10KVA Diesel Generator

10KVA Diesel Generator – Constant power supply is a very necessary factor for the success of most if not all businesses, companies, parastatals, firms, establishments etc.

Even in the home, everyone is a fan of constant power supply as it is used to power home appliances, pump water etc. In a quest for constant power supply, people go for alternative sources of power supply, the most popular ones being generators and inverters.

10KVA Diesel Generator

In this article, we are going to be focusing on generators particularly 10KVA Diesel Generators, some of the popular brands that have them as well as their features.


  • FIRMAN SDG15000SE 10KVA Diesel Generator : 1,470,000 NGN
  • Mikano 10KVA Diesel Generator : 2,550,000 NGN – 3,100,000 NGN
  • Perkins 403A-11G 10KVA Diesel Generator : 2,500,000 NGN – 3,000,000 NGN
  • Elemax SH15D 10KVA Diesel Generator : 2,800,000 NGN – 3,000,000 NGN
  • Kipor KDE19STA 10 KVA Diesel Generator : 2,600,000 NGN


Diesel generators are a favorite because you wouldn’t have to unplug one appliance just to make use of the other. Instead they will effectively power all your appliances such as microwave, air conditioners, deep freezers, etc all at the same time. Not just that, they are more fuel efficient than the petrol generators.

We have put together a list of 10KVA Diesel Generators for you to consider so that it will be easier for you to select the one that will be best for you.

FIRMAN SDG15000SE 10KVA Diesel Generator

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Whenever generators are mentioned in the country, there is no how that FIRMAN generators will not be mentioned. They are very popular and people have come to trust the brand to always provide quality and long lasting generators. It is therefore a very good idea for you to consider the FIRMAN SDG15000SE generator.

The FIRMAN SDG15000SE generator boasts of a 4-stroke V-twin cylinder OHV water cooled engine. It has the capacity to take up to 25 liters of diesel and this can take you up to 8 hours. It weighs 280 kilograms and it has start up options of either recoil mechanism or electric key. Costs 1,470,000 naira.

Mikano 10KVA Diesel Generator

Finally let us look at the Mikano brand. This brand has a lot of products in the market that is not just generators and all their products are known for their high quality.

The Mikano 10KVA Generator is a wonderful generator that you will no doubt enjoy. It boasts of a 403-11G engine in a soundproof, dustproof and waterproof compartment. It is very fuel efficient that is very low fuel consumption rate.

Although it might be on the expensive side, you are no doubt getting good value for your money. Costs between 2,550,000 Naira – 3,100,000 Naira.

Perkins 403A-11G 10 KVA Diesel Generator

Another brand to check out for your 10KVA diesel generator is Perkins. The Perkins 403A-11G generator is a really strong generator that will serve you well. It offers you an outstanding performance with low operating costs.

It has a very powerful engine and is equipped with a sound attenuated enclosure that is manufactured from high-quality steel and paint process. It also comes fitted with a canopy that protects the engine control panel and the generator proper and helps in waterproofing, and dustproofing the generator.

The Perkins 403A-11G generator comes with a lot of wonderful features that will make it an excellent choice such as its noise reduction system, improved operational, information, electric and environmental safety system, brilliant silencers, anti-vibration and very fuel efficient that is low fuel consumption.

Elemax SH15D 10KVA Diesel Generator

Elemax is also another popular generator brand. They have both small and big sized generators ranging from 2.5KVA generators upwards and their generators are known to be of premium quality.

The Elemax SH15D generator is a very good diesel generator to have that gives you an assurance of better output. It weighs 387 kilograms and can take up to as much as 53 liters of diesel. It is equipped with 4 indicator lights, 2 output plug sockets, electric start only, Voltmeter, automatic transfer switch (ATS) terminal. It can give you as much as 10 hours operating time. Costs between 2,800,000 Naira – 3,000,000 Naira.

Kipor KDE19STA 10KVA Diesel Generator

If you desire a diesel generator that will be very silent as well as environmentally friendly then you should consider the Kipor KDE19STA generator. This amazing generator has amazing features such as 4.8L lube oil capacity and an electric starting system. It weighs 442 kilograms and can take up to 38 liters of fuel. A full tank can serve you for as long as 7 hours. Costs 2,600,000 naira.

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