portraits in clear and accurate forms.

It is equipped with a powerful 4400mAh that can keep your device powered up for over a day. You can listen to music, play games, chat and make calls for long hours without worrying about draining your battery.

Say goodbye to cramming several codes all in a bid to unlock your phone. With the BV5500 PRO facial unlock feature, you can unlock your phone on just 0.1 seconds.

It also sports dual Mic canceling feature for audio reception and noise reduction. You can answer calls even in noisy environments and hear coherently.

It has dual satellite system; Global Positioning System and Global Navigation Satellite System that keeps accurate details of your location in real time. you can also track your device with these systems in case of theft.

The BV5500 PRO can be gotten from different retail stores across the country for 44,500 naira – 63,500 naira.


Blackview A10

The A10 has a breath-taking design and stunning screen. It sports a 5.0-inch HD IPS full display screen that uses color adjustment technology and image processor to offer vivid visuals. All images are clear and distinct. It is elegant, has a unique design and gives comfortable feel when held.

It runs on Quad-core 32-bit processor which in combination with its 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM offer high quality speed. It uses Android 7.0 operating system that enhances graphics and improves device speed.

You can enjoy gaming, watching movies, chatting and recording videos without slowing down. It also supports memory card up to 32GB for storing photos, videos or any data.

Its rear camera comes with 8.0MP that captures stunning images in clear details while the front facing camera has 5MP for bright and clear selfies. You can take lots of beautiful images and record videos with clarity. The A10 has you covered.

The A10 has 2800mAh BAK battery feature that supports power saving and quick charging, allowing you stay on several applications for prolonged periods.

This compact device with its amazing device can be gotten for an affordable rate of 29,000 naira – 50,000 naira in several phone shops in Nigeria.


Blackview S8

The S8 comes with a 90% screen-to-body ratio and 8.5mm thickness to give a firm grip and comfortable hand feel. It sports a 5.7-inch HD+ display with 720 x 1440 pixel screen resolution to give the most unique viewing experience. It comes in variants of silk gold, magic black or coral blue, so you get to make your choice.

The S8 is powered by MediaTek 6750T Octa-core processor and offers high-tech speed, allowing you switch between apps without slowing down.

It runs on Android 7.0 operating system and is 4G enabled, giving you access to speedy internet. Its 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM also assist in speeding up the S8 operations. You can play games, listen to music on repeat, make calls and record videos swiftly and not worry about lagging.

It has dual rear and front cameras: 13MP + 0.3MP and 13MP + 0.3MP for capturing images in their true essence. It focuses on the subject and takes in every detail. The front cameras employ face beauty, flash, f/2.0 aperture and SONY IMX258 features to produce the perfect image.

The S8 comes with a thin body but is still able to support a huge battery capacity of 3180mAh. It has BAK core and fast charging feature so that you can enjoy prolonged use of your device without charging. It uses Type-C charger, giving you a more convenient way of charging.

With the fingerprint unlock feature at the back of the S8, you can easily and securely unlock your device in just 0.1 second.

The S8 is sold in several online and offline phone stores across Nigeria at a rate of 67,000 naira – 100,000 naira.


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