Artshack Cafe plastic free coffee shop opens in Brooklyn

Artshack Cafe has opened a plastic free coffee shop at 1129 Bedford Avenue by Monroe Street, Brooklyn New York

Artshack Cafe plastic free coffee shop opens in Brooklyn

Artshack Cafe in Brooklyn is a non-profit organization that strives towards having a positive impact in the community through their ceramics studio, summer camp and school. It was originally founded by McKendree Key in 2008.

They have taken this mission a step further by opening a plastic free coffee shop at 1129 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216, United States. You can call +1 347-417-3304. This is a great move showcasing eco-friendliness as no single-use products are used in the Cafe.

Everything on their menu is served on ceramic pieces and they even use ceramic to-go cups. So don’t be surprised when you ask for a coffee to-go and you get it in a ceramic to-go cup. The cafe is really serious about curbing waste and making the environment better that they released an official statement, asking people to be a part of the movement and help combat waste by coming with their own cups.

As we pointed out earlier, the cafe is an addition to Artshack Brooklyn, and you should know that their ceramics studio provides free as well as subsidized programs for students, seniors and adults. They also organize free community days for local residents.

This is a really amazing program that you can take advantage of. The goal of Artshack is to have a community art space that will create connection and awareness through the arts.

Not making use of single-use products is not the only interesting thing about this Bed-Stuy cafe. They have some chairs that are shaped like bunnies and there is no doubt that you will enjoy whatever you ordered much better while relaxing on those chairs. There is also an anti-racism library.

Their menu is excellent and comprises of normal coffee shop staples such as brownie bars and croissants. Be sure to try their house-made olive oil cake that is just like the one chef Silvia Barban’s mother makes. For lunch you can try their salad and egg dishes, sandwiches, or any other meal on their menu. Be rest assured that you will really enjoy anything you order.

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We cannot forget to let you know about the trays of onigiri that are brought into the shop every morning. If you love Japanese food then you will be glad to know that you can get Japanese rice balls with tuna salad, as well as eggs and edamame or umeboshi after 9 0’clock in the morning.

Artshack Cafe, has proven that a spot where people come to eat and relax can still pass across a message that is for the good of everyone, in this case – to be conscious of and to take care of our environment.