Rabbit, East Village raw vegan tasting menu restaurant from Ravi DeRossi

Rabbit, East Village raw vegan tasting menu restaurant

Located at 122 East 7th Street New York, NY 10009 by Avenue A in the East Village, Rabbit is a new raw vegan tasting menu restaurant that you should definitely check out.

If you were of the belief that vegan dining is not in vogue, allow chef Xila Caudillo to show you otherwise.

Another interesting thing about this restaurant is that not only do they serve vegan dishes, but all the dishes are served raw and the only heat source on ground is a low-temperature dehydrator.

Their menu includes hummus with cherry, harissa and sumac, a watermelon gazpacho served with strawberry and tomato, zucchini with basil, beets with smoked pine nut, etc. Bear it in mind that their food menu will change seasonally.

To go with the lovely meals are fresh juices, wines by Latinx winemakers, low-ABV cocktails and infused waters.

Great care was taken with everything at this restaurant down to the menu which comes in the form of a storybook. It is complete with illustrations and poems that you can’t wait to thrill your taste buds with the amazing dishes.

The ambience is really lovely and a wonderful place to enjoy amazing meals. They have a 12-seat marble-topped bar with plush green velvet stools and the plants hanging across the ceiling completes the vibes and aesthetics of the space.